A summary of 13 body language to see through each other,Good interpersonal、A must-read for performance transactions!

A summary of 13 body language to see through each other,Good interpersonal、A must-read for performance transactions!

13Summary of body language,Good interpersonal、Must-read for performance transactions
13種肢體動作語言總整理,Good interpersonal、Must-read for performance transactions

Maybe you have heard that in person-to-person communication,93%The mood will be revealed in facial expressions and body movements and body language,但若想針對細微的肢體動作與肢體語言來做出臨場判斷,Will require a lot of practice and practical experience,Only when internalizing body language information into your own feelings,Can really play the miraculous mind-reading effect like "cold reading"。This article prepares body language summarized by various schools for readers,並將其分為「Positive body movements and body language」以及「負面肢體動作跟肢體語言」,To provide your practice materials and knowledge base,不妨趕緊跟著以下整理的資料練習看看!

One、Positive body movements and body language:


1.End an ongoing action,Turn your body to face you:
On behalf of him willing to give you time,And listen to what you want to say,Take good hold,This is to give a chance、Body language ready to start。

2.Lean forward:
If the opponent leans forward,Or by sliding the chair slightly towards you,It means he is interested in what he said to you,Want to listen。

3.Look into your eyes naturally:
Have interest in you,Willing to listen to you,Can take the opportunity to explain things。

4.Move your eyes to the preferred side:
There is a higher chance of recalling facts,Rather than constructing lies。

5.When the other person smiles,眼神亦呈現微笑的弧度
若從鼻頭上方觀察對方,I can see that the other person is smiling,Usually means that the other party is more relaxed,More defenseless to you。Through the muscles around the eyes,Can judge whether the other party is”true”Lol。

若對方有搓手的動作時,Usually it means that the other party has something to complete,Or want to start the next action,I have made a decision in my mind,Want to hurry up。

two、Negative body movements and body language:

1.Cross chest、雙腿交叉
當四肢有交叉的動作出現時,Usually means more defensive,Or disagreement。

表示些微緊張,Or start thinking about something。

3.Move eyes to the non-dominant side:
There is a higher chance of conceiving lies,Be prepared to say something unfactual。

4.Frequent meaningless actions (touching bags、Take an empty glass without water、用手指打節奏)
代表可能已經失去耐心,Or feel bored with your current topic。

5.Rub the neck、Biting lip、摸耳朵
表示有些處於一個較緊張、Uncomfortable state。

展示不在意,Is one of the actions to lose interest。


在我們利用肢體語言來觀察對方的狀態時,Remember not to use a "single" body language to determine whether the other person is interested or not! But it takes a while,Reaction、attitude、Body language to judge,Body language spoken bluntly only gives us one more basis for judgment,Don't draw conclusions just because of a single body language,可能一不小心就錯過了一筆生意或是一段良緣呢!


另外在這邊可以偷偷提供大家一個小技巧,When communicating with others,You can try to imitate the opponent's body language,When the other party picked up the water bottle and took a sip of water,We can also pick up the cup and take a sip of coffee,When the other party readjusts the chair,We can also adjust our chairs,Without being found deliberately,When two people reach a kind of synchronization,We will subconsciously think that the other person is at the same frequency as me、On the same line,Think the other party has a special affinity,I can't tell you some good feelings。

This is a very practical tip,In fact, the point is not to completely imitate the other's body language,But to reach the "synchronized state" with the other party,Even some schools of thought will make you try to synchronize with his breathing,In fact, it’s all about the pursuit,Instead of having to imitate the opponent's movements completely like a mirror。


當我們成功溝通將這樣的觀察力內化,Naturally perceive the atmosphere of the moment,Increase your degree of mastery of communication,After all, language is the result of the brain blurted out before thinking of product,Completely through the language to determine the communication situation,There is very likely to have errors。After the addition of body language diagnostic tool,Can reduce the magnitude of the error,Help you communicate more smoothly with your objects,Let you both in interpersonal,Or on business negotiations,都擁有更高的勝率!

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