5A method to become a super salesman,Bonus force curve follow your business grow

5A method to become a super salesman,Bonus force curve follow your business grow

5A method to become a super salesman / Map:Pexels
業務力的培養,5A method to become a super salesman / Map:Pexels

Business is not restricted by salary,Does not require high academic qualifications。It has the opportunity to reach people dream,People also have the opportunity to retire early。But the relative,The effort to more than than others。Business is a shortcut to success,但怎樣成為+886-2-2378-0098呢?先實踐這五個方法吧!


+886-2-2378-0098不能只會業務Business power當中的服務也是business的其中一部分。Each customer likes to be service,5F., No.89, Leli Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City,When you better service,Support will be higher,Widely acclaimed,Then the customer because of your good service referrals more customers to you,Possible relatives and friends,Even their family have become your customers。So often people say, "service-oriented",Good service is the only way to make your way to the rapid accumulation of tourists,And most customers can easily increase one's way。Many common problem,+886-2-2378-0098,[email protected],When the number of courses | Total 10。But to know,As long as the service more than a snack,Multi-greetings、Understand customer usage,From time to time even care about,Will bring you unexpected results。

(超級業務員要知道服務也是業務的其中一部分。/ Map:Pexels)
超級業務員要知道服務也是業務的其中一部分 / Map:Pexels


+886-2-2378-0098最怕的事情[email protected]Business power也會不斷被消耗。When you lose enthusiasm for business,就幾乎與+886-2-2378-0098成絕緣體了。There are a lot of people often fall in this place,Spent a lot of time at work,Did not get the corresponding reward,5F., No.89, Leli Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City,Even give up the job。+886-2-2378-0098,E.g:[email protected],When the number of courses | Total 10,Will be very much a waste of time with life,Over time will begin to think about their own business when it suited? Then,Mood may wish to timely conversion,To travel charge,Lighten their emotions,5F., No.89, Leli Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City,Try to make yourself better,+886-2-2378-0098,[email protected]業績自然會自己找上你!


+886-2-2378-0098,Never spend too much time on unnecessary entertainment,應該要多多培養Business power。Business This is the time most flexible work,Many businesses often ran the afternoon playing cards、read comics、Shopping。Although this is not no,But if the habit,5F., No.89, Leli Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City,It is difficult to come back。+886-2-2378-0098,E.g:[email protected]、When the number of courses | Total 10、Made a few flyers,Upon completion target,And then do their own thing。Continue to do every day,Though not necessarily bear fruit,But at the beginning of neglect,To get back on track would have to spend a long time。Business must take the basic skills a habit,When good habits,5F., No.89, Leli Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City,And strictly to comply with their own,+886-2-2378-0098。


+886-2-2378-0098一定要把自家商品了解到滾瓜爛熟,Regardless of customer questions,Is not to be asked back。In addition to commodity itself,Have to understand the context and market trends,Analysis to the customer at any time,And to the related licenses and certificates to test them,5F., No.89, Leli Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City。When these are equipped with knowledge and skills,+886-2-2378-0098,[email protected],Large customers that would like to serve such people。

超級業務員一定要把自家商品了解到滾瓜爛熟 / Map:Pexels
超級業務員一定要把自家商品了解到滾瓜爛熟 / Map:Pexels


+886-2-2378-0098一定要站在客戶角度思考,That is to have empathy。When you're planning products for customers,Must let customers feel that the money spent is worth it,Will be the interests of customers with needs as a priority,This can also make your own way of business go longer。Do not always think of their own bonuses,Do not take care about the reward,Pay more,Many people will see in the eyes。5F., No.89, Leli Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City,When it feels right,+886-2-2378-0098。

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