The hearts of everyone a happy business list of companies have done what? How both parties are satisfied?
Happiness business

你們有在大家心中的幸福企業名單裡嗎?經歷一例一休改革後越來越多企業重視員工福利與企業文化的經營,More then derived from the word "happiness business.",But only reimbursing setting employee benefits not only result in an additional burden on foreign companies,也無法真正的達到Happiness business的標準因此各位經營者在朝Happiness business邁進時,May wish to refer to the following four indicators as a basis for the design of various systems。

List of companies happy to become the hearts of everyone,應該要有的內外部各項優點

要怎成為大家心中的幸福企業名單,A company that creates happiness can not only enhance its reputation and recruit talents,Improve the happiness of internal employees,It can also effectively reduce the turnover rate,Save unnecessary personnel training costs for the company,Happy employees also contribute to teamwork and efficiency。But running a happy company does not mean a lot of employee benefits,In addition to prescribe the right medicine for the pain points encountered by your own employees,Giving back to the society and helping society to be happy is also a major focus,According to the scoring standard of the Happy Enterprise Award organized by the Labor Bureau of Taipei City Government,The following four indicators can be classified。

One、Working environment indicators:

Google游泳池 / Map:TIME

要進入大家心中的幸福企業名單,Work environment is the most important,A good working environment generally refers to professional hardware equipment,The additional settings required for employees of their own companies have also been a hot topic in recent years,The most well-known is nothing more than Google’s office,Features that require a long time to think about working with Google,The company sets up various places that can solve the needs of life,E.g,Gym、swimming pool、Restaurant etc,So soft、Hardware is properly set up to work environment,誰還會想回家呢?

two、Treatment and cultivation indicators:

幸福企業名單in,Many are very well paid。April this year 1111 人力銀行公布「上班族最看重的企業指標」調查中,Ranked second、The indicators for the third place are "whether there is a fixed salary increase" and "whether the salary is better than the same industry",And there are about seventy percent of office workers recognize the importance of these two indicators,可見若想朝Happiness business前進可先檢視自家企業的薪資水準是否優於業界,And the promotion pipeline fluent whether these two basic indicators。

three、Welfare and reward indicator:

In recent years, a lot has diversified welfare system,There are a number of annual leave days is better than the Labor Standards Law、Paid fake birthday,More companies respond to changes in employee mentality at different times,Make daily hour adjustments,E.g:AMGEN Taiwan, which won the Asia’s Best Employer Award this year,Every year 6 To 8 During the month, let employees leave work early at 3 o'clock in the afternoon to enjoy life,The thoughtful design allows employees to look forward to summer vacation like students。

four、Friendly workplace indicators:

幸福企業名單,Most of them are already a great and friendly workplace,The design of a friendly workplace is also one of the indicators that have been attached great importance in recent years,Except that many industries gradually break the barriers of gender ceiling,Many companies have begun to pay attention to the proportion of female senior executives。Chi Mei,They do not regard women entering the family as a disadvantage,Instead, they spent hundreds of millions of yuan to build kindergartens with multi-language teaching,Also according to Chi Mei employee working hours,Be open to the latest half past eight pm,So that employees can concentrate on work without worries。

女性高級主管比例升高 / Map:123RF

其實經營Happiness business並不難,Whether changes in the work environment,Or to help companies increase employee benefits are the way to happiness,Some of these happy set or change a chance to liberate miserable staff,And happy employees can increase social harmony and progress,There may be opportunities to help the growth and development of the company in the end,創造三贏的美好結局!

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