The hearts of everyone a happy business list of companies have done what? How both parties are satisfied?

Do you have in the hearts of everyoneHappiness list of enterprisesIn it? After one case of a break reform,more and moreCompanies pay attention to employee benefitsAnd management of corporate culture,More then derived from the word "happiness business.",But only reimbursing setting employee benefits not only result in an additional burden on foreign companies,Can not really reach幸福企業Standard,So you towards operators幸福企業When forward,May wish to refer to the following four indicators as a basis for the design of various systems。

List of companies happy to become the hearts of everyone,It should have all the benefits of the internal and external

How to become the hearts of everyoneHappiness list of enterprises,Create a happy company not only enhance their reputation in order to facilitate the recruitment of foreign talent,Enhance internal staff well-being,Can effectively reduce the turnover rate,For the company to save unnecessary personnel training costs,Happy employees also contribute to cooperation and team efficiency。But companies do not equal happiness operate a large number of employee benefits,In addition to the pain points for their own employees will meet outside of the right medicine,Contribute to the community to help the social well-being is also a major focus,According to the Taipei City Government Labor Bureau Business Awards organized by the happiness score,Can be classified as the following four indicators。

One、Work environment index:

 Google Pool / Chart:TIME
Google游泳池 / Map:TIME

To enter the hearts of everyoneHappiness list of enterprises,Work environment is the most important,In addition to a good working environment refers to specialized external hardware device,For additional settings required for their own employees is also a hot topic in recent years,,The best known is nothing more than a Google office,Google takes a long time to work with the thinking characteristics,The company set the desired place to solve all kinds of life,E.g,Gym、swimming pool、Restaurants, etc.,Such soft、Hardware are set properly working environment,Who would want to go home?

two、Treatment and foster index:

Happiness list of enterprisesin,Many of them are very good treatment。This year in April reason 1111 Job Bank announced "Workers value most business indicators"Survey,Ranked second、Three indicators as "Is there a fixed salary increase" and "whether the salary is better than its peers.",And there are about seventy percent of office workers recognize the importance of these two indicators,If you want to be seen towards幸福企業Advance their own business can be the first to view salary level is superior to the industry,And the promotion pipeline fluent whether these two basic indicators。

、Welfare and reward indicator:

In recent years, a lot has diversified welfare system,There are a number of annual leave days is better than the Labor Standards Law、Paid fake birthday,More companies in response to a change in mentality at different times of staff,To adjust the daily number of hours,E.g:This year was Asia's best employers award AMGEN Amgen Taiwan,In the year 6 To 8 During the three months to let employees work early afternoon to enjoy life,Thoughtful design enables employees like schoolboys looking forward to summer vacation。

four、Friendly Workplace Index:

Happiness list of enterprisesin,The vast majority have a great Friendly Workplace,One of Friendly Workplace design is a very important indicator in recent years,,In addition to many industries gradually break down the barriers of gender ceiling outside,Moreover, many companies began to pay attention to the proportion of female senior。In CMO,They do not put women into the home regarded as inferior,Instead, spend a billion dollars to build a multi-language teaching in kindergarten,Also according to Chi Mei employee working hours,Be open to the latest half past eight pm,So that employees can concentrate on work without worries。

Increase the proportion of female senior executives / Chart:123RF
女性高級主管比例升高 / Map:123RF

In fact, business幸福企業Not difficult,Whether changes in the work environment,Or to help companies increase employee benefits are the way to happiness,Some of these happy set or change a chance to liberate miserable staff,And to be happy employees can help increase social harmony and progress of,Maybe in the end there is the opportunity to help the growth and development of enterprises,Create a better win-win outcome!

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