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We are not all hate me? 3 way for you to increase self-confidence / Map:Pexels

We are not all hate me? 3 way for you to increase self-confidence

Increased self-confidence seems to be simple,Not easy。As long as people,There will be no self-confidence when。Then,You only need to do a few things you can increase self-confidence,讓你重拾自信心! 你是否常常覺得自己有很多缺點?外表不好看、Personality is not lovable,Nothing can? Emotionally,People always think like do not like their;On career,Old feel colleague、長官對你有偏見? 在這庸庸碌碌的現代,Everyone in order to live,And even survival,Give up a lot of things。Abandoned the dream、ideal;gradually,Abandoned the instinct to create happy。Full of negative thoughts in daily life,criticism、Abusive,Making himself less and less self-confidence。 Traditional education in Asian countries want us to keep improving,Well they would go better。Such an environment,We always shaped the personality of their own are not satisfied。Always striving for perfection,And love from time to time to pick and choose their own,Consider themselves useless。 but,No one is born perfect。 No confidence is not terrible,The frightening thing is you want to get better,But always in denial own! Constantly criticize themselves,Does not make you increase confidence、become better,Will only make you more pressure、No more self-confidence。 Want to increase self-confidence,You can try the following three ways。 method one、增進自己的優點 想要增加自信,You must be assured of their own。Not to be satisfied with doing everything yourself,But start with the little things began to identify。 Ask someone else:"I have what advantage?" If someone says you're a very enthusiastic person,You can develop this advantage,To help more people;Or are you cook was praised,You can also sophisticated cooking,The specialty training。 Focus on something sophisticated top,You will be able to slowly build confidence。 Method Two、每天鼓勵自己 除了培養專長外,You can also try every day to their words of encouragement。 Like saying to myself in the mirror:"You did very well"、"You work very hard" or "You are the best", etc.,Such positive statements。According to the Law of Attraction,Just keep encouraging yourself,You will be the way you want。 Method Three、記錄下自己的好 將自己表現得不錯的事記錄下來,And ask yourself to write at least three good deeds every day。 The purpose of doing so,Is to make you aware of your strengths。When you are not yet confident of their own,Out to look at the diary。in fact,你比你想像中還要優秀! 增加自信不僅能使生活更加快樂,You can also improve the efficiency of work。If you are not confident of their own people,May wish to try to see these three ways to increase self-confidence,Make yourself a better person。 Further reading: How to be happy? Scientifically proven 5 個快樂的方法 工作壓力大想死? 三步驟粉碎壓力!讓你更認識自己,6

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How to make yourself happy? Scientifically proven 5 happy ways / Map:Pexels

How to make yourself happy? Scientifically proven 5 happy ways

「如何讓自己快樂?」是所有人畢生的功課,Many people also kept in the pursuit of things。however,Not everyone is happy way to know,Have negative thoughts is inevitable。 What a happy way to what? In fact, there is no certain answer。All people are different individuals,Have different personalities and characteristics,快樂的方法也就不一樣。Share the following six ways possible for you,Tell you how to make yourself happy。 方法一 多微笑 每天出門前,In the mirror of their own smile about。 Research indicates that,When people smile,Brain releases dopamine,This will make people feel happy。When aware of their depression,Remind yourself "laugh"。And this is not a simple smile "smirk",Is the need to try "real laugh."。The corners of the mouth upward,Naturally the eyes squint together,Even you can think about interesting things,Let yourself laugh。 Smiling effect not only that。除了使自己更快樂,Smile often also make you feel good,Attention has improved and ideas are,Will become more outstanding performance,Can be said to serve two purposes。 方法二 多運動 運動不只是為了要身體健康,But also relieve stress、One way to increase the joy of。 One day to yourself 7 minute,Choose a suitable own motion。Like a walk after dinner,Or morning jogging,Are good choices。 In the "happiness advantage" (The Happiness Advantage) a book mentioned in a study:There are three groups of patients with depression treatment through medication、Movement or a combination of both cure depression。And this study is surprising,Only medication therapy group,In late chances of recurrence are 38 %;drug、Movement of combination therapy have 31 %;Movement alone cured only 9 %。It can be seen,The importance of exercise can not be underestimated。 Method Three

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Complete your life goals with a piece of cake! Exclusive secret techniques/pictures used throughout life from pexels

Complete the life goal list with a piece of cake! Exclusive secret techniques used for life

A list of seemingly unattainable goal in life,Want to complete but always unable to do it? Hundreds of ways to achieve your goals,But which one is really effective? Buy a car、Buy a house、Travel around the world、marry、Birth、elderly life…,I want to do a lot,But what can I do now? I'll tell you today,How to rely on "three questions",Let yourself reach your life goals smoothly! ! Everyone has several goals in life,But where to start and finish,Is the most difficult thing。How do I know what I can do now? First of all,You must clarify the "three questions"。after that,"How to start?Will be solved。 Three questions to help you complete the list of planning life goals 1. What do I want? Make a list of life goals,Focus on firepower to achieve your dreams。There are not too many items in this life goal list,Because every stage will have different dreams,And too many goals are unrealistic,Unable to achieve。So list up to five big goals,And how long before。Whether it is a physiological need、Relationships,Or career planning、Future expectations,Can be regarded as a goal。E.g:I want to buy a house within ten years。 2.What restricts me? Clarify the status quo,Consider your own identity,And think about the family、jobs、What does social economic status limit me。Dream is the most beautiful,But also must bow to reality。But don't worry,Looking down now does not mean that you can’t look up in the future。To figure out the present situation is not to give up your dream,It's about letting yourself aim,Move faster。Ask yourself what are the possible reasons that prevent me from achieving my goal in life? And write them down one by one。E.g:I don't have enough deposit。 3.How can I break the restrictions? Find what you can do now,And proceed。As long as I really want to do,You can do anything! (Excluding things that violate moral ethics)。But everything is difficult to start,How to start is the biggest test。therefore,"Planning" is a very important part。Set life goals、After clarifying reality,Also know what difficulties are encountered,You can start planning,Turn big problems into smaller problems,Minor problems become no problem。E.g:Start saving tomorrow,One-month cost reduction of two thousand yuan。 Remarks:When you reach the third step,The task to be completed may be a little difficult,At this time, continue to disassemble this problem into smaller、Easier to reach problem。You can also make the task more specific、More detailed completion time and completion method。E.g:Buy two fewer clothes every month。 Using the right method, buying a house in the list of life goals is not a problem.,You must keep asking yourself the above three questions:"What do I want?"、"What limits me?"、"How do I break the limit?"。In addition,Can also use the same question repeatedly,Make "planning" better。E.g:From the original "I want to buy a house in ten years,But I don’t have enough deposit,So i should save money。"Extends to "I want to reduce the cost of 2,000 yuan per month,But shopping desires cost me too much,So I have to buy two clothes less a month。"The problem is at the end,Which means "buy two fewer clothes a month",Already an easy goal。From then on, start to complete your life goals,Will look a lot easier。 Since the planning method has,Then hit the iron while it's hot,Pick up the paper and pen at hand,Immediately draw your own blueprint for life goals! As for how to portray it? We can use the mind map to analyze this list of life goals。Examples are as follows: Starting from the big goal (buying a house within ten years),Identified income and insufficient deposits as the main obstacles。therefore,In the next branch, you can present these two points,And indicate the main reason for insufficient income and deposits。Keep exploring,Can clarify what I can do,That is reading management books、Take a communication course and buy two fewer clothes a month。 Practice is the main thing and the mind is the second. I believe many people have read or heard the book "Secret"-as long as there is a life goal,And want to reach the goal,You will move towards your goal。The reason is actually very simple,When you want to accomplish something,Will naturally start planning。gradually,Shallow consciousness will tell you must complete it。There is a 34-year-old girl Misaki in Japan,With 15 years of frugality,Bought three houses。The mental method she uses is to set a goal in life on a notebook:I will buy a second house at the age of 29;And bought the third building at the age of 34。In this way,Dreams naturally come closer to reality,Will also be completed in a smooth manner。(Further reading:Save money and buy three houses! A 27-year-old girl in Japan who is determined to buy a house, 6 years after the interview is already a charter wife) Life goals list Complete now! Combining the above points,Can draw a conclusion:The way to accomplish life goals is to make an oath to yourself (life goals),Then I kept asking myself "What do I want?"、"What limits me?"、"How do I break the limit?",And start planning right away。It's not difficult to achieve life goals,The difficulty is whether you are willing to work hard for your goals,And work hard for it。At last,The same old saying,As long as you have the heart,You can do it! Go bravely towards your dreams!

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