AIDA sales skills! The four strokes with you attract customers and orders

AIDA sales skills! The four strokes with you attract customers and orders

Selling Skills

Whether you play every merchandise sales skills introduced,Guests are like to see the monster,Always wanted to run away,Even if a deal,Also avoid each other。In the end is your sales skills is not enough skilled? Or selling goods too expensive? If surgery is not good? Or meet Austrian customer? in fact,You never get to know things,Is not equal to sales of goods to sell crazy,But attract。

Then,In the end how to attract customers to order it? Sales by the world-class master of the sea is hereby Britain·Governess·AIDA sales law Goody Man (Heinz M Goldmann) proposed,Western companies become a classic method of selling。

A top salesperson,Not blindly about commodity Features Benefits,But there is a layer of skill to drive sales of four stages,That is the law of AIDA sales:A centralized customer's attention、I lead to customer interest and recognition、D inspire customers desire to buy、A prompt customers to take action to buy。

A sales skills:Call attention (Attention)

Sales in communication with customers,In fact, the party struck up a conversation with the same,The first thing is to make sure cause the other's attention,If you speak very funny、Good sense of humor,Very happy to chat with you,He will continue to talk with you go,Also have the possibility of developing it!

therefore,In the sales process,Maintain contact with the customer's attention is very important! your eyes,Be sure to look at each other speak,This is not just a courtesy,Is the first key to sales success,While allowing customers to feel your sincerity from your eyes。As long as customers pay attention to your eyes,His whole heart must put on your body too!

In addition to,How to focus the attention of customers it?

If you can carry the sample,The occasion of sale must be showing samples,The best you can ask them to take to get to see。Once the product in your hand or worn on the body,Let the other side feel the real goods,Guarded instantly reducing layer。

Sales Skills II:Triggered interest (Interest)

Customers will always be concerned about consumer interests,That is, to buy this product.,What are the benefits for him there? There is a saying famous industry sales,"When customers ask drill,In fact, he really wants is not a drill,But you want to make a hole in the wall。」

General sales reason for most failures,Salesman than just keep a lot more magical about the characteristics of goods,Even speaks hype,Your merchandise is still no relationship with the customer。

therefore,If you want to lead to customer interest,Have to identify customer needs,Customers will be able to help "solve problems",Do not blindly "to provide products" to each other,But that their products can bring any "benefit" for customers。

Sales Skills III:Generating desire (Desire)

How to make customers feel at heart? In addition to customer witness,Experience is also important commodities。Its mouth by a salesperson constantly praises Pharaoh,Better to let customers try it yourself!

Every time department store shopping district,Have you ever had unwittingly "lost" go experience?

The following common situations you and I:Stores dinner with a few friends Meet,Sometimes just casual stroll,Happened to see a fine clothing store,Under the offer sweet shop,Pick up a texture caps,Mirror try outfit,Feel ever more appropriate,Plus praise the staff side of the sidelines,"This is good for you Yo! You wear this look good。」

Process,Also took up the camera selfie,Originally did not want to buy something you,Finally, with the clerk asked discounts to the。

Super salesman will sell,Not initially designed to explain how good merchandise,How good material,But directly invite customers to try try,After initiation customers and other interested,Only to emphasize the advantages and features of the hat,Such as "This hat very wild,This is for you。"People come up with a few words on the card brush down,Really high section ah!

in fact,Sales success,That is, people have a "irrepressible feeling.",And then have the desire to want to have the goods。If you can grasp the moment consumers happen to live 'interests. ",And then transformed into a "desire",Then you will be successful selling more than half of the。

Sales Four Skills:Prompting action (Action)

"Action" is the entire sales process,The last seven leagues! When you successfully lead to customer interest,Finally let him have the desire to buy,In the end did not buy any action,It was all for naught。

Sales process,Remember to "assume that customers want to buy" mentality,So the way you communicate with customers,Will push you forward to "deal" at this stage。

for example,How much do you need?、What colour do you like?、You have to plan A or plan B?、Next Wednesday delivery okay?、You have to pay cash or credit card? These questions certainly small,Will enhance the confidence of customers to buy,Finally, encourage customers to purchase orders。

Do not be simple-minded,Directly ask customers say,"Do you want to buy?" This question,Instead, let customers know how to answer,Let alone take action to buy。

Other,Stressed the "urgency" is key,Customers will not delay buy faster。for example,"Next Monday,On the restoration of the original price. "、"Only the last one.",Encourage customers to buy can take action as soon as possible。

Focus on sales skills:Evoke customer orders

If you want to successfully sell things,With these four principles will be able to seduce the customer orders,Remember to talk to customers stroke friendship "call attention"、Mining demand "triggered interest."、Stimulate each other for goods "produced desires."、Finally, a small question "prompt action",Grasp these four principles,Anyone can successfully sell,Customers no longer be a nuisance。