OKR KPI comparison,Are you still relying solely on KPIs as the only management basis?

OKR KPI comparison,Management is not just relying on rigid performance appraisal to restrain employees,But to lead employees or teams to think independently,And let the employees take the initiative to plan how to move forward to achieve the most important thing,OKR can promote team cooperation and communication,It can also help business operators to ensure that the implementation of the project can move towards the company's goals,And what is the difference between this management method and the KPI system,What are the advantages and disadvantages?

OKR KPI comparison,Optimize execution goals through OKR management,Focus the team on the most important things

OKR KPI comparison,The so-called OKR (Objectives and Key Results)The full name is "Goals and Key Results",Is a set of definable and trackable targets、How to manage progress。In the implementation, the leader must first define the most important goal of the company or team(Object),Based on this goal, the employees or team members draw up 2~4 quantifiable key results,Help all members of the team better understand "how to achieve the ultimate goal"。

Let us take Lingye International Education College as a model:
Hope to recruit more students,With Lingye’s educational platform,Cultivate more outstanding leaders,To help Taiwan become better。
●Key Results(Key Results):
由上述制定的OKR可明確得知各組團隊現階段的目標與要求,And make sure to execute the project to achieve the company’s most important goals。

Harmonious teamwork
The team can work together for a common goal / Figure:123RF

OKR KPI comparison,Formulating KPIs can promote employee achievement rate,But it is easy to derail the actual implementation from the target

Although the establishment of KPI system can increase the motivation of employees,However, using only KPIs as the only basis for management may cause actual implementation matters to gradually deviate from the company or team's greatest goals,It may also be due to the setting of performance bonus in KPI,Make employees put all their minds and energy on "finishing things",Instead of actively thinking about how to reach the goal,This will not only affect employees’ enthusiasm for work,It may also cause other matters that cannot be quantified as KPIs and no employees are willing to implement,Ultimately affect the achievement of the goal。

OKR KPI comparisonThe most important difference is that OKR management is not like KPI is based on performance appraisal.,Instead, take the assessment as a guide for overall management,Hope that through management, employees can actively think about how to help the company or team achieve their goals,The core purpose of this is to allow employees to formulate their own tasks at the same time,Can be considered with the biggest goal of the company or the team as a whole,To consolidate the actual implementation of the project and the ultimate goal are not off track。

KPIs can easily cause employees to be disinterested in non-performing things
No motivation for things other than performance / Figure:123RF

Make management with OKR,Use KPIs to drive results,Two-pronged approach to accelerate goal achievement

OKR KPI comparisonunder,If OKR management is not based on assessment,Although it can help employees better understand how to achieve company or team goals,But it is also easy to cause delays due to lack of motivation for employees to execute,So business managers or team leaders may wish to think about,Whether to use OKR management to help employees understand the company's biggest goals in formulating future goals,And encourage employees to actively think about ways to achieve their goals,Draw up the corresponding KPI system based on the key results formulated,幫助企業檢視員工是否達成的依據與動力幫助公司整體朝目標加速前進

身為企業的經營者或是團隊的領導者除了應隨時精進各種管理方法或制度外更應該根據自家企業或團隊的需求特性目標等綜合思考挑選或甚至獨家制訂出最適合的管理制度,In order to help employees and the company move towards the same goal。

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