privacy policy

privacy policy

Wake College attaches great importance to the privacy of all participants,This Privacy Policy describes the information we collect,This information will be how to use, You can make a choice and for the use and disclosure of information。We recommend that you read carefully before using our website and services and conduct transactions with us this Privacy Policy, And our user terms。By using our website,Indicates that you have accepted the conduct described in this Privacy Policy。

One、Personal data collection

Wake College comply with the Facebook site's privacy policy and Google advertising norms,From the relevant personal data relating to authorized users collected,Applies only to services provided by the wake-up college。 Wake-up college or log in using Facebook in your G-mail,Only collect and use your E-mail account and gender information,Providing customized content and services。

  • When you buy any course in the wake College,Left to fill in personal data, Cash flow will be paid through our third-party platform for the new blue third parties responsible for cash flow NewebPay, Wake College only get information corresponding to the contents of the order。
  • Wake college such as organizing sweepstakes or any feedback activities,You provide to the organizers of the award-winning contact information,This activity also only use, School will not wake activity data delivered directly or sold to third parties。
  • If the wake-School cooperation with third-party service,The third party should be required by law wake Academy membership site using the corresponding agreement and privacy policy, Wake School will make every effort to protect the security of personal data of all Member。

two、Information disclosure

Data collected will wake college store operations in the wake of the host institute and the State。

  • Users participating in some activities and information service record,Will be publicly displayed on the site's activity page;Participate in activities organized by the Institute wake,You agree wake School public display part of the event record。
  • Purchase of student teaching curriculum,If the share for the corresponding uploaded the course work or job,You agree that this public work or work to other students,Or the general viewer watch。

three、Privacy Policy Update

Wake College Privacy Policy is subject to change with the needs of business website,Unless stated otherwise by,All amendments will automatically take effect from the date of posting,Regularly check。

four、Other sites

May contain links outside the station on Wake College site,For third-party site's privacy policy, Wake schools do not have any liability。

Fives、contact us

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or our information processing method,Please contact via e-mail:[email protected]