Why can't I learn 90% of sales skills? Examine yourself with six major questions!

Why can't I learn 90% of sales skills? Examine yourself with six major questions!

Selling Skills

For most people,,Need to learn sales skills is a weapon,Like a strange development, then surgery、Mode image and customer relationship skills to take care of business,All need repeated practice sales techniques。

but,If the clerk itself less a condition,Even the best sales skills courses can not help him。

This condition,Is the mentality。

for example,The reason to fear a salesman strange development,Apparently, it is because he does not know how to build sales skills and human relations and then surgery。But few go further questioning,What character,Let him have a strange fear of emotional development? What kind of faith,養成他遠離人群的習慣?

又譬如,A salesman for the customer put a lot of effort,But always receive orders,How he should ameliorate this problem? He may go to the "customer relationship management" classes,Workshops may also be put into relationships,But few people go to ask,What kind of character,The clerk can not lead to the beginnings and ends。He probably did not develop the habit of discipline to regularly customer care,It may be his only focus on development,While neglecting important transfer orders,He their possible existence of "anticlimactic," the habit。

these questions,Basically nothing to do with selling skills,But by the people's mentality、The impact of personality or character,Develop into "easy does not receive a single" pattern of behavior。

If you want to how to solve,It must issue a retroactive root cause - character。

Character about a person's likes and dislikes and habits,Even affect people's judgment,The development of a specific pattern of behavior,And lead to a corresponding problem。

Therefore, if the cause of the bottleneck,You can try asking yourself the following questions:

Sales skills a problem:我目前在哪些環節上卡關?


銷售技巧問題二:What kind of character,導致這些問題存在?

What character,I caught this leads to long-term problems? What kind of personality,使我無法克服或拒絕克服這樣的問題?


我自己本身認同這樣的性格嗎?好比有些人動不動就喜歡對同事破口大罵,Knowing their emotions management problems,Very agree with this character,Think "I would have is a relatively straightforward person."。

Question four sales skills:If you agree,那我能容忍它所帶來的後果嗎?

如果自己認同性格上的缺陷,So willing to accept the consequences of this character brought it? Over time,又會有哪些風險呢?這是自己所想要的結果嗎?

銷售技巧問題五:If you do not agree with,那我該如何尋求改變?

如果不認同既有的性格,What's the reason? If you get rid of such a character,又會有哪些好處?

銷售技巧問題六:If you want to change this character,需要什麼幫助?

If you want to change this character,What do I need agency、group、課程或貴人的幫助?我需要用什麼方法來調整阻礙生涯發展的性格呢?

經過這一番自我對話的過程,Will be able to gradually extract the crux lead to career stagnation。after all,Whether in life or in the workplace,Over 90% of people with problems related to personality。If the character does not change,Learn more knowledge and skills can also manage not to。

As a salesman,On the surface,Orders now seems lost sales skills and knowledge related,But in fact it is wrong to show personality make sales practices,Even make wrong judgments。

Good character,Like a container filled with the knowledge of,If you have a hole in the container,So coming down no amount of knowledge and skills will quickly drain。A successful salesman,In addition to filling their sales knowledge and ability,More importantly, remove the inner personality disorder,Knowledge of the container to ensure there is no fracture and lacerations,A wide range of skills in order to be installed once filled,Become a tool to open up the cause of the salesman。