5 kinds of business culture observation,Super promotion business hidden in these details in

5 kinds of business culture observation,Super promotion business hidden in these details in

Super promotion business hidden in these details in / Figure:Pexels
The importance of business observation,Super promotion business hidden in these details in / Figure:Pexels

Business observationThe importance of ”cannot be ignored。Many people think often wearing suits、Or professional degree enough,So that you can get results came in,But the key everyone knows are often traded on the tiny details。Business observation are not born,It often takes a lot of accumulated experience,When a business reaches a certain level of observation,Will find that winning can be traded。That is when there is an opportunity,You can quickly grasp;The opposite of,If you absolutely no chance to think a deal,Can also originally scheduled for early termination,Spend time on knife-edge。

what isBusiness observation Super businessBasic skills

Business observation,That is, observing customer behavior with action,To determine whether customers have an interest in your product。However, part of the "Watch action" in,Some actions are obvious,For example, customers are already zoned phone、Watch、When scratching or Saotou,These are easy to observe the action we all can clearly judge,Also they know the pace of the adjustment or change the current content,Now see if you can turn things around。But other subtle movements,Must rely on habit or experience to judge the customer's own,The following five points is to introduce the customer's action corresponds to react to your customers。

Business observation is to judge whether customers are interested in the product through behavior / Figure:Pexels
Business observation is to judge whether customers are interested in the product through behavior / Figure:Pexels

1.Customer "sight direction"

Super business when presenting proposals or discussing business,It may be noted in particular what the customer is looking at a long time,Proposal for example 3-5 amount of options,When a customer perspective if you stay longer in one block,Then you may wish to help things along,And that you also think this is the best option,And explain its characteristics,This approach allows customers to shorten the time to think,And people are willing to support this idea,Thereby accelerating the probability of customer transactions。But conversely,If the customer just quickly look at the past,Representatives may not arouse his interest。Can also be said that the current method may not be applicable,This time to see if you can use other methods to change contrarian。

2.Customer "Expression Language"

During the chat,Observation of language is also very important,When customers are interested in a product,Or you can ask a special nod,Language will be a little excitement or praise your feelings,Indicates that the client would like a clearer understanding of content,But not to say that the customer is not interested do not speak,Customers are likely to be thinking about,At this time also can take advantage of the opportunity。But the opposite,The customer's language has been off topic,Or tone of impatience,Plus silent outright,When just want to quickly end this meeting,Emergency brake must be,Change direction quickly with content,Its dead horse a living horse medicine,Better to stay slim chance of survival,So that the future can better meet。

3.Client "Body Sitting Posture"

Some postures of the client can be observed。For example, the upper body to lean forward to listen carefully,There may be very interested in this case,Customer angle upper body to lean forward with your case success,In fact, the association also quite a big,The more products customers are interested in,Will want to listen or understand,The body often unconsciously leaning forward。The opposite of,If the customer is always far away from you,Body forever relying on back,This means that they do not want to hear you speak,You say things that are not interested in。Others such as hands Tuosai,Body tilt left and right、Stretching and other conditions,The participants are likely to fire a gun you have to be a。

Some postures of the client can be observed / Figure:Pexels
Some postures of the client can be observed / Figure:Pexels

4.Customer "Facial Expression"

Customer's facial expression,Can convey a number of messages。For example, when you are a professional proposal,Customers are dilated pupils、Mouth up、Nod、When exultant,Then we should dwell more vigorously to this part of the report,So that customers can more images of this case,And allows customers to leave you a deep memory。But if frown、sneer、serious、Vent,Then we should pay attention to pull,Might quickly jump to the next part,Allow customers to renewed interest。

5.Client "leg movement"

The client’s leg movements are actually the most difficult to observe,If and when the other party is wearing a skirt,It can be more convenient to get to know。But if there is the opportunity to observe or can be tracked,For example, when the client or both feet on the legs crossed,Toes are positive toward you,Can all be used as a basis for a successful。But if you have shaking foot、Toe tilt,May not have been in the focus on what you said。


The above 5 points can be used as some references for business observation,So that you can talk to talk to customers when,At the same time responding to dilemmas,But still have to say that these operations are to rely on the experience accumulated observation,Little by little observation,You can see some of Meimei angle angle many customers react。

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