9 Item catering sales skills to share,Enhance performance from "analysis guests" to start!

9 Item catering sales skills to share,Enhance performance from "analysis guests" to start!

Sales skills

Catering industry wants to good performance,Good service and strategic sales skills are important,While improving customer goodwill,While consumer spending increased willingness。Here are 3 categories A total of nine restaurants selling skills,Help us deepen customer relationships at the same time,Create greater economic benefits。

A sales skills:According to the needs of the guests to shop to sell

Sales skills
了解你顧客的用餐目的 / Figure:123RF

One hundred one hundred kinds of sales techniques,But not Meiyi Zhao are for your guests。Analysis of the needs of guests to shop,In order to develop the most appropriate marketing strategies according to their consumer motivation。

Customers buying fast food []

Customers will eat fast food,Most important is the price of meals and serving speed。So the waiter can take the initiative to introduce cost-effective price、Shorter cooking time meals to customers。

[Customers] to dinner

Dinner to customers,Most family or friends based。They pay attention to the dinner atmosphere and feelings,Because the higher number,They point more dishes,Are more willing to wait for time-consuming good food。

因此,The waiter can actively promote Package,Add to the fun and introduce some drinks or beverages。

[Love "to share with the Internet" customer]

If to younger diners,Also like slide phone、Selfie the "mobile phone overuse ',They are likely to be fond of taking pictures of food、Punch ethnic groups sharing the community。The waiter can recommend the store rather special way of cooking、Or wobble plate than exquisite cuisine。If they like,Likely to share pictures on the web,I increase the chances stores。

Sales Skills II:Make good use of language promotion

Sales skills
點餐時的良好溝通可讓客人留下好的印象 / Figure:123RF

No amount of publicity and advertising,It can not change the actual experience of the customers to the store dining。If the waiter can grasp communication skills,And at the same time selling meals,Bring good customer service experience,It is possible to greatly enhance the customer's willingness to spend。

[Price] phase division

When the customer is a group of people to dinner time,The waiter can recommend some dishes slightly higher price,And explains "Although this dish is relatively high price,But few people on average,How much money a person as long as the pay can enjoy the restaurant's signature dish。"Let the customer has the feeling of value for money。

[Method] selected questions

When the waiter recommended dishes customers,Can begin with questions from the "To Do 'to' what kind of want to.",Increase sales opportunities。舉例來說,The waiter can "do I get you a drink? 'To' beverages section,We have to provide beer、Cocktail and juice,You want to have a drink point of it? "

[Reputation] sales law

When ordering the waiter to help customers,Keyiyinyong other guests positive feedback from dishes to sell dishes,Can be reduced to a "puff" of sales of flu,And secondly, can also increase customer interest sallow。

At the same time introduced,Can observe the customer's age and character design content sales。舉例來說,If the customer is female,To share views of other "female customers" of introducing,As "non-greasy dish,It is also very tasty to eat,So many women guests love this dish point "to hit the hearts of customers。

Sales Skills III:Visitors type in accordance with design

Sales skills
了解你顧客組合類型 / Figure:123RF

do sales,The most important thing is to "know your guests."。Guests observed age、clothes、Attitudes and way of speaking,Guests can let the waiter to have a preliminary understanding,This design is more in line with the needs of the guests sales。

Parents + children []

If the store is to the parents and the child's parent-child combination,Can take the initiative to provide children in need of chairs and napkins,And recommend parents less thorn、Or nutritionally balanced meals to adorable children,At the same time introduce the children might like dessert or snack。

[Older] elders

If the store is more to older seniors,The waiter can speak a little slow rate of speech,And recommend health tonic cuisine。Recommended dishes as far as possible in an easy to digest、Good chewing main dishes。The process does not require the services they fast,be patient,Guests priority to feelings。

[Guests] Couples

If a couple of guests to shop,The waiter can help them arrange a table for two seats,Can also recommend the shop double package at the same time。When greeting guests,I remember the attitude of the two men to be equal,Do not let them have their own party on relatively warm feeling,In order to avoid misunderstanding。

Category 3 catering sales skills of a total of nine,Hope to make the readers engaged in the catering industry to improve performance,Also closer relationship with the guests。