Vague language is only trying to avoid bear responsibility! Want to achieve the dream,You must first set up a "precise" objectives。
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Huang Pengjun

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Complete your life goals with a piece of cake! Exclusive secret techniques/pictures used throughout life from pexels

Complete the life goal list with a piece of cake! Exclusive secret techniques used for life

A list of seemingly unattainable goal in life,Want to complete but always unable to do it? Hundreds of ways to achieve your goals,But which one is really effective? Buy a car、Buy a house、Travel around the world、marry、Birth、elderly life…,I want to do a lot,But what can I do now? I'll tell you today,How to rely on "three questions",Let yourself reach your life goals smoothly! ! Everyone has several goals in life,But where to start and finish,Is the most difficult thing。How do I know what I can do now? First of all,You must clarify the "three questions"。after that,"How to start?Will be solved。 Three questions to help you complete the list of planning life goals 1. What do I want? Make a list of life goals,Focus on firepower to achieve your dreams。There are not too many items in this life goal list,Because every stage will have different dreams,And too many goals are unrealistic,Unable to achieve。So list up to five big goals,And how long before。Whether it is a physiological need、Relationships,Or career planning、Future expectations,Can be regarded as a goal。E.g:I want to buy a house within ten years。 2.What restricts me? Clarify the status quo,Consider your own identity,And think about the family、jobs、What does social economic status limit me。Dream is the most beautiful,But also must bow to reality。But don't worry,Looking down now does not mean that you can’t look up in the future。To figure out the present situation is not to give up your dream,It's about letting yourself aim,Move faster。Ask yourself what are the possible reasons that prevent me from achieving my goal in life? And write them down one by one。E.g:I don't have enough deposit。 3.How can I break the restrictions? Find what you can do now,And proceed。As long as I really want to do,You can do anything! (Excluding things that violate moral ethics)。But everything is difficult to start,How to start is the biggest test。therefore,"Planning" is a very important part。Set life goals、After clarifying reality,Also know what difficulties are encountered,You can start planning,Turn big problems into smaller problems,Minor problems become no problem。E.g:Start saving tomorrow,One-month cost reduction of two thousand yuan。 Remarks:When you reach the third step,The task to be completed may be a little difficult,At this time, continue to disassemble this problem into smaller、Easier to reach problem。You can also make the task more specific、More detailed completion time and completion method。E.g:Buy two fewer clothes every month。 Using the right method, buying a house in the list of life goals is not a problem.,You must keep asking yourself the above three questions:"What do I want?"、"What limits me?"、"How do I break the limit?"。In addition,Can also use the same question repeatedly,Make "planning" better。E.g:From the original "I want to buy a house in ten years,But I don’t have enough deposit,So i should save money。"Extends to "I want to reduce the cost of 2,000 yuan per month,But shopping desires cost me too much,So I have to buy two clothes less a month。"The problem is at the end,Which means "buy two fewer clothes a month",Already an easy goal。From then on, start to complete your life goals,Will look a lot easier。 Since the planning method has,Then hit the iron while it's hot,Pick up the paper and pen at hand,Immediately draw your own blueprint for life goals! As for how to portray it? We can use the mind map to analyze this list of life goals。Examples are as follows: Starting from the big goal (buying a house within ten years),Identified income and insufficient deposits as the main obstacles。therefore,In the next branch, you can present these two points,And indicate the main reason for insufficient income and deposits。Keep exploring,Can clarify what I can do,That is reading management books、Take a communication course and buy two fewer clothes a month。 Practice is the main thing and the mind is the second. I believe many people have read or heard the book "Secret"-as long as there is a life goal,And want to reach the goal,You will move towards your goal。The reason is actually very simple,When you want to accomplish something,Will naturally start planning。gradually,Shallow consciousness will tell you must complete it。There is a 34-year-old girl Misaki in Japan,With 15 years of frugality,Bought three houses。The mental method she uses is to set a goal in life on a notebook:I will buy a second house at the age of 29;And bought the third building at the age of 34。In this way,Dreams naturally come closer to reality,Will also be completed in a smooth manner。(Further reading:Save money and buy three houses! A 27-year-old girl in Japan who is determined to buy a house, 6 years after the interview is already a charter wife) Life goals list Complete now! Combining the above points,Can draw a conclusion:The way to accomplish life goals is to make an oath to yourself (life goals),Then I kept asking myself "What do I want?"、"What limits me?"、"How do I break the limit?",And start planning right away。It's not difficult to achieve life goals,The difficulty is whether you are willing to work hard for your goals,And work hard for it。At last,The same old saying,As long as you have the heart,You can do it! Go bravely towards your dreams!

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Slash youth

5 ways to become a slash youth,There is more than one way in your life

Slash youth is a hot topic of discussion recently,The word "slash" comes from the English Slash,Refers to a diverse lifestyle with multiple occupations and identities。These ethnic groups usually introduce themselves with "slashes",for example,I am a designer/engineer/blogger/speaker,It can also be said to be a worker with multiple professional income。 Many people yearn to be a slash youth,You can combine your own majors and interests,Can not be tied to a single nature of work,And can learn and grow all the time,Explore more possibilities for yourself,Even through different professional services,Increase more income。 This looks very attractive lifestyle,Then,How to become a slash youth? How they have diverse professional and technical training,And has the ability to "cash" in? The following are 5 ways to become diagonals youth: Become a slash Youth Code、Out of the comfort zone,Want to keep the curiosity diverse professionals,Not behind closed doors,Must come out of their familiar environment,Through various social media、exhibition、Play online and offline seminars and other activities,Understanding and professional topics in different fields,With the exchange of learning,Second or third culture expertise。 on the other hand,Modern society turning too fast,Previous single professional work has become increasingly worthless,Even likely to be replaced by a robot,therefore,The development of multi skills to become one of the ability to "Required"。The only constant truth is the "change",Always keep curiosity,Continuous learning and growth,In order not to be overwhelmed by a wave of "change" of。 Youth Code II became slash、Grasp of resources,The new service does not exclude a lot of people want to be a slash youth,But buried in the busy work day,After work had been exhausted,There is no effort to learn new things。in fact,In addition to training after work time after the outer,At work also to develop different expertise,Take every new business jobs,Learn different job skills,Work to develop their own multi-use capabilities。 Code three young people became slash、Specialization is defined from the beginning of the first professional slash,Not continue to work part-time variety,But from a professional deep plowing in,And extending therefrom more expertise。E.g,A visual designer in the course of work,You need to understand the program,Therefore, the ability to learn to write programs in education。After two areas of deep plowing,There are many experiences and thoughts,And then to become bloggers areas of expertise,Even more open speech,Share experiences to more people。 From a designer,And then to become engineers、Bloggers、speecher,This series of "slash" journey,Is to establish the beginning of a professional,on the contrary,If there is no professional support,The road is difficult to go。 Code of four young people to become slash、Identify their strengths,What is your personal brand management expertise is? Would like to specialize in what areas? What job learning opportunities? Identify their strengths,Use of the resources around,To build their own personal brand。for example,Above mention designer,Because of their work must be in contact program,The training program to learn grammar,Later both the ability to bind,Teaching has become the subject of blogging。 Using the work "resources",To create a personal "brand",The "blog" has become one of the means to build a personal brand,Continued long-term business,"You" person's "corporate image",Will become a major tool for future success。 Code of five young people become slash、Multi-professional "resources integration" Many people think that the ability to,The definition is to slash jobs at the same time do a lot of,The use of different professions to generate more revenue。in fact,Slash the value of not only the high income it,With the ability to "slash" continues to increase,Multiple professional will gradually "resources integration" together,In order to maximize the value of "slash"。 As entrepreneurs, most of the general,With the integration of resources,Allows individuals to be more systematic use of resources,Rather than simply spending time in exchange for money。 Through the above five methods,Find their own areas of deep plowing efforts,With the development of more diverse and professional,You can also become a slash of young people in the population,To create more possibilities for yourself。

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Recruit talents to find young people who are part-time and steadfast ≠ slash!

The supervisor is looking at the resumes of social freshmen,When recruiting talents,I will definitely see what part-time experience or expertise this person has,Although these indicators have certain reference value,To recruit talents but not completely reliable。Is it,More part-time experience or good communication skills,Can it represent that he is a talent? Supervisors,wake up,And otherwise! Fresh graduates,I'm often eager to find a job that meets my expectations,Therefore, they all use the "18 martial arts" to highlight their life experience and value,But think calmly,But when recruiting talents,Fresh graduate,Deducted meals in the past four years、Time to sleep and read,How much energy can you do as many part-time jobs? How does he act as the master of his time,Years to spend four years in college it? Why reflect on these issues are important? We start with a very red Speaking of vocabulary - slash youth。 Recruit talent,He has 10 kinds of identity,Is the "slash youth"? Or in the "find yourself"? Last year (2017) to start,"Slash youth" has become a very popular words,"Slash" (/,Slash) concept,The "New York Times" columnist Marcy. Aibo He proposed in his book "One Person / Multiple Careers" in,Meaning of the word can be simply interpreted as "a professional capacity with a number of people."。 In the economic downturn in the space-time background,Not only challenges the industry to find ways to cope,Young people also want their career planning stand the test environment,So when the "slash youth" appears,Many young people aspire to own a new life as a benchmark,Look forward to their future in the community can be a few more apostrophe (/),Proved himself to be a number of valuable talent,One who will not become obsolete。 however,Because there is such a mind,Many people forget the "professional culture takes a long time.",result,Many part-time students are busy at the university four years,Can accumulate 10 kinds of identity for yourself,Think this way you can increase the number of slashes on resume,Make yourself look more beautiful experience,Also the way to earn a little tuition、living expenses,Feel that they are great、Very independent。 But ... After a part-time job,If you ask him, "What is learned?",10One about 6 to 7 say:"I learned how to get along with others,These times down my communication skills to enhance a lot! Also met more friends,A little business contacts! "What? Come on! ... that his professional capacity? His passion for it? in fact,He may still confusion about the future,Only through part-time "find yourself"! How to recruit talent encountered "slash"? If a part-time to every last learn the most are 'communication skills、Business contacts. ",Then the misunderstanding of slash youth is really big! Not to say that "communication skills、Business contacts "unimportant,Recruiting talent,Him to study at the most、Enhance the professional capabilities of years,He made his inferior important things,Or,Those things in the future to worry too late! As with the above meaning of the word "slash youth," explained,It means "with a number of" professional "status of the people.",Rather than "has a number of" part-time experience "or" Interest expertise. ' ",The "professional",If at least "on" Mastery of basic knowledge in the field,And people are willing to pay to enjoy,There are even experts in the field acknowledge that you really have a professional! and so,"Part-time multi-≠ slash youth."。Part-time jobs,Often just eager to satisfy their own vanity inherent ambition,Wrong focus also might not find,He might be more tempted money。in the end,Just add a few surface capability,And there is not much depth knowledge of professional increase。 So when recruiting talent,Pick fresh look at the people in the end what? Young people just graduated,The most important thing is to see him "how to manage time? How to use time?" A lot of four-year university can do,Study hard to enhance the professional competence and achievement is certainly very important,When the student is not to be nerd。In addition to performance,You can also see what valuable things fresh one has done in the campus。E.g,As a class、Society or community cadres,There have been no real contribution? Whether these affect his professional? Or for his professional has a plus? Other,Part-time is not completely lost on behalf of a person he is。While the above said part-time does not represent a very capable person,But if he is not above the kind of "wrong-focused people.",Part-time experience of practical value contribution,You can help him to pursue professional goals,Have caught a balance of schedule,Even in the field of professional endorsement for him,Then,Such part-time would not be denied,He can also aspire to professional fields plus。 Director of recruiting fresh talent in interviewing people,Learn from each other's conversation in: 1、How did he make himself master of time? 2、 How his schoolwork、activity、part time、Family and basic life balance point? 3、 Does he have a certain degree (or deeper) Cognitive observed in this field of expertise? 4、 He will not be "still looking for myself.",One would like to quickly help themselves to a few more apostrophe (/) of lost youth?

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