As a business operator,You understand the competitive mode of destruction innovation it?

近幾年「Disruptive Innovation」的討論逐漸再升溫,But most cases the range of products and services oriented to,Today we want to bring destruction to understand different aspects of innovation,in《獲利思考》一書中,The authors suggest "competition - changer" word,Used to describe the new competition rules into the existing industry competitors,而這樣的顛覆者該如何創造商機?


要做Disruptive Innovation,First of all,The author "whether to provide new products or services" and "whether the introduction of a new profit model," the two faces,Categorized four kinds of competition rules insurgents,Are:Reform program type、Creative market-oriented、Create business opportunities and disruptive type type,The following will explain each of these four types of competition rules as well as representatives of the insurgents Case Studies。

One、Reform program type:

inDisruptive Innovation,Reform program means not change existing products or services,The introduction of competition rules and no new profit models of insurgents,This type amended only by the enterprise program provides new value to customers。

網路書店崛起 / Map:123RF

for example,The rise of Internet bookstore is only one kind of insurgents on the reform program,Maintaining the original sale of bookstore services and revenue model,Change "buying process" through to bring consumers a new choice in the Book of,But also to create new value for this purpose industry。

two、Creative market-oriented:

Refers to provide a new profit model in the original product or service,For existing markets open up new possibilities,For both the enterprise market,Create market-based early contender may not pose a threat,However, if both markets are facing the dilemma of being replaced by new markets,These companies will be the thorn in the side。

Uber風潮 / Map:123RF

以具有爭議性的Uber為例,In the profit model of the existing taxi industry,Uber延伸出新的服務方式,Before the people of Taiwan have not yet universal use,反彈Uber的聲量其實不算高,But businesses in both markets beginning to feel the competition when approaching new markets,Uber就成了所有計程車行業的眼中釘

three、Disruptive type:

This type of insurgents on the existing market companies is the most terrible competitor,Because this type of insurgents will provide both the market and everyone the same product or service,But profit in a completely different revenue model,For the consumer is a happy thing,But for the market to competitors may the disaster。

手機遊戲的誕生 / Map:123RF

Hand travel industry as an example,There should be a lot of people do not understand how the hand travel companies are for-profit, right? Indeed, compared with the past Nintendo,Hand travel companies can not rely on dedicated consoles sold to profit,Because of the "free use" of the advantages to become irresistible incentive for consumers to use,The main source of their profit comes from the fact that the game annoying ads,Whenever the ad appears on the game screen,Hand travel companies can profit from advertising gold;As well as a handful of people to buy the game props,Due to the implementation of the sale on the Internet almost no manufacturing costs,Therefore, even if only a small number of people to buy enough to make hand travel companies profit。

four、Type create business opportunities:

At last,This type of insurgents is to create a new type of revenue model,And to provide an entirely new product or service,For both consumers and businesses, markets are very happy,But the threshold is relatively high。

雀巢的膠囊咖啡機為例,Breaking the previous frame coffee products,Create a "capsule coffee" This new product,To the uniqueness of the product extends for an additional purchase capsules demand,The achievements of the new revenue model of Nestle,Not only give consumers new products and experience,Also provides a new direction for both the market。


Disruptive Innovation的理論其實早在1997年就從哈佛大學教授Clayton Christensen著作中被提出,But in a rapidly changing nowadays also often been raised again,Therefore, as the operator of you,The next may wish to undermine the basis of innovation thinking existing problem or dilemma,Might be able to help you solve the problem,Even find more business opportunities。

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