Have their own set of guidelines to avoid harm suffered,Because they are their own worst enemy When reminded each other to comply,He will thrive and also make the people around you to follow progress
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Blair Singer

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Successfully sold macarons

3A successful sales technique to promote rapid growth in performance

How to sell products successfully,It is a problem faced by many sales staff! Many people want to sell their products,But often misunderstood;The most common is to think that as long as the product has characteristics,Customers will pay,In the end, performance stagnated,I also lost my confidence。So in addition to the product strength of the product itself,More importantly, you should quickly master the skills of successful sales,To drive sales,Let the performance grow faster than you expected。 Successful sales skills (One) – The influence of the driving influence sales value of the product is very important, The influence of sales is the ability to convince buyers sellers adopt their point of view success sales techniques。Sellers believe their products,So naturally we want others to believe it。By attracting other people's emotions to convince others,This successful sales techniques will increase your sales,And the influence can increase the perceived value of your product。It can be found,Influential people tend to sell more products,Influence and popularity are not the same,They can not be substituted for each other。For instance said,A professor took the stage to,Popularity is professor of popularity,However, under the influence of audience is listening to professors lecture time。 When you sell products online,Has become a hot commodity should not be the ultimate goal。Instead, spend the time to build their own influence,It takes a little time,But most places but worth the effort。You can use most of the time,Innovate and build friendships buyers for the product,For example, respond to user comments on the web,Answer product questions they encounter,And strengthen after-sales service for buyers,Complete build your influence。 Successful sales skills(two) – You must sell yourself to sell products right,They are products。and,Like any product,Must successfully convey the value of the product。at first,This is hard to do! Before you buy from a person or company to buy your product,They will look at whether you are a man worthy of cooperation。in other words,Like job seekers as,Your first task is always to sell yourself。In today's world sales,Too many people have a selective,However, with the many choices,Competition is increasing。So to achieve sales success,It is their support。When you are first to market themselves and then sell products,Will find easy to sell products changed,Of course, the performance also will limit the growth of straight。But how do we stand out in the crowd? Very simple:Passion for your product。When selling yourself,You do not have to worry about money and costs,As long as communicate the brand's core values ​​and tell the buyer his idea,You can move forward the。Sell ​​yourself is critical to success,No matter which product you want to sell,Had to do our best to build relationships with customers and communicate your core brand values。 Successful sales skills(three) – Establish a relationship with a function to establish the purchaser and the Company believes that the interests of most goods and services to increase sales because they are the reason powerful。But in fact, it's not。A variety of products has its benefits。but,From the customer's point of view,The benefits of the product they are less clear。When sales are via e-mail,Direct mail or even by way of social,Should highlight the advantages and features of the product。Products from the most powerful advantage to start,Can assure customers that you care about is that they,And not only care about how much money can be from,Then customers will find that a lot of the stores gave them a sense of comfort and security。 for example,Consumers are willing to spend money to buy the product can improve the lives of。Before the invention iPod,MP3 players on the market have。Therefore proposed their strengths iPod:"Pocket was a 1000 song"。When the iPod this method is to build interest by function and to create a strong desire by income,So when iPod sales will be so successful。Because they allow buyers with confidence。When it reached the psychological customers,Some customers may even be the reason why they do not know to buy the iPod,But still bought it down,Because "it stood a pocket 1,000 songs.",Is what drives customers to buy a lot of power。 Further reading: 業務必知的3大成功銷售技巧 找出你的價值定位

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業務必知的3大成功銷售技巧 找出你的價值定位

When selling goods salesman,May encounter a problem:Whether you are using price competition to impress customers? Or use the value of their product or business to talk about trading it? This article first take you through three levels of service,And focus on finishing the three major value-added success sales techniques,Help you enhance self-worth in the sales process and closer to the hearts of customers! These three are the big success of sales techniques salesman small details will encounter,Remember to always remind myself Oh! You are a provider of value-added services or those services? "Ted and Gary are the company's business over the same period,But Ted still do not understand,The same product,The same service process,Why Gary negotiated business have a high price tag,Still loved by customers and affirmation,Often accused of name to continue cooperation。And Ted obviously provides customers more benefits,But customers seem to never meet ... "a certain kind of story you often hear,In fact, Ted and Gary are two very different clerk。We first clarify the type of salesman,Roughly divided into the following three: 1、Service provider type: General business type,Keep a safe distance with the customer,Like all civil servants in Table drills,Some people will hold a multi-less attitude of mind。 2、Value added by business type: Usually the company's top salesman,Providing customers with more additional services,Usually the preferred choice of customers,Easily substituted。 3、Business-type business partner: Customers and mutual trust,Grow together,Is mutually profitable value-added win-win partnership。 Ted is the standard type of provider service,In addition to business-like,Also made a common mistake:Thought of "price competition" will be able to win the hearts of customers。And Gary is the type of value-added business person,He always step back to help customers want good questions and solutions,Allow customers to trust his professional,Also believes that prices in line with the value of。First clarify what type of business you are,And then to make up for their deficiencies through three successful sales techniques。 After three successful increase the value of sales skills you currently completely understand what kind of salesman,What success can make you more sales skills to enhance self-worth it? The following three methods available to you: A value-added sales skills:Understand and select high-value target customers to find out the needs of customers and information as soon as possible,And always ask yourself:This is my choice of the high-value target customers do? Business and customer relationships are relatively etc.,Customers can not only choose your way,Clerk know "what not to do" more important。Other,Are you able to customers as a starting point to think about,And understand his needs and worry about it? In the sales process,The use of "customized" for customers to feel your intimate,And better able to hit the customer's pain points。 VARs Skills II:Clarify the positioning,You can easily be replaced by others? Understand customers have come back to reflect on their own,Prior to persuade others,Is your brand image and value have reached the other side look forward to? Do you know the difference between you and your competitors where,Can not provide value to others? If you are a good substitute competitors,It is much more than trying to enhance their own value to identify advantages,Not only to protect their own business,But also to non-customers why you can not choose the。 VARs Skills III:The use of professional services and to establish a relationship you should have experience as salesman service and good attitude and give a tip or item of consumer goods increased,Many reasons influence consumer buying is actually a "person" much more than brand。As a business,The key is the value of your services to win customer trust。While the front to the customer and building strong relationships to clarify,Are your relationships are established in the professional? Whether the customer has a problem immediately think of you and are willing to seek you out to solve? Sales still build on your expertise and services,And not rely on human。 And more market-driven price summary,The value is defined by the consumer,Can maximize the value of doing business is long-term operation of the Road。Identify the right customers through these three successful sales skills and enhance their value,And then to high-quality and professional service,Together towards a win-win situation with customers Road。 Further reading: Why can't I learn 90% of sales skills? Examine yourself with six major questions!

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9 項餐飲業銷售技巧分享提升業績從「分析客人」開始!

餐飲業想要好業績良好的服務和策略性的銷售技巧很重要一邊提升客戶的好感一邊增加客戶消費的意願以下提供3大類共9項餐飲業銷售技巧幫大家加深客戶關係的同時創造更大的經濟效益銷售技巧一依客人來店需求推銷 銷售技巧百百種但不是每一招都適合你的客人分析客人的來店需求才能依他們的消費動機制定出最適合的銷售方針【購買快餐的顧客】 會吃快餐的顧客大多看重的是餐點價格及上菜速度所以服務員可以主動介紹價格划算烹調時間較短的餐點給顧客【來聚餐的顧客】 來聚餐的顧客多數以家庭或朋友為主他們注重的是聚餐的氛圍和感受因為人數較多他們點的菜色較多也較願意為了好的料理費時等待。 therefore,服務生可以主動推薦套餐並介紹一些助興的酒水或飲料【喜歡「用網路分享」的顧客】 如果來用餐的顧客比較年輕也是喜歡滑手機自拍的「低頭族」他們很可能是喜歡拍攝食物打卡在社群上分享的族群服務生可以推薦店裡烹飪方式比較特別或擺盤較精美的菜餚若是他們喜歡很有可能會拍照在網路上分享增加店面的曝光機會銷售技巧二善用語言推銷 再多的宣傳與廣告也改變不了客戶來店面用餐後的實際體驗若服務生能掌握溝通技巧並在推銷餐點的同時帶好客戶良好的服務體驗有可能大幅提升客戶的消費意願【價格相除法】 當顧客是一群人來聚餐時服務生可以推薦一些價格稍高的菜色並解釋「雖然這道菜價格比較高但是幾個人平均下來一個人只要付多少錢就可以品嘗到本店的招牌菜」讓顧客擁有物超所值的感覺【選擇提問法】 服務生推薦客戶菜色時可以把問句開頭從「要不要」改成「想要哪一種」增加銷售機會。for example,服務生可以把「您要點飲品嗎?」改成「飲料部分本店有提供啤酒調酒和果汁您有想點的飲品嗎?」 【口碑銷售法】 服務員幫客戶點餐時可以引用其他客人對菜色的正面評價來推銷菜色一來可以降低「自賣自誇」的銷售感二來也可以提升客戶對菜色的興趣在介紹的同時可以觀察客戶的年齡和特質來設計銷售內容。for example,若客戶是女性介紹時可以分享其他「女性客戶」的觀點像「這道菜不油膩吃起來也很爽口所以很多女性客人都喜歡點這道菜」來打中客戶的心銷售技巧三依來客類型設計 做銷售最重要的就是先「了解你的客人」觀察客人的年齡衣著態度與說話方式可以讓服務生對客人有初步的了解以此設計更符合客人需求的銷售方式【父母+孩子】 若來店的是父母和孩子的親子組合可以主動提供兒童需要的餐椅和餐巾並向父母推薦少刺營養均衡或造型可愛的餐點給孩子同時介紹小朋友可能會喜歡的甜點或零食【年長的長輩】 若來店的是較為年長的長輩服務生講話的語速可以稍微放慢並向他們推薦滋補養生的料理推薦料理盡量以容易消化好嚼食的菜色為主服務他們的過程不要求快要有耐心以客人的感受為優先

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