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Why should an operator hire a corporate coach??Five benefits help you face the dilemma of business operations

The supply and demand of "corporate coaches" in the Taiwan market are increasing day by day,But information about corporate coaches on the Internet is uneven,So today I want to share why SME owners should hire corporate coaches,And what will be the help for the operator and the enterprise itself after hiring? At the beginning of your establishment as a small and medium enterprise,May be an expert in the industry or a master-level person,You are familiar with the professional and eyebrow angle in the field,So at the right time、Set up your own company with sufficient resources,But as the company continues to expand but you find many new problems and challenges continue to emerge,Even more aware of corporate management tends to complex and confusing,Then you may wish to consider hiring a professional business coach to clarify the status of it! You might question the coach does not think that business more clearly professional and management in the field than you,That's because hiring a good corporate coach should help managers improve the following five points: One、Break the thinking of the authorities,Put forward different views: Many small and medium-sized business owners in the past or now may encounter many new challenges due to expansion of operations,In addition to professional advice,Sometimes it is more necessary for a bystander to help the operator to clarify the current situation,And a business coach who is good at the management level can mention the initial vision and purpose of the company's management at this time.,Analyze whether the direction and way of the company's progress are appropriate with the operator,This may seem like a simple thing,But how can you find out the order in junior high school in the chaos,In fact, it is often the ability of many elites to lose more easily at the peak.,So world-class elites in many fields,To have a coach or mentor who can help him become better。 two、Strengthen self-confidence,And adjust your mindset: When faced with the challenges and extended problems of business management,The mentality of the operator often affects the key to the success of the business,Regardless of whether you were originally able to maintain a confident operator,When you encounter the professional field that you are good at but do not reach the level,May lose confidence,Therefore, hiring a corporate coach who is good at spiritual growth can not only help the operator to face the downturn,Do n’t fall into it and quickly regain confidence,Can help the operator to find out the mental defects that are causing you to stand still,Allow operators to adjust their mentality and return to the mall in the shortest time。 three、Good speaking skills,Can help sales: This item is particularly important for small and medium business owners who are currently in the early stages,Because at this stage, most of the company's overall sales strategy is built on the operators,At this time, if there is a business coach who is good at sales skills, he can assist the operator,Can help the operator to plan how to package their own products or services without taking too much wrong way,So that the operator who is at a loss can quickly find a sales model suitable for his own company。 four、Formulate management foundation,In order to expand steadily: As the company gradually expands,Operators will need increasingly powerful management capabilities,So you need a corporate coach who is good at team management,Help operators of high staff mobility team to solve difficult,And to help guide the operator through the early development of a professional management company's foundation,In response to that might occur in the future management of storm。 Fives、The company has become a major source of influence: "Able to grasp the essence of leadership or influence people must be the company's operators." This is a very common misconception,Because people do very susceptible to influence others,Regardless affect him in any capacity。Establish a positive atmosphere within the company and culture is one of many operators of vision,So who are the source of major impact to the company's position has become particularly important,Whether you've ever had influence in the company and lost it,And or if you have never owned operators,You all need a corporate coach who is good at observing and analyzing human nature,He can help managers rebuild their image and become a source of company influence,Allow corporate culture to be formulated in accordance with the manager ’s philosophy。 The sum of the above five points can be seen for the enterprise operator,Hiring the right corporate coach can help the company operate,Can also help my own growth,But to find all aspects of professional business coach is not easy,And hire cost is not low,So for small business owners would be more in terms of recommendations can be integrated enterprise learning courses,For example, "to build the team's top championship" course Ling industry,The actual type of professional business coach Huang Pengjun help operators to build their own businesses championship team Module,Both to allow the operator to find the problems at the core,But also allows the team together to participate in change,Coaching is the practice of high-value enterprise value of CP practices Oh! Further reading: 員工表現差強人意?企業教練幫你拴緊企業中的小螺絲渴望擁有「領導特質」嗎?成為經理人必備的2大心法!增加團隊合作精神的11種策略,Let the company's performance rise sharply

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5 questions to think about before opening a restaurant,Otherwise, you will "fall down" when opening a store carefully!

台灣的餐飲業十分發達走在大街小巷都可以看到各種餐廳和小販許多人也將「開一家自己的餐廳」做為人生志願。but,空有理想卻沒有計劃就算真的開了一家餐廳最後也可能以失敗收尾想開一家餐廳你需要先思考這5大問題釐清自己的理想是否符合現實情況以降低失敗的風險開餐廳前思考問題一地點要選哪裡? 經營餐廳最重要的第一步就是決定餐廳地點因為預算有限我們要以多方面的角度衡量地點能帶給餐廳的優勢及限制選擇地點時除了要考慮法律層面的衛生消防等相關條例還要善於「觀察」看看附近有沒有其他的餐飲業者他們店面和你的店同質性高不高?營運狀況如何?去消費的客群都以哪些年齡層或職業者為主? 除此之外店面附近的區域也是觀察重點店面是靠近住宅區工業區還是辦公大樓?最多人會出來用餐的人潮高峰大概是幾點?平均消費金額是多少?仔細觀察就會發現許多有價值的資訊開餐廳前思考問題二需要付出哪些成本? 有些人開餐廳純粹是想滿足「我有一家餐廳」的成就感但經營餐廳並不是在扮家家酒從店面人事到營運每個環節都要付出大量的時間和經營成本謹慎思考才能做好心理和財務上的準備不被龐大的壓力擊垮經營餐廳需要付出的成本很多但大致可分為「食材」「人事」「店租+裝潢」「行銷」及「雜支」共5大類。among them,雜支包括水電燃料費、Taxes、利息及設備維修費等雜項的支出在腦中譜出理想的餐廳畫面後就可以依以上5大項目思考在評估餐廳規模及地點後開始估算每個月需要的營運費用如果營運成本大幅超過自己可負擔的程度可能要修改營運企劃來降低成本開餐廳前思考問題三經營餐廳──我想賣什麼產品?這有市場嗎? 在腦中勾勒好餐廳的藍圖就要開始思考販售的產品決定產品時除了食物是否美味價格該怎麼訂也要考慮食材購買取得和烹調的成本。In addition,也要透過市調讓數據說話了解產品是否能滿足多數人的口味大眾又願意為產品付多少錢確保產品推出後能占有一定的市場記得決定餐點前一定要做好研究不要隨意跟風聽說什麼很熱門就賣什麼以免餐點的銷售情況不如預期浪費了許多時間和成本開餐廳前思考問題四我的目標TA是誰? 台灣有2300萬人口每個人都有不同的口味和喜好想全部都滿足只會「樣樣通樣樣鬆」絕對沒有一家餐廳能滿足所有人。 therefore,開餐廳前我們要透過市場區隔依年齡職業喜好等將大眾分為不同的族群以進一步找到適合餐廳的TA(Target Audience目標族群)設定好目標TA後我們可以進一步依TA的需求設計出適合他們的宣傳和經營策略並優化餐點和服務更迎合他們的喜好開餐廳前思考問題五有哪些行銷方案? 想讓餐廳長期經營除了好的產品也需要長期的行銷方案替餐廳創造曝光與知名度而行銷方案除了產品折扣和優惠也別忘了網路行銷的高影響力以下將常見的網路行銷方案分類大家可依各自的的行銷預算經營狀況和人力選擇最適合自己的方案只要長期穩定的經營相信能為餐廳帶來一定的收益: 1、餐廳資訊登記Google Map餐廳地址登記2數位廣告FBLINEGoogle聯播網關鍵字廣告等 3、 社群經營FB粉專LINE社群IG經營部落格等

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Save social phobia? These two beliefs are a stumbling block to interpersonal problems

Social,Many people's Achilles Heel。Are you a stage,Nervous to speak? More than one person can not be free? Not take the initiative to make friends? The party occasions,Fear of becoming the focus of the crowd? In fact, this kind of "social phobia.",In many cases relationships with "attitude" about,Over time it becomes restrictive beliefs,Has a significant impact on interpersonal relationships。 Many people think they are born with "social phobia.",But in fact just the use of faith to think about the people I relations,The two most common heart restrictive beliefs are: Belief in a restrictive relationship problems:Everybody pay attention to me in relationships,The face of social or public,Will feel intense fear or anxiety of people,Many everyone is limited by the inherent belief,So that excessive anxiety in social situations,Express themselves unable to relax,From time to time afraid of embarrassing behavior will embarrass or,And believe that others often pay attention to his performance。Especially when he senses the performance is not as expected,Everyone will speculate certainly aware of their shortcomings。 Restrictive faith relationship problems two:This time I'll make a fool,They'll think I'm useless、Incompetent people for their performance often unjustified negative thoughts,Often think that they can know the future,Expect the worst will happen,Or think they know what others are thinking,Then my heart that others will surely make a negative evaluation of their own。Once the negative expectations come true,They make themselves more back in social situations、fear,So that the self-confidence of bankruptcy。 How to break through limiting beliefs? In interpersonal problems,Limiting belief is a terrible obstacle,Not be able to build relationships with people。Ling Industry Institute of International Education founder Huang Pengjun representation,"A lot of people want to be successful,Willpower alone,It will be very hard,You must have environmental,Encourage each other,Because the environment is always greater than the individual will。"Interpersonal touched by faith,Like an iceberg,Only through self-exploration,According chance to see the underlying psychological subtle,Well-known writer Byron. Kai Didi (Byron Katie) was the author "an idea of ​​the revolution" (Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life) to help the reader switched,Eliminate the negative state of mind。 Ask yourself these four sentences,Let the mind automatically answered only four questioning,Byron. Katie teaches us a whole new look at all vexed question: first question:is this real? second question:I really know this is true?

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