Why 90% of sales skills can not learn? Look at ourselves with six issues!

Why 90% of sales skills can not learn? Look at ourselves with six issues!


For ordinary people,Sales skills are a weapon to learn,Like a strangely developed speech technique、Image management skills and ways to manage customer relationships,Are sales skills that require repeated practice。

but,If the salesman himself is missing one condition,No matter how good a sales skills course is, it won’t help him。

This condition,Just mindset。

for example,The reason why a salesperson is afraid to go unfamiliar development,On the surface, it’s because he doesn’t know how to build relationships with other people.。But few people go further,What kind of character,Make him feel afraid of unfamiliar development? What kind of belief,He used to develop away from the crowd?

Another example,A salesman for the customer put a lot of effort,But always receive orders,How he should ameliorate this problem? He may go to the "customer relationship management" classes,Workshops may also be put into relationships,But few people go to ask,What kind of character,The clerk can not lead to the beginnings and ends。He probably did not develop the habit of discipline to regularly customer care,It may be his only focus on development,While neglecting important transfer orders,He their possible existence of "anticlimactic," the habit。

these questions,Basically nothing to do with selling skills,But by the people's mentality、The impact of personality or character,Develop into "easy does not receive a single" pattern of behavior。

If you want to how to solve,It must issue a retroactive root cause - character。

Character about a person's likes and dislikes and habits,Even affect people's judgment,The development of a specific pattern of behavior,And lead to a corresponding problem。

Therefore, if the cause of the bottleneck,You can try asking yourself the following questions:

Sales skills a problem:I am currently on a card held in which part?

What are the biggest obstacles and challenges currently faced was I? Factors that make my career stagnation What?

Question two sales skills:What kind of character,Cause these problems?

What kind of character,I caught this leads to long-term problems? What kind of personality,I can not overcome or reject overcome such problems?

Question three sales skills:I agree with this personality it?

I myself agree with this character? Some people like whenever they like colleagues shouted,Knowing their emotions management problems,Very agree with this character,Think "I would have is a relatively straightforward person."。

Question four sales skills:If you agree,I can tolerate its consequences do?

If they agree with character flaws,So willing to accept the consequences of this character brought it? Over time,What risks do they have? This is their desired results?

Sales skills Five questions:If you do not agree with,How do I seek to change?

If you do not agree with the existing character,What's the reason? If you get rid of such a character,And What are the benefits?

Sales techniques of Six:If you want to change this character,How can I help you?

If you want to change this character,What do I need agency、group、Elegant courses or help? I need to adjust the method used to hinder the career development of character it?

After this some process of self-talk,Will be able to gradually extract the crux lead to career stagnation。after all,Whether in life or in the workplace,Over 90% of people with problems related to personality。If the character does not change,Learn more knowledge and skills can also manage not to。

As a salesman,On the surface,Orders now seems lost sales skills and knowledge related,But in fact it is wrong to show personality make sales practices,Even make wrong judgments。

Good character,Like a container filled with the knowledge of,If you have a hole in the container,So coming down no amount of knowledge and skills will quickly drain。A successful salesman,In addition to filling their sales knowledge and ability,More importantly, remove the inner personality disorder,Knowledge of the container to ensure there is no fracture and lacerations,A wide range of skills in order to be installed once filled,Become a tool to open up the cause of the salesman。