Strange Development terrible? Must learn "to create customer demand," the five methods!

Strange Development terrible? Must learn "to create customer demand," the five methods!

Unfamiliar development

Strange in terms of the development of many insurance salesman,Is a difficult task。How to find customers "right" from the big crowd? How to build trust? How to get him to buy their own insurance? How to maintain a good relationship with him? Too many questions and problems,From Recognizing deal,Unfamiliar developed layers of checkpoints make people so scared!

其實,Strange development difficulties,No more than two faces:

Strange development difficulties:Mentality

Salesman for strangers too many prejudices,The other will feel ignored、Look down on their own,But very often,He is his own demons at work。Because people's intuition,Inertia will refuse foreign strange things,But very often,People just need a buffer of time to understand a new service or product。

Strange development skills

second,Is using the wrong method,For example, when customers first meeting,How well children will fall to introduce its own merchandise,Ignore the sense of trust between the customer and has not been established,It is difficult to convince him to pay。

其實,As long as make good use of the following five methods,Will be able to break above two disorders,Let strange development easier:

One、Look for "complementary partner"

Unfamiliar development
與夥伴搭配能達成奇效 / Figure:123RF

When strange development,Are you afraid to take the first step often encounter the dilemma? Reach the door of the store,Stand at the door waiting to see for a long time,But has been reluctant to resolve the entry to visit? At this time, your partner would be the best help。

Find a character in professional and can work together with you、Complementary partners,For example, you have a professional knowledge of insurance,But not good looking stranger chat,And your partner are not afraid of outgoing students,But expertise needs to be strengthened,Two people act together,Take care of each other、Short and finally,Let unfamiliar to develop more smoothly。

two、Arrange a meeting "from the strange to the familiar" warm-up

Unfamiliar development
建立關係需要循序漸進 / Figure:123RF

The biggest challenge strange development,Customers do not even know you!

In case the customer does not have any understanding of the situation you,You are less likely to want to pay。therefore,At the initial visit of new customers,Do not tell merchandise,But first introduce myself,Steady gracefully debut,Let customers know your identity and service units,Reduce the other side of wariness and distrust。

In addition,Development of complete customer does not immediately remember you,After the initial contact with the customer,Arrangements as 2 to 3 times a week return visit,So that customers remember you's name、Companies and services,A long time,Customers would have some familiarity。From completely strange to the familiar,This process is very important,Warm-up is a prelude to the future build trust with customers。

three、Built on trust and professional services

Unfamiliar development
展現你的專業建立信任 / Figure:123RF

To build trust with new clients is not easy,Is the biggest factor in cases of transactions。一般的業務員會花20%的精力建立信賴感,80%It is used in the proposed program contract,But this is wrong eighty-two law。Because of lack of trust,Even if you raise no matter how good the product,Clients may not be the purchase with you。

Accurate manner eighty-two law,是用80%的精力建立信賴感,20%Contracts for the proposed program。Then,要如何顧好這80%的內涵,And new customers to establish trust it? Usually comes from a sense of trust:Service and professionalism。

Contact new customers,Can be cut from his "past experience in customer service" point of view,Let them know how you treat customers,How to help customers solve problems。In the process of dialogue in,The other party will gradually feel your intentions and professional customers,And then a sense of trust。

four、Create customer demand for commodities

Unfamiliar development
需求可以是被創造出來的 / Figure:123RF

One hundred one hundred kinds of insurance product,How to find the needs of customers? A good business,In addition to giving merchandise according to customer demand outside,I did not expect to create a more customer needs。

for example,Before the advent of smart phones,People only call for traditional mobile phone、Texting and other basic functions become accustomed,That this is the mobile phone that looks like。Until the emergence of smart phones,I realized that the phone can access、Photograph、edit image,Subvert the people's awareness for mobile phones。The success of smartphones is to create a people's implicit demand for its。

When communicating with customers,North Korea may try to cut these two angles

■ This product meets what you need?

■ What good to you?

When you communicate with customers from the standpoint of having empathy,In the correct frequency will be able to respond to customer needs and expectations implicit,Thus creating the opportunity to deal。

Fives、Make good use of third-party claims case evidence

Unfamiliar development
案例佐證加深說服力 / Figure:123RF

The sale of goods,If blindly say how good merchandise,Will make people a kind of "Selling what Pharaoh,Puff "feeling,But if they can use actual case data or evidence,It will be more powerful in the sales channel。

E.g,Introducing A policy to customers,Cite other cases of actual customer claims,To give information or documentation,Customers will have more sense,Guide them to think:"If I have the same situation occurs,How many claims can I get? "、"Buy this insurance policy,I can not worry about ... ",When customers feel the value of goods to meet his needs,More likely to pay further。

More than 5 ways strange development,Struggle together to find a partner,The first step taken in the brave,From practice drill、Learn,You can also find the golden rule developed their own strange。

1、Look for "complementary partner":Knowledge and skills to find a character you can act together with complementary partners。
2、Arrange a meeting "from the strange to the familiar" warm-up:An important step in the future to establish a sense of trust。
3、Built on trust and professional services:Multi-share service experience,So that customers feel your intentions。
4、Create customer demand for commodities:Identify customer needs and expectations of recessive。
5、Make good use of third-party claims case evidence:Give the actual claims cases,Allow customers to better identify with