How to start the business skills training,With three major elements to create personal business brand!

How to start the business skills training,With three major elements to create personal business brand!

After business skills training,Will become a different clerk

As a salesman,It is not lessBusiness skills training,You may have read countless articles on business skills,From the sales technique to communicate with field observation, etc.,People feel as if science could not finish learned,No start。其實,All business skills point to the same purpose,Without exception,That is, "a customer's trust."。And all this secret,In fact, hidden in "Personal Brand Management"in。

Business skills training before,First understand what is personal branding?

Personal brand stands for "you" in this personal,Other people's perception and impression brought to,This feeling may come from your "conversation"、"Wearing"、"Friends relayed",Or even your Facebook profile。Before human cognition thing,Usually accustomed to a simpler、Familiar image,To define his new contact person,And that first impression most direct and Value,Is the "personal brand"。

Find out what your personal brand formula,Business strategy will be born!

Find out the brand recipe,YesBusiness skills trainingBefore the big issue,"Personal brand will be able to dominate the consumer's choice!",In the numerous competitors,Each product entry price range has numerous competitive market,Consumers final consumer core reason,Often attributed to "brand"? The Business、Realty business services, etc.,The most direct contact with the guests brand,Business itself is a "personal brand",This will greatly affect the sales performance of each salesman。

What is your personal brand is the business?
What is your personal brand is the business? / :123RF

How to find their own personal brand?

To find their own personal brand,First you have to find your brand of three elements,That isBrand Vision、Brand、as well asBrand Value。When these three elements to find out,Gradually we will be able to look at our business in markets where,該鎖定的目標客戶(Ethnic resonance)who is it,And you and your target customersResonance point

Brand VisionBrandBrand ValueEthnic resonanceResonance point
take care of family西裝筆挺穩定成熟Stable peace of mind35To 55 years
Parents groups
Want to deliver reliable and stable,According to a new family also want to take care of people。
Economic well年輕認真衝刺力十足People can not help but want to help you find45~70歲中老年族群Passion for young people trying to move,Want to give young people more opportunities。
Busy business groups
Find a cause for worry and care can fast cut smooth service providers。

▲ personal brand reference example

Three steps to develop a personal brand:

Step1 find personal brand vision:

身為業務,What is your vision? Want the best products and services to customers? Still care deeply want to take good care of your family? Thinking you want to achieve the vision,The better the more you want,A deep vision can bring a complete vision and action for you,Even if you did not speak out vision,Through discourse、Look attitude、Values,Vision will be integrated into the contours,And let your customers clearly feel,Thereby affecting customers wanting more

Step2 set personal brand image:  

If you wear a suit and tie,May bring serious、Professional personal brand image,If you choose to wear more relaxed shirt jeans,That may bring personality、Sloppy、An easy-going image,Image and no better or worse,Only with everything you want to say about personal brand。

Imagine,If today you are invited to interview office,Before you open,You gave this company what it feels like? This,The idea is that you want a personal brand image。We can try fused their own personal characteristics and dress to do planning,Not only do they come up with a make your own business successfully brand image,You will run the business run more at ease,More rewarding!

Step3 mixing the personal brand value:

Through vision and image settings,To find their own positioning and value,You may be to provide "honest、It is brand trust "in,It may give "shrewd、Full efficiency "brand,Dig out the value of your own,You will be able to find themselves in this vast sea of ​​the most valuable sales highlights。

Precautions to develop personal business brand
Precautions to develop personal business brand / :123RF

Business personal brand Reminder

1、Your personal brand and business promotion of goods and services do link,Strengthen integrity
2、The time spent on the right "target customers" on,To maximize efficiency
3、Through Facebook、ig courage to do so on your own Social Media,Let your personal brand is more persuasive
4、Continue to fine-tune your brand strategy,According to market、Customer demand,Constantly optimize personal brand

After developing a personal brand

After more than three steps are completed,Once again face a variety of business skills,What may work for you? What are your personal brand is not a plus,You will no longer find it difficult to doubt,Gradually worked out a number of their own way of leading business,Towards a more impressive business results ahead。