Strange development difficulties? Rookie must-visit customer service 3 A business skills

Strange development difficulties? Rookie must-visit customer service 3 A business skills

Unfamiliar development

Unfamiliar development,Every salesman is a big devil hearts rookie! after all,Strange development challenges faced by particularly high,It was probably not finished hang up、Solicitation letters always came to nothing、Visit snubbed etc.,For rookie salesman,These conditions simply staged every day!

What first visit to what needs to pay attention to it? Here are three tips Business,Helps business contacts,Promote the development of a strange success rate,The establishment of a road leading to the deal。

The first business skills:Be sure to do your homework before visiting

Unfamiliar development
做足功課才能應對各種狀況 / Map:123RF

Prior to the development of strangers,The first rookie salesman visiting customers,Please hold the mentality establish a trust relationship with the customer。In addition to preparing good information outside,Whether it is from the Internet、Newspapers and magazines,Be sure to have sufficient understanding of the client's industry or status,Have the ability to provide professional information and advice。The first step to getting the trust of customers!

In addition,Pay attention to small details,Few would deliberately do do,E.g:Stepping into the customer's time,The first observation of the customer's office environment、It was furnished,Even the first person to see、Thing、object,Pay attention to the client company has a basic feeling,These subtle observation can be a strange development,First visit customers to easily start a dialogue going。From small local show intentions,To win a good first impression。

The second business skills:Avoid a meeting on Products

Unfamiliar development
太急於介紹產品會造成反效果 / Map:123RF

The first rookie salesman visiting customers,Do not hold the mentality of today must deal。Strange development time,Rookie salesman of the most common mistakes,Is a sit down and begin to introduce your product,Many people fear the cold field,So peremptorily desperately about the company and products,Even at a very granular product description matters,Thinking that it can attract interested customers。But in fact,A meeting to sell things certainly directly fire a gun!

Customer-facing first visit,Right frame of mind rookie salesman,Should be to establish long-term relationships for the purpose of,Cultivate a sense of their own customer trust,Strange development to establish a good interaction,Finally, it may be sales success。

The third business skills:To focus on the needs of customers on

Unfamiliar development
讓客戶知道你是在意並想為他解決問題的 / Map:123RF

The first rookie salesman visiting customers,Another thing to note,What is to understand each other want to hear things? Very often,We often focus on the advantages of the product itself,Even talked about what competitors have weaknesses。however,Focus on the development of strangers,Is preoccupied with their customers,Rather than their own!

and so,understand customer's needs,Development is the key to the strange。Focus customer needs way,Can ask questions to dig,Guide customers to tell their problems and needs,On the one hand understanding of customer needs and unfamiliar ideas,But also to show their professional side。after all,Development and ultimately return to a strange thing,In the end what customers want to solve the problem? Remember the first time visiting customers,Purpose is not to introduce myself,But customer-centric to dialogue。

Whether it is strange telephone interview,Or in person to visit unfamiliar clients,Strange development first interaction is critical,In particular, for the first time, then did not leave a good impression,There is no chance the next time! First time visiting customers,Be sure to master these three business skills,While business contacts,A good impression in the minds of customers,Under a smooth transaction from the time is not far!