As an operator,Is the labor-based method of flexible working hours pros and cons?

According to the 1111 Human Resources Bank's latest "Economic Survey of the Internet Crowds" announced in February this year,More than 40% of office workers want to be a celebrity,Most of the respondents indicated that flexible working hours are the main incentive,而哪一些公司比較適合勞基法的彈性工時呢?

現代的上班族越來越重視工作與生活是否能達成平衡,I hope to work hard at the same time to ensure an unbalanced quality of life,Therefore, in recent years, the number of enterprises adopting "flexible working hours" has gradually increased,For employees to be free to choose working hours,Both can improve work efficiency and quality,But also avoid the chaos of commuting,Make life and work easier and fit,那對於經營者而言又有什麼優點呢?

First of all,何謂「勞基法彈性工時」

勞基法彈性工時是指員工可以自由選擇如何具體的安排工作時間,As long as it can be completed within the prescribed work task or fixed length of working time,To replace the fixed punch card system。According to the regulations formulated by the Ministry of Labor,For example, 8 hours of work,You can go to work at 9 am、Get off work at 6pm,Employees are free to arrange to go to work at 10 am、Get off work at 7pm,And so on。

滿足身心靈有助於提升工作能力 / Map:123RF

As an operator,勞基法彈性工時真的能成為我的神隊友嗎?!

現今有越來越多研究調查顯示實行勞基法彈性工時對於企業有許多好處,More than just improving employees' physical and mental improvement,More conducive to the development and benefits of the enterprise,The three benefits of flexible working hours,身為經營者的你不能不知!

A、Helps increase profits and productivity:

According to Vodafone, the world ’s largest telecommunications company:Friend or foe? "In the study results,Found flexible work helps 61% of respondents ’company profits,並有83%的受訪者公司表示生產力提高,Quality because free adjustment of flexible working hours help employees balance work and life,Good physical and mental state,But also to work more efficiently completed。

B、Reduce employee turnover:

The implementation of flexible working hours allow employees do not work and the family is facing a second election problems,By the process of free time can feel the importance of personal interest to get,Meet the needs of Maslow's social and respectful level,Effectively promote employees' inner satisfaction with their own values ​​and stimulate self-confidence and satisfaction in their work,While employee satisfaction increases,Can reduce turnover rate and cost of talent training。

C、Help companies improve their image:

Due to technological advances in recent years, many new occupations suitable for flexible working hours have been spawned,And many start-up companies use flexible work production as the company's philosophy,Take this for the corporate image and freedom、An equal sign for a comfortable positive impression,The improvement of corporate image can not only improve the competitiveness in the market,It also helps the recruitment of outstanding talents。

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既然彈性工時既能有效的提升公司形象,Can save corporate costs and increase profits,那為什麼企業不爭先恐後的實施彈性工時制度呢?

after all,Not everyone wears the same clothes,The implementation of a new system apart from considering whether it can help the company to improve profit,The most important thing is to first consider whether your business is fit,Difficulties in implementation based on flexible working hours,Share two ways to reverse assessment of shortcomings:

A、Increase the company's management staff business and difficulties:

Because the labor base law of our country for flexible working hours still needs to have complete attendance records,Therefore, if an enterprise decides to implement flexible working hours,The workload of the staff calculating the attendance will increase relatively,Because in the past, the nine-to-six hours punch card system only required a regular inspection,The implementation of flexible working hours requires the attendance staff to calculate whether everyone has met the working hours。

B、Form high-quality standards to screen employees,Not necessarily applicable to all positions in the enterprise:

Most people are lazy,Will involuntarily want to evade or delay the task,Therefore, the implementation of flexible working hours will challenge employees' quality of self-discipline,For many companies in terms of jobs does not necessarily apply,For example, a chain of manufacturing,This type of business or the quality of work will be related to progress both inside and outside the organization's process needs careful consideration。

Listen to the voices of employees,衡量企業現況

身為經營者需要時刻考量如何為企業創造更好的遠景,Just as in the past no longer consider how to improve profits,More need to think about corporate image、recruiting、The development of a comprehensive long-term philosophy, etc.,Into the face of each of which have more flexible working time models,The need to critically examine their own type of business、The job is appropriate,And whether such a significant change is necessary,In order to create a win-win model between enterprises and employees。