Work pressure want to die? Three-step pulverizing pressure!

Work pressure want to die? Three-step pulverizing pressure!

Work pressure to breathe? Three ways to help you release stress / images from pexels

Stress from workTo mess up your life? Facing the suppression of the supervisor、Colleagues' competition,You who work hard to take responsibility,Behind is the unfinished mortgage、Taxes,Powerless、You can't breathe without help。

The human body is like a balloon,Gave too much air,Cause excessive stress,One day it will explode because it can't bear it。Stress from workIs a common problem of modern people,If you leave it alone,I am afraid it will affect the physical and mental health and interpersonal relationships,Even further away from the closest family。But how to properly relieve work pressure? Let's give ourselves ten minutes,Think hard,What is the pressure for yourself!

Want to die under stress? You must recognize stress first

Where did the pressure source come from?

Non-stop patience and unable to release,Leading to increasing pressure。however,When stress is not properly liberated,Only a vicious circle,Make the pressure expand infinitely。Disturbance in the workplace,You must know if you are out of society。Envy among colleagues、Distrust of the supervisor、A pile of undigested work…,Want to change but don't know what to do。Obviously I work hard,But some people are pulling their hind legs,But because of maintaining friendship between colleagues,You always take a tolerant role。But have you ever thought about,While accommodating others,How much resentment、anger、Helplessly swallowed into your belly? Bit by bit makes you more and more stressed,And work hard to die。

How will work stress affect you?

Appropriate pressure makes people grow,But if the pressure is not adjusted properly,Too much stress will only make the body and mind unable to bear、Health lights up red。Stress is a chronic disease,Its influence is far greater than you imagine,Constantly eroding your body and mind。Not only is my heart depressed by pressure,Cause emotional instability,The body will also be out of condition。Endocrine disorders、Arrhythmia、Gastrointestinal diseases、decrease in immunity,Even increased the risk of death from cardiovascular disease。

The Republic of China Heart Foundation conducted a workplace survey of more than 1,000 office workers in the three metropolitan areas of China,Nearly 80% of the respondents work more than seven hours a day,There is a large part of people who suffer from insomnia almost every day due to work pressure。Don't underestimate the power of work pressure,Face up to its impact,Is there a way to solve it effectively。

Before elimination pressure must first get to know the pressure / images from pexels
消除工作壓力前 必須先認識壓力 / Map:pexels

It ’s hard to hear of the case of working hard because of work pressure,News of overwork and health problems is not uncommon。How to effectively relieve stress? The writer John Miller mentioned in his book,"You cannot change others,Only you can change。"When all the unhappiness comes one after another,Can only change oneself,Adjust mentality、Adjusting the pace of work is the key to solving stress。

Take a breath! Three ways to release work pressure

Arranging time is an art,Relaxation is also part of the itinerary。

Not just the timing of transaction execution,Arrangement of relaxation time is also necessary。List the transactions within one by one,Sort by priority,Solve it again。Always be aware of any delays,Also remember not to delay。Once the first item is delayed,Later tasks will not keep up with the estimated completion time,Work pressure is increasing。As for the time after work,Or a holiday that can breathe,Schedule a period of relaxation、Worry-free itinerary! Whether watching TV at home、listen to music、daze,Or go outing with family,Are good choices。

Maybe someone will think,Special arrangements to relax are a waste of time。however,According to research by the University of California,Intermittent stress activates brain cells,Although it can effectively enhance memory;But constant pressure,Causes the brain to inhibit the development of new cells,Which in turn leads to reduced efficiency,So timely relaxation is very important。In addition, you may wish to put a brief relaxation into the work list.,When you are busy, give yourself time to activate your brain cells,Work efficiency can be improved!

Change working mode、Positive reply is the beginning of progress。

Try different working modes,You can also ask other people's suggestions,Make your work ability improve more and more。however,Not everything can end perfectly under the premise of taking care of yourself。Like meeting a supervisor、Colleagues make things difficult for you。Then,Just change your mindset,Reply to yourself with positive words,The problem will be solved。For example "This is a good opportunity to hone",Or "He is just jealous of me,I want to work harder upstream,Make him speechless ",The mood will calm down a lot,Work pressure will also be reduced,It can even make the work ability gradually increase。

In addition,Adam Grant, a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, has done an experiment,The experiment content is,Just remind employees of the meaning and importance of work,They will be more motivated,To become more productive。So always reminding yourself of the meaning and importance of work is also one of the ways to relieve stress。

Don't brace yourself,Someone can assist you!

When you find that the pressure is too uncomfortable,Don't be afraid to ask for help。Everyone has pressure,That's not abnormal,It can even be said to be a very common phenomenon。People who collapse due to stress are not low in stress resistance,But loves to be more brave than others。If the above methods cannot help you,Then it ’s time to give it to the professional。Like Zhang Line 1980、1995 or the Department of Health at ease lifeline Line 0800-788-995,There are professional consultants to help you out。Among those who participated in the consultation,More than 80% said that professional consultation effectively solved the pressure。

If you think the pressure is still under control,But still often feel depressed,May wish to participate in some spiritual exploration related courses or adjust emotional stress courses,Professional teachers can also be tailored for you,Give effective assistance。must remember,Stress is not sick,But the pressure is so high。Don't ignore stress,Self-communication、Seeking family or friends or professional consultation,Don't always stand alone,That is unhealthy!

Breath it! The pressure is released three strokes / images from pexels
喘口氣吧! 釋放壓力三大招 / Map: pexels

Use the right method to relieve stress

World Health Organization(WHO)this year(2019)Conduct a pressure index survey for each country,data shows that,Taiwan ranks second in the stress index,並有96%的人經常感受到壓力。Visible in Taiwan,How common is stress,Even became a habit and gradually ignored him。

pressure,Much more complicated than we thought。Not only involves the human body system,Also related to psychological issues。Take a moment to understand your pressure,Only have a chance to say goodbye with it。Appropriate arrangements for leisure time、Check your own way of doing things and mentality,And seek help from others,These can make you reborn in a sea of ​​pressure。

Just like Master Shengyan said:"Face it、Accept it、fix it、Put it down。"For pressure,Must be brave、accept,To solve it and put it down。I hope you can find your own treatment for stress,And relieve from work pressure!