How to be a supervisor to obtain the "loyalty" and "intelligence" of subordinates? Stop believing in the Hedgehog Law!
How to be a supervisor-the first picture

How to be a supervisor? Supervisors and subordinates,What kind of relationship should be maintained? Most management research recommendations,Supervisors and subordinates should keep a distance,Try to avoid calling brothers、Friendship。The most famous example is the former French President de Gaulle,In his more than ten years in power,Jufan Secretariat、Office、Staff、Think tank、Advisors and other cronies,No one has worked for more than two years。

De Gaulle thinks,Keep a certain distance from staff and officials,To ensure that the ruling team’s decisions are fresh and energetic,At the same time, it can also prevent senior cronies from slandering and deceiving under the name of the government.、Situation of favoritism。Apply this spirit to how to be a supervisor,It becomes the "Hedgehog Law" that a certain "psychological distance" should be maintained between supervisors and subordinates。

This "neither near nor far" distance,Just like two hedgehogs leaning together to keep warm in the cold winter,Posted too close,Each other will be stung,Too far away,It will be uncomfortable again。If the supervisor and the staff are too close,It's easy to cause the public to be private、Flattery、Gifts and bribery。But the two are too far apart,It is also difficult to cultivate the friendship and understanding of working hard together。

Influenced by the Hedgehog Law,Many supervisors are enthusiastic and Shanghai-style people,But after taking over the management work,Will gradually draw a psychological distance from colleagues,Reduce the chance to go out and play privately with colleagues or subordinates。but,Does the Hedgehog Law really apply to every supervisor? How to be a supervisor? In terms of general workplace ecology,Adopting the Hedgehog Rule may have the following deficiencies:

How to be a supervisor、Grasp opportunities and intelligence for informal communication

Remember to grasp the interactions/pictures in non-work situations:123RF
Remember to grasp non-workplace interactions / Figure:123RF

The mainstream management research pointed out early on,In the enterprise,Communication between people can be divided into "formal communication" and "informal communication"。So-called formal communication,Refers to generally within the company、Communication at the meeting;As for informal communication,It often happens in the pantry、after get off work、Places such as taverns。basically,People are more inclined to reveal their true thoughts in the context of informal communication。Information exchange of many companies,Also happens in informal occasions after get off work。

If a supervisor is too much like a hedgehog,Keep a considerable distance from department members,Then he may be excluded from various situations of informal communication,At dinner、KTV、Absent from occasions such as birthday events,Lost the opportunity to hear the true voice of colleagues,To generate some kind of information gap in the department,Become an "outsider" in the organization。

How to be a supervisor、Give employees a sense of security

Giving employees a sense of security is also one of the important key factors / picture:123RF
Giving employees a sense of security is also one of the important key factors / Figure:123RF

In the workplace,There are two driving forces for employees to work,One is power driven,One is relationship driven。For authority-driven people,Just assign the task to him clearly,He will execute according to his powers and responsibilities。But for relationship-driven people,He must establish a certain solid relationship with his boss or colleagues,Only there is a way to get enough security to work。If the boss adopts the hedgehog rule at this time,Subordinates will not get enough trust and security,I even find it difficult to get close to the supervisor、hate oneself,Think that you have not been accepted and accepted by your supervisor,It is counterproductive。

How to be a supervisor、Cultivate loyalty between subordinates and yourself

Cultivate team loyalty/graph:123RF
Cultivate team loyalty / Figure:123RF

In the workplace,The hardest thing to buy with money is loyalty。Because loyalty often comes from a closely connected relationship。Many entrepreneurial team members,Call each other brothers,Cultivate a strong sense of teamwork and revolutionary emotion,These are not what the management model of Hedgehog Law can do。The Hedgehog Rule may be able to reduce many management disturbances,But deliberately widen the psychological distance between supervisor and subordinate,It’s also difficult to cultivate the loyalty that convinces subordinates。Although the Hedgehog Rule is widely used in major companies,Should it be prickly? How far should the psychological distance be extended? What kind of relationship should be maintained between supervisors and subordinates? When can you be called a brother? When should we talk about wine? When must emotions be restrained? Tests the management wisdom of leaders of all levels。