Nothing came to Taiwan,When she was 23 years old。A person walking fast,A group of people able to go further。With the team after Liu Jiao,卻發現員工感受不到自己付出的愛…
Liu Jiao

Liu Jiao

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Why should an operator hire a corporate coach??Five benefits help you face the dilemma of business operations

The supply and demand of "corporate coaches" in the Taiwan market are increasing day by day,But information about corporate coaches on the Internet is uneven,So today I want to share why SME owners should hire corporate coaches,And what will be the help for the operator and the enterprise itself after hiring? At the beginning of your establishment as a small and medium enterprise,May be an expert in the industry or a master-level person,You are familiar with the professional and eyebrow angle in the field,So at the right time、Set up your own company with sufficient resources,But as the company continues to expand but you find many new problems and challenges continue to emerge,Even more aware of corporate management tends to complex and confusing,Then you may wish to consider hiring a professional business coach to clarify the status of it! You might question the coach does not think that business more clearly professional and management in the field than you,That's because hiring a good corporate coach should help managers improve the following five points: One、Break the thinking of the authorities,Put forward different views: Many small and medium-sized business owners in the past or now may encounter many new challenges due to expansion of operations,In addition to professional advice,Sometimes it is more necessary for a bystander to help the operator to clarify the current situation,And a business coach who is good at the management level can mention the initial vision and purpose of the company's management at this time.,Analyze whether the direction and way of the company's progress are appropriate with the operator,This may seem like a simple thing,But how can you find out the order in junior high school in the chaos,In fact, it is often the ability of many elites to lose more easily at the peak.,So world-class elites in many fields,To have a coach or mentor who can help him become better。 two、Strengthen self-confidence,And adjust your mindset: When faced with the challenges and extended problems of business management,The mentality of the operator often affects the key to the success of the business,Regardless of whether you were originally able to maintain a confident operator,When you encounter the professional field that you are good at but do not reach the level,May lose confidence,Therefore, hiring a corporate coach who is good at spiritual growth can not only help the operator to face the downturn,Do n’t fall into it and quickly regain confidence,Can help the operator to find out the mental defects that are causing you to stand still,Allow operators to adjust their mentality and return to the mall in the shortest time。 three、Good speaking skills,Can help sales: This item is particularly important for small and medium business owners who are currently in the early stages,Because at this stage, most of the company's overall sales strategy is built on the operators,At this time, if there is a business coach who is good at sales skills, he can assist the operator,Can help the operator to plan how to package their own products or services without taking too much wrong way,So that the operator who is at a loss can quickly find a sales model suitable for his own company。 four、Formulate management foundation,In order to expand steadily: As the company gradually expands,Operators will need increasingly powerful management capabilities,So you need a corporate coach who is good at team management,Help operators of high staff mobility team to solve difficult,And to help guide the operator through the early development of a professional management company's foundation,In response to that might occur in the future management of storm。 Fives、The company has become a major source of influence: "Able to grasp the essence of leadership or influence people must be the company's operators." This is a very common misconception,Because people do very susceptible to influence others,Regardless affect him in any capacity。Establish a positive atmosphere within the company and culture is one of many operators of vision,So who are the source of major impact to the company's position has become particularly important,Whether you've ever had influence in the company and lost it,And or if you have never owned operators,You all need a corporate coach who is good at observing and analyzing human nature,He can help managers rebuild their image and become a source of company influence,Allow corporate culture to be formulated in accordance with the manager ’s philosophy。 The sum of the above five points can be seen for the enterprise operator,Hiring the right corporate coach can help the company operate,Can also help my own growth,But to find all aspects of professional business coach is not easy,And hire cost is not low,So for small business owners would be more in terms of recommendations can be integrated enterprise learning courses,For example, "to build the team's top championship" course Ling industry,The actual type of professional business coach Huang Pengjun help operators to build their own businesses championship team Module,Both to allow the operator to find the problems at the core,But also allows the team together to participate in change,Coaching is the practice of high-value enterprise value of CP practices Oh! Further reading: 員工表現差強人意?企業教練幫你拴緊企業中的小螺絲渴望擁有「領導特質」嗎?成為經理人必備的2大心法!增加團隊合作精神的11種策略,Let the company's performance rise sharply

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(In charge of doing so poorly? Business coach to help you fasten the enterprise small screws / Map:Pexels)

Employees are doing so poorly? Business coach to help you fasten the enterprise small screws

What business coach? Business coaching job and what? With the advent of a new era,Coaching has become one of the business trend。If good business coach help,For business and business transformation will be without their drawbacks。 The end of the year is approaching,The company will break even pinpointing。Many businesses in this community battlefield,The dilemma faced by large and small。among them,Human resources issues in business,It is complex and there is no fixed formula。Because each person is different and individual,Management will become a very difficult task。 To grow the company,The primary issue is to let the staff grow。At this moment,Director to play a very important role。The executives how to lead subordinates under digits grow it? In addition to corporate training,With the advent of a new era,Coaching has become one of the business trend。 Business transformation will rely on their coaches! According to Business Week reports,In the process of business transformation in,Compared to the teacher's teaching (teaching),Companies need guidance of professional coaches (coach)。 Business Coaching Unlike traditional business model,KPI focused employees work in practical results;Business Coaching is people-oriented management style,Enhance the management capacity,In order to stimulate the growth of subordinates。The ability to "people" enhance the,The company will be more natural progress。 According to the survey pointed out,企業教練能有效為公司帶來30%以上的業績成長以及88%的績效提升更有77%使用企業教練體制的公司,Consider taking such systems business model,Can greatly reduce employee turnover,And to improve the situation。 Business Coaching:The main task managers help business growth coach,Is to provide business decision-making、management、Professional advice on the execution level。The ability of the company in all aspects of lifting,And was followed by profit growth。therefore,If you choose a business coach,Will bring infinite vitality for the company。 In addition,Work content business coach also contains,Help those extraordinary talent、Performance was unsatisfactory director,On the performance has improved。Even some good business coach,There are ways to stimulate the potential supervisor,Can be said that business owners Gospel。 however,Harvard Business Review study shows,Many business coaches have treated customers experience a private matter。Although this may be in conflict with the tasks on the nature of the business coach。But it is undeniable that,Most executives can not live and work full cut,Also often rush to the work of their lives。At this moment,If good business coach helps executives to solve problems in life,Also indirectly improve and enhance their performance at work。 As a corporate aircraft,Any screws and parts will affect flight;If you want to take off smoothly,To the company's bound to each small screws to fasten。Then if there is a sound tools can help business owners to lock the screws,It will always work。The business coach,Is one such role。 Further reading: 11 strategies to increase team spirit,讓公司業績大幅攀升身為企業經營者你了解競爭模式的破壞式創新嗎?看穿對方的13種肢體動作語言總整理,Good interpersonal、A must-read for performance transactions!

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spirit of teamwork

11 strategies to increase team spirit,Let the company's performance rise sharply

Team spirit is a very important part of the company's performance improvement,For the large companies,It also requires everyone to have a team spirit。Teamwork can be divided into cooperation and communication,Without the cooperation and communication,The company's revenue is likely to be suffered loss。on the contrary,If each employee can do really is to work with communication,Can clearly improve team morale、Trust each other、And the company's productivity。The following are 11 kinds of simple strategies,The company can help promote teamwork among employees。 1.The most important thing about teamwork is to lead by example.,The boss and the supervisor played a very important role。If you want the team to communicate with each other,work hard,Can achieve significant results and maintain performance can go up,Then the boss and the supervisor must lead by example and do the same。 2.If you do not build trust and respect between employees and supervisors of mutual trust and respect,So what can not be executed in a team or the whole company。Team members must trust each other,Responsible to each other,Trust also in charge。 3.Before adding the spirit of teamwork to have time and space to communicate,Employees have a tacit understanding with each other,Can give time for team members know each other,To enhance mutual trust,Respect and understanding。As simple as dinner after work or a leisurely afternoon tea time office,Just let the staff chat to! 4. Everyone clear roles and responsibilities of the team should clearly understand their roles and responsibilities in the team。This will help reduce confusion or spend time in the organization and delegating work,So that everyone can simply focus on the task at hand。 5.Set clear goals for each team should know exactly what they're trying to do,Including what they need to achieve the objectives and when to implement。Setting measurable targets within a certain range of time,Members can also therefore be measured according to whether they have the ability to teamwork。When we know the ability,Executives will be able to more clearly assign each person good part,Let work to maximize efficiency。 6.Quickly and effectively mediate conflicts conflict in a team environment is normal,Sometimes communication may be interrupted,There may be personal problems。In the process the team should be clear how to deal with conflict。If team members have a problem,Should know how to deal with? Clear from the outset of these practices,Then quickly deal with the situation,Let the team can move forward and maintain a good team spirit。 7.Let team members to actively participate in the decision-making team,To make each member feel that they are indispensable,Such teamwork will not produce chipping,It does not produce bad blood with each other。 8.Different team members to maintain a balance of work will be engaged in different tasks,But make sure everyone still has the same amount of work。The purpose of teamwork is to share work burden,And solve the work that I can't do。 9.Regular meetings Teams should meet regularly to confirm what each other does,Check progress and goals,Put forward ideas and establish the work consciousness of each member。But make sure to use time effectively,And may consider going to a different place to meet(For example, Starbucks)。The matter brought outside the workplace can improve productivity,And can communicate with each other more natural。 10.When regular feedback teamwork,Team executives and between each other can give a lot of feedback。For this work may have a greater breakthrough,Of course, in addition to work,You can also share any problems you might encounter team,opinion,Praise be to each other or to ask questions to。 11.Teamwork celebrate the last step is to recognize and celebrate the team to complete the task team,In addition to let the team have a sense of honor each other,Also can be more heart for the next phase of work to do to continue efforts。Celebrations can not only bring joy,And when the team when the work was a clear appreciation and praise,Also help to strengthen the will of teamwork and team spirit of cooperation for the company's efforts。 Further reading: 打造高效團隊!新手主管一定要知道的4件事領導與管理其實不是一門「專業」!5大管理迷思破解 渴望擁有「領導特質」嗎?成為經理人必備的2大心法!

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