How to make yourself happy? Scientifically proven 5 happy ways

How to make yourself happy? Scientifically proven 5 happy ways

How to make yourself happy? Scientifically proven 5 happy ways / Map:Pexels
How to make yourself happy? Scientifically proven 5 happy ways / Map:Pexels

How to be happy? "Everyone is a lifelong homework,Many people also kept in the pursuit of things。however,Not everyone is happy way to know,Have negative thoughts is inevitable。

What a happy way to what? In fact, there is no certain answer。All people are different individuals,Have different personalities and characteristics,Happy methodsNot the same。Share the following six ways possible for you,Tell you how to make yourself happy。

More than one method smile

Out the door every day,In the mirror of their own smile about。

Research indicates that,When people smile,Brain releases dopamine,This will make people feel happy。When aware of their depression,Remind yourself "laugh"。And this is not a simple smile "smirk",Is the need to try "real laugh."。The corners of the mouth upward,Naturally the eyes squint together,Even you can think about interesting things,Let yourself laugh。

Smiling effect not only that。apart fromMake yourself happier,Smile often also make you feel good,Attention has improved and ideas are,Will become more outstanding performance,Can be said to serve two purposes。

(Out the door in the mirror myself laugh about / Map:Pexels)
Out the door in the mirror myself laugh about / Map:Pexels

Method Two more exercise

Movement is not just to good health,But also relieve stress、One way to increase the joy of。

One day to yourself 7 minute,Choose a suitable own motion。Like a walk after dinner,Or morning jogging,Are good choices。

In the "happiness advantage" (The Happiness Advantage) a book mentioned in a study:There are three groups of patients with depression treatment through medication、Movement or a combination of both cure depression。And this study is surprising,Only medication therapy group,In late chances of recurrence are 38 %;drug、Movement of combination therapy have 31 %;Movement alone cured only 9 %。It can be seen,The importance of exercise can not be underestimated。

Method three adequate sleep

In today's society,Because of work and living habits,Many people do not have good quality sleep and enough sleep,And then make themselves unhappy。

How to improve the quality of sleep it? You can try the following:In one hour before going to bed to let the body do、Feel relaxed affair,Such as reading a book、writing、And cat playing;You can even turn off the lights early,Lying in bed and think of interesting things happened today to be thankful for things,And then slowly fell asleep。

Incidentally,At bedtime Try not have a lot of blue in the environment,Like a slide phone、use computer。Too much blue can inhibit the brain's melatonin,Make your sleep quality decreased rather than increased。

In addition,In this book NurtureShock,Referred to the results of an experiment:The researchers gave students back a word list,Lack of sleep students remembered words,Have 81 % With a negative connotation;only 31 % With positive or neutral meanings。The experiment also proved a direct correlation between lack of sleep and mood。

(Adequate sleep is a delight / Map:Pexels)
Adequate sleep is a delight / Map:Pexels

Method four to find the target

The pursuit of the goal to make life more meaningful,Also more motivated life。

This goal can be a dream,Open a shop、Married, etc.;And interest or some、skill,As photography、painting。Look for something to make yourself happy,Or may make yourself happy thing。See what things have not done,Go try it。

In addition,Also regularly engage in their favorite activities,Such as travel planning。While waiting for travel,Because of expectations increased happiness,This is alsoWay to make yourself happyThis one。

Method five Face their own unhappiness

Even an optimistic person,When there will be unhappy。Honest about their negative emotions,Will it be possible to make yourself happy。

Face unhappy not to let himself fall into the emotion,But to understand their current mood。must remember,No one could have been a happy。Now faces sad、Furious,Most will be in ten years、After two decades,Sleeping in your memory of them。It is better to be honest about their unhappy,And tell yourself, "This is nothing."。(Further reading:Misanthropy is not a crime to embrace their negative energy it!

(Honest with negative emotions,In order to make yourself happy。 / Map:Pexels)
Honest with negative emotions,In order to make yourself happy。 / Map:Pexels

Stress and negative emotions that come from time to time,Even unfounded。You do not need to deliberately to avoid,Try more than a few ways to make yourself happy,Cheer up after the sad!

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