Misanthropy is not a crime to release negative energy it yourself!

Misanthropy is not a crime to release negative energy it yourself!

Misanthropy is not a crime to embrace their negative energy it! / Images from pexels
厭世不是罪 釋放負能量吧! / Map:pexels

Weary的人生有那麼糟嗎?看什麼都不順眼、Everything felt good trouble、Feel alive tired! Many people thinkWearyWill only have a negative impact,But in fact,canEmbrace negative energyPeople,Mental state is often more powerful!

Are you always see what is not pleasing to the eye、Everything felt good trouble、Feel alive tired? Perhaps many people feel weary will only have a negative impact。however,Research indicates that,But excessive positive energy so that the pressure will become increasingly heavy;canEmbrace negative energyPeople,Mental state is often more powerful。

The release of negative energy to show moderation,Weary let you clarify reality

The release of negative energyFirst show moderately negative energy,Is not only a good way to vent pressure,But also to avoid a crisis at a critical moment。

Lin Geng new well-known psychiatrist, published in 2015articlePointed out,Excessive positive thinking will make people ignore the dangers and difficulties are real。After realizing that the crisis,It will become impossible to adapt to the reality,Thus resulting in a more melancholy soul。

Is like driving a vehicle,Overly optimistic people might think, "As long as I'm safe driving,I will be able to safely reach their destination。」;World-weary people might think, "Even if I have to drive no matter how safe,Still others are likely to be hit。"The reality is,Unexpected always comes unexpectedly。When the other vehicle accident collision over,WearyInstead, people can quickly notice the presence of dangerous than the optimist,And avoid as much as possible。

Excessive optimism the more depressed mood

Two US psychologist Julie Norem and Nancy Cantor,Published in 1986, a well-knownpaper。Which introduces two terms,Strategic optimism與Defensive pessimism,That is "Strategy type of optimism" and "defensive pessimism"。

Has a "strategy Optimism" qualities of people,Good to imagine a better result,And hope to try to do it;The "defensive pessimism" traits of people,It is a negative attitude to predict error that may occur,And when the job as much as possible to avoid errors。Although these two types of people,On doing things can have quite an achievement。But much,People "optimistic strategy type" off than "defensive pessimism" have the opportunity to have a greater pressure,This is due to the thwarted expectations sake。

In addition,Julie Norem also in her book (The Positive Power Of Negative Thinking) Indicated,Often weary of the negative energy into positive energy to change,At work to show better results。

Often negative energy into positive energy / images from pexels
負能量往往能轉為正能量 / Map: pexels

厭世不是罪 過度樂觀更危險

In addition to the above mentioned point of view,Many studies have also pointed out -"Must remain optimistic," mental state,Likely to cause greater pressure。

Like the 2016 mood journal (Emotion) Published in the "forced to maintain positive thinking whether happier" study、A psychologist at Ohio State University Medical Center Sophie Lazarus clinical trials,Brock and psychologist at the University of Melbourne, Australia Bastian do "front room" and "negative rooms" experiment,The results are invariably show"Excessive positive people than negative people more pressure."

In addition,Known as the "graphic circles Dazai" illustrator "passive man," said:"Positive energy is not enough to see,Know how to vent their emotions,Embrace the negative energy of the most powerful! "So do not say misanthropy is not okay! Accept their negative energy,Courage to face the current situation is the most important。

Embrace the negative energy of the most powerful / images from pexels
擁抱負能量的人最強大 / Map:pexels

The courage to accept their emotions

Misanthropy is not shameful,Optimism is also important,Extreme emotions are unhealthy。

If the emergence of extreme emotions,Whether excessive optimism or extreme pessimism,Do not be afraid to seek help。inWorking pressure as heavy as boulders? Three-step pulverizing pressure!Also mentioned some assistance pipeline,Like Zhang Line 1980、1995 or the Department of Health at ease lifeline Line 0800-788-995,Or spiritual exploration、The regulation of mood and other courses can help themselves to。

Although the appeal was weary when we do not take offense look、Do not over-optimistic,But not to oppose positive thinking。Any feelings are normal phenomenon,Embrace your emotions,And seek to ease their pressure pipeline is the right choice。

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