As long as the environment changes slightly
I feel like I'm drifting with the flow
Feel that I am being influenced by the people around me
Huang Pengjun

Huang Pengjun

Wake School founder

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Accomplishing life goals is a piece of cake! An exclusive secret that will be used for a lifetime / image from pexels

Completing the list of life goals is a piece of cake! Exclusive secrets that will last a lifetime

The list of life goals seems out of reach,Want to finish but always can't do it? Hundreds of ways to accomplish goals,But which one is really effective? Buy a car、Buy a house、Travel around the world、marry、Give birth、elderly life…,Want to do a lot,But what can I do now? I will tell you today,How to rely on the "three questions",Let yourself reach your life goals smoothly! ! Everyone has several goals in life,But where to start and finish,Is the most difficult thing。How do I know what I can do now? First of all,You have to clarify the "three questions"。after that,"How to start?Will be solved。 Three questions to help you complete the list of planning life goals 1. What do I want? Make a list of life goals,Focus on firepower to achieve dreams。There are not too many items in this life goal list,Because each stage will have different dreams,And too many goals are unrealistic,Unable to achieve。So list up to five goals,And how long do I hope to complete。Regardless of physiological needs、Relationships,Or career planning、Future expectations,Can be regarded as a goal。E.g:I want to buy a house in ten years。 2.What restricts me? Clarify the status quo,Consider your identity,And think about family、jobs、What restricts me from socioeconomic status。Dreaming is the most beautiful,But we must also bow to reality。But don't worry,Bowing your head now doesn't mean you can't lift your head。To figure out the current situation is not to give up your dreams,But to make yourself towards the right goal,Move faster。Ask yourself what are the possible reasons that prevent me from achieving my goals in life? And write them down one by one。E.g:I don't have enough deposit。 3.How can I break the restrictions? Find what you can do now,And proceed to。As long as I really want to do it,Anything can be done! (Excluding things that violate ethics)。But everything is hard to start,How to start is the biggest test。因此,"Planning" is a very important part。Set life goals、After clarifying the reality,I also know what difficulties I encountered,You can start planning,Turn big problems into small problems,Small problems become okay。E.g:Start saving money tomorrow,Cost reduction by two thousand yuan a month。 Remarks:When you reach the third step,The task to be completed may be a little difficult,At this time, continue to disassemble the problem into smaller ones、Easier problems。You can also make the task more specific、More detailed completion time and completion method。E.g:Buy two less clothes a month。 Using the right method, buying a house in the list of life goals is not a problem.,You must keep asking yourself the above three questions:"What do I want?"、"What restricts me?"、"How can I break the restrictions?"。In addition,You can also ask the same set of questions repeatedly,Make "planning" more perfect。E.g:From the original "I want to buy a house in ten years,But i don't have enough deposit,So I should save money。"Extends to "I want to reduce spending by 2,000 yuan per month,But the desire to shop makes me spend too much money,So I will buy two less clothes in a month。"The question is at the end,Which means "buy two less clothes a month",Is already an easy goal。Start to complete life goals from now on,Will be much easier。 Now that the planning method is available,Then strike while the iron is hot,Pick up the paper and pen,Immediately draw up a blueprint of your own life goal! As for how to describe it? We can use mind maps to analyze this list of life goals。Examples are as follows: Starting from the big goal (buying a house within ten years),Find out that insufficient income and deposits are the main obstacles。因此,In the next branch, it can be presented in two points,And indicate the main reasons for insufficient income and deposits。Keep exploring,Can clarify what I can do,Reading management books、Take communication classes and buy two less clothes a month。 Practice is the main thing and the mind is the second. I believe many people have read or heard the book "Secret"-as long as there is a life goal,And want to achieve the goal,You will move towards the goal。This is actually very simple,When you want to accomplish something,Will naturally start planning。gradually,Shallow consciousness will tell itself that it must be done。There is a 34-year-old woman in Japan, Saki,Relying on 15 years of frugality,Bought three houses。The mental method she uses is to set the goal of life on the notepad:I will buy a second house at the age of 29;And bought the third building at the age of 34。In this way,Dreams will naturally be closer to reality,Will be completed along the way。(Extended reading:Save money and buy three houses! A 27-year-old girl in Japan who is determined to buy a house, 6 years after the interview is already a charter wife) Life goals list Complete now! Combining the above points,Can draw a conclusion:The way to accomplish life goals is to make an oath to yourself (life goals),Then kept asking myself "What do I want?"、"What restricts me?"、"How can I break the restrictions?",And start planning right away。It is not difficult to accomplish life goals,The difficulty is whether you are willing to devote yourself to planning for the goal,And work hard for it。At last,Still an old saying,As long as you have the heart,It must be done! Go forward bravely toward your dream!

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Ling industry - Young people

Recruiting talents to find "practical and fresh people" more part-time jobs ≠ slash youth!

The supervisor is looking at the resumes of social freshmen,When recruiting talents,I will definitely see what part-time experience or expertise this person has,Although these indicators have certain reference value,To recruit talents but not completely reliable。Is it,More part-time experience or good communication skills,Can it represent that he is a talent? Supervisors,wake up,And otherwise! Fresh graduates,I'm often eager to find a job that meets my expectations,Therefore, they all use the "18 martial arts" to highlight their life experience and value,But think calmly,But when recruiting talents,Fresh graduate,Deducted meals in the past four years、Time to sleep and read,How much energy can you do as many part-time jobs? How does he act as the master of his time,Years to spend four years in college it? Why reflect on these issues are important? We start with a very red Speaking of vocabulary - slash youth。 Recruit talent,He has 10 identities,Is the "slash youth"? Or in the "find yourself"? Last year (2017) to start,"Slash youth" has become a very popular vocabulary,"Slash" (/,Slash) concept,It is "New York Times" columnist Marcy. Ai Bohe proposed in his book "One Person/Multiple Careers",詞意可簡單解釋為「擁有多項專業身分的人」在經濟不景氣的大時空背景下不只產業想盡辦法因應挑戰年輕人也希望自己的職涯規劃經得起環境考驗因此當「斜槓青年」出現時許多年輕人都立志以此作為自己新的人生標竿期待自己將來在社會上能多幾個撇(/)證明自己是有多項價值的人才不會淪為被淘汰的那一位然而因為有這樣的心志許多人都忘了「專業需要長時間培養」結果很多學生在大學四年間忙著兼職可能為自己累積了10種身分,I think this can increase the number of slashes on the resume,Make your experience look more beautiful,And earn a little tuition by the way、living expenses,Feel great、Very independent。 But... after finishing a part-time job,If you ask him "What have you learned?",10About 6-7 people can say:"I learned how to get along with people,這些時間下來我的溝通技巧增進了不少!還認識了更多朋友,A little business contacts! "What? Come on! ... that his professional capacity? His passion for it? in fact,他對未來可能還很迷惘,Only through part-time "find yourself"! How to recruit talent encountered "slash"? If a part-time to every last learn the most are 'communication skills、經營人脈」那麼對斜槓青年真是天大的誤會!並不是說「溝通技巧經營人脈」不重要招募人才時他在最該好好學習提升專業能力的歲月裡做了他次等重要的事情或者說,Those things in the future to worry too late! As with the above meaning of the word "slash youth," explained,它的意思是「擁有多項『專業』身分的人」而不是「擁有多項『兼職經歷』或『興趣專長』」這個「專業」至少要是通達在該領域的基本知識「之上」而且有人願意買單欣賞,There are even experts in the field acknowledge that you really have a professional! and so,「兼職多≠斜槓青年」兼職多往往只是急於滿足自己內在志氣的虛榮心搞錯重點還可能沒發現自己可能是更受不了金錢的誘惑到頭來只是增加幾項表面能力專業上並沒有太多認知深度的增加所以招募人才時,Pick fresh look at the people in the end what? Young people just graduated,最重要的是看他「如何管理時間?如何運用時間?」大學四年可以做的事情很多努力讀書提升專業能力和成績固然很重要卻不是要學生都當書呆子除了成績還可以看看新鮮人在校園時做過哪些有價值的事情。E.g,擔任班級學會或是社團幹部,There have been no real contribution? Whether these affect his professional? Or for his professional has a plus? Other,兼職也不全然代表他就是一個迷惘的人雖然上述說兼職並不代表一個人很有能力但如果他不是上述那種「搞錯重點的人」兼職經驗有實際的價值貢獻能對他所追求的專業目標有幫助有抓到時間安排的平衡點甚至有該專業領域的人為他背書,Then,這樣的兼職就不至於被否認還可以為他所嚮往的專業領域加分主管在面試新鮮人招募人才時要從對方的言談裡了解到: 1、How did he make himself master of time? 2、 他如何在課業活動、part time、家庭和基本生活中取得平衡點? 3、 Does he have a certain degree (or deeper) Cognitive observed in this field of expertise? 4、 他會不會是「還在找自己」一心只想快點幫自己多加幾撇(/)的迷惘青年?

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Save social phobia? These two beliefs are stumbling blocks to interpersonal problems

Social,Many people's Achilles Heel。Are you a stage,Nervous to speak? More than one person can not be free? Not take the initiative to make friends? The party occasions,Fear of becoming the focus of the crowd? In fact, this kind of "social phobia.",In many cases relationships with "attitude" about,Over time it becomes restrictive beliefs,Has a significant impact on interpersonal relationships。 Many people think they are born with "social phobia.",But in fact just the use of faith to think about the people I relations,The two most common heart restrictive beliefs are: Belief in a restrictive relationship problems:Everybody pay attention to me in relationships,The face of social or public,Will feel intense fear or anxiety of people,Many everyone is limited by the inherent belief,So that excessive anxiety in social situations,Express themselves unable to relax,From time to time afraid of embarrassing behavior will embarrass or,And believe that others often pay attention to his performance。Especially when he senses the performance is not as expected,Everyone will speculate certainly aware of their shortcomings。 Restrictive faith relationship problems two:This time I'll make a fool,They'll think I'm useless、Incompetent people for their performance often unjustified negative thoughts,Often think that they can know the future,Expect the worst will happen,Or think they know what others are thinking,Then my heart that others will surely make a negative evaluation of their own。Once the negative expectations come true,They make themselves more back in social situations、fear,So that the self-confidence of bankruptcy。 How to break through limiting beliefs? In interpersonal problems,Limiting belief is a terrible obstacle,Not be able to build relationships with people。Ling Industry Institute of International Education founder Huang Pengjun representation,"A lot of people want to be successful,Willpower alone,It will be very hard,You must have environmental,Encourage each other,Because the environment is always greater than the individual will。"Interpersonal touched by faith,Like an iceberg,Only through self-exploration,According chance to see the underlying psychological subtle,Well-known writer Byron. Kai Didi (Byron Katie) was the author "an idea of ​​the revolution" (Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life) to help the reader switched,Eliminate the negative state of mind。 Ask yourself these four sentences,Let the mind automatically answered only four questioning,Byron. Katie teaches us a whole new look at all vexed question: first question:is this real? second question:I really know this is true?

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