See through each other's languages ​​total 13 kinds of body movements finishing,People make things right、Results deal must-read!

See through each other's languages ​​total 13 kinds of body movements finishing,People make things right、Results deal must-read!

13Kind of body language always finishing,People make things right、Performance turnover reading
13Total body movements kinds of languages ​​finishing,People make things right、Performance turnover reading

Perhaps you have heard of interpersonal communication in,93%的情緒會顯露在表情和肢體動作與肢體語言之中,But if you want for minorBody movements and bodyLanguage judge to make spot,Will need a lot of practice and hands-on experience,Only into their feelings in the body language inside information,Can really play, such as "cold reading technique," the general mind reader wonders。This article was prepared by the different schools to sum up the body language readers,And divided into "Forward body movements with body language"as well as"Negative body movements with body language」,To provide materials and knowledge base you can practice,The following information might quickly followed finishing practice and see!

One、Forward body movements with body language:

Positive body language

1.The end of the ongoing action,Turn the body for you:
Behalf he is willing to give you time,And to hear the things you want to talk about,To take advantage of,This is given the opportunity to、Ready to begin the body language。

2.Upper body leaning forward:
If the other party the upper body leaning forward,Or a sliding chair toward you slightly closer,On behalf of his interest with what you are saying,Like a good listen。

3.Natural look you in the eye:
You retain interest,Willing to listen to you,Can take the opportunity to explain things。

4.Look to conventional side mobile:
There is a high probability in the recall of facts,Rather than building the lies。

5.Each other laugh when,Has also shown smiling eyes arc
If observe each other from above the nose,Can also be seen smiling at each other,Usually means other than relax,For the more defenseless heart u。Through the muscles around the eyes,Can determine whether the other party is”true”Lol。

6.Rapid hand-wringing
If the other side there is hand-wringing action,Usually means the other party want to accomplish something,Or want to start the next action,Has been a decision in the mind,Want to quickly expand。

two、Negative body movements and body language:

1.Cross Baoxiong、Legs crossed
When the limbs intersecting action occurs,Usually expressed are more guarded,Or do not identify with。

2.Break eye contact
Represents a slight tension,Or to start thinking about something。

3.Is moved to the non-dominant eye side:
There is a higher probability lies in the idea,Ready to say the fact that non-words。

4.Meaningless frequent moves (touch bag、Take the empty cup dry、Beat rhythm with your fingers)
Representatives may have lost patience,Or bored for your current topic。

5.Rub neck、Yaochun、Touch the ears
Some expressed in a relatively tight、Uncomfortable state。

6.sideways,Non-body facing toward you
Show care,Is one of the lost interest in the action。

Do not judge from a single body language!

When we use body language to observe each other's status,Through body language, remember not to "single" decision on the other side is only interested or not interested! But to use a period of time,His response、attitude、Body language to do a comprehensive judgment,To put it bluntly body language just give us one more basis for judgment,Do not single because body language to conclusions,Might accidentally miss a deal or some happy match it!

Obtain recognition skills:Imitate each other

Also here you can secretly provide you a little trick,When communicating with others,You can try to mimic each other's body language,When someone picked up the bottle and took a drink,We can also pick up a cup and then drink coffee,When the other re-adjust the chair,We can also adjust their chairs to follow,Under no circumstances is found to be deliberately,When the two men reached a synchronous,We will subconsciously think the other side with me in the same frequency、On the same front,Think the other special compatibility,Can not be said of some goodwill。

This is a very practical tips,In fact, the focus is not entirely mimic each other's body language,But the other side and reach the "synchronization state",Some even say school will let you try to sync with his breathing,In fact, this is to pursue state,Be sure to like and not like the other side of the mirror completely mimic the action down。

The body language as your second diagnostic tool

When we successfully communicate the inside of this observation,Naturally perceive the atmosphere of the moment,Increase your degree of mastery of communication,After all, language is the result of the brain blurted out before thinking of product,Completely through the language to determine the communication situation,There is very likely to have errors。After the addition of body language diagnostic tool,Can reduce the magnitude of the error,Help you communicate more smoothly with your objects,Let you both in interpersonal,Or on business negotiations,Have a higher winning percentage!

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