3 must-know tips for successful sales to find out your value proposition

3 must-know tips for successful sales to find out your value proposition

Three successful sales skills to help businesses enhance self-worth / Map:pexels

When selling goods salesman,May encounter a problem:Whether you are using price competition to impress customers? Or use the value of their product or business to talk about trading it? This article first take you through three levels of service,並且重點整理3大增值Successful sales skills幫助你在銷售過程中提升自我價值並更貼近客戶的心!這3大成功銷售技巧都是業務員一定會遇到的小細節記得要時刻提醒自己喔!


「Ted和 Gary是公司同期的業務,But Ted still do not understand,The same product,The same service process,Why Gary negotiated business have a high price tag,Still loved by customers and affirmation,Often accused of name to continue cooperation。And Ted obviously provides customers more benefits,客戶卻好像永遠都不滿足…」

這類的故事你一定常常聽到,In fact, Ted and Gary are two very different clerk。We first clarify the type of salesman,Roughly divided into the following three:

1、Service provider type:

General business type,Keep a safe distance with the customer,Like all civil servants in Table drills,Some people will hold a multi-less attitude of mind。

2、Value added by business type:

Usually the company's top salesman,Providing customers with more additional services,Usually the preferred choice of customers,Easily substituted。

3、Business-type business partner:

Customers and mutual trust,Grow together,Is mutually profitable value-added win-win partnership。

Ted is the standard type of provider service,In addition to business-like,Also made a common mistake:Thought of "price competition" will be able to win the hearts of customers。And Gary is the type of value-added business person,He always step back to help customers want good questions and solutions,Allow customers to trust his professional,Also believes that prices in line with the value of。First clarify what type of business you are,And then to make up for their deficiencies through three successful sales techniques。

增值者業務提供客戶更多附加價值 / Map:pexels


了解完你目前是哪種業務員之後,What success can make you more sales skills to enhance self-worth it? The following three methods available to you:

A value-added sales skills:了解並選擇高價值的目標客戶

盡早弄清楚客戶的需求及資訊,And always ask yourself:This is my choice of the high-value target customers do? Business and customer relationships are relatively etc.,Customers can not only choose your way,Clerk know "what not to do" more important。Other,Are you able to customers as a starting point to think about,And understand his needs and worry about it? In the sales process,The use of "customized" for customers to feel your intimate,And better able to hit the customer's pain points。

VARs Skills II:Clarify the positioning,你容易被別人取代嗎?

了解客戶後也要回過頭來反思自己,Prior to persuade others,Is your brand image and value have reached the other side look forward to? Do you know the difference between you and your competitors where,Can not provide value to others? If you are a good substitute competitors,It is much more than trying to enhance their own value to identify advantages,Not only to protect their own business,But also to non-customers why you can not choose the。

VARs Skills III:運用專業來服務與建立關係

你應該有因為銷售員服務態度好而多給小費或是增加消費品項的經驗,Many reasons influence consumer buying is actually a "person" much more than brand。As a business,The key is the value of your services to win customer trust。While the front to the customer and building strong relationships to clarify,Are your relationships are established in the professional? Whether the customer has a problem immediately think of you and are willing to seek you out to solve? Sales still build on your expertise and services,And not rely on human。


價格多由市場主導,The value is defined by the consumer,Can maximize the value of doing business is long-term operation of the Road。Identify the right customers through these three successful sales skills and enhance their value,And then to high-quality and professional service,Together towards a win-win situation with customers Road。

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