OKR KPI comparison,Are you still relying solely on KPIs as the only management basis?

OKR KPI comparison,Management is not just relying on rigid performance appraisal to restrain employees,But to lead employees or teams to think independently,And let the employees take the initiative to plan how to move forward to achieve the most important thing,OKR can promote team cooperation and communication,It can also help business operators to ensure that the implementation of the project can move towards the company's goals,And what is the difference between this management method and the KPI system,What advantages and disadvantages have it?

OKR KPI comparison,Optimize execution goals through OKR management,The team focused on the most important thing

OKR KPI comparison,The so-called OKR (Objectives and Key Results)Full name "key objectives and results.",Is set to define and track targets、Management of progress toward completion。The most important goal first leader shall define the company or team in the implementation of(Object),In the key results based on this goal by an employee or team members prepare themselves out 2-4 quantifiable,All members of the team to help in a better understanding of "how to achieve the ultimate goal."。

Let us take the industry Ling Institute of International Education as a model:
● Target(Object):
Hope to recruit more students,With education platform Ling industry,Train more outstanding leaders,Thereby helping Taiwan become better。
● Key findings(Key Results):
1、Arrangements for internal teacher training courses,Ensure and enhance the quality of classroom。
2、More than 10 invited participants to share experiences with change,Increase the credibility and evaluation of classroom。
3、The development of more accurate marketing propaganda,Indeed locked classroom propaganda needs of potential customers。
By the OKR can be clearly established objectives and requirements that each team group stage,And to ensure the implementation of the project to achieve the most important goal of the company forward。

Harmonious teamwork
團隊能為共同目標合作 / Map:123RF

OKR KPI comparison,Can motivate employees to develop KPI achievement rate,But it is easier to perform and cause actual target derailment

Although the development of KPI system can increase employee motivation,But only as a management KPI sole basis that could cause actual implementation of matters getting out of a maximum target company or team,But also probably because the KPI performance bonus set,So that employees put all the effort in the whole passive "Completion",Rather than take the initiative to think about how to achieve the goal,In this way not only affect the staff's enthusiasm for work,Items may also cause other unquantifiable into KPI's no staff willing to perform,Ultimately affect the achievement of the goals。

OKR KPI comparisonThe key difference is that unlike OKR management based on KPI-based performance appraisal guide,Instead, as a guide to assess the overall management of,Hope so that employees can take the initiative through the management company or thinking about how to help the team achieve their goals,This core purpose is to allow employees to develop their own tasks at the same time,Capable of a maximum target company or team overall considerations,Thereby consolidating the actual implementation of the project and the ultimate goal is not derailed。

KPI is likely to cause employees to non-performance are not interested in things
對績效外的事物無動力 / Map:123RF

OKR to the development of management,To promote the effectiveness of KPI,Two-pronged approach to accelerate goal achievement

OKR KPI comparisonunder,If the assessment is not at the core of management OKR,While helping employees better understand how to achieve the target company or team,However, employees are likely to cause delays caused by a lack of motivation to perform,Therefore, business or team leader may wish to think about,Whether in the future development of the target can first use OKR management help employees understand the company's biggest target,After thinking and causes employees to achieve their goals,In accordance with the development of the corresponding key on the development of good results KPI system,View and power to help companies according to whether the employee reached,Help the company's overall objective to accelerate progress towards。

As a business operator or team leader,In addition to a variety of sophisticated management methods should be kept outside the system or,More should be based on the needs of their own business or team、characteristic、Integrated thinking goals,Selection of exclusive or even work out the most appropriate management system,To help employees and companies to move together towards the same goal。

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