How to overcome social phobia? 3 Great Minds to Regain Action,The first step is to know yourself

How to overcome social phobia? 3 Great Minds to Regain Action,The first step is to know yourself

Social phobia

Social phobia,Is a symptom that many people have,Have you ever had a lot of things you want to do,Why can't I mention motivation? Is it easy to take a holiday,Just want to stay at home,Lying on the couch watching tv,There is no vitality in the whole body? Eager to try at first,I didn't want to do it later,Nothing was done in the end? Among them, knowing yourself is the key,How to know yourself,Can you help yourself be more motivated? The following three sharing action methods,Recommended for people who desire effective self-change。

The first step to overcome social phobia:Know yourself,What is my demons that?

Social phobia
有許多問題來自心裡我們不曾察覺的地方 / Map:123RF

Know yourself,It seems very abstract,A little more colloquial,就是「剖析自我問題」

Whether you want to lose weight、Learn language、Practice a skill,Want to make myself better,These changes are not simple,The key to self-change is to know yourself,Instead of challenging willpower。Want to make self-change,The first step must be to analyze self problems,Which is to find out the cause of past failures,To clarify why it is like this,Under what conditions can not insist on its own caused?

The first step is difficult,It's crucial! because,Know yourself,Must be able to admit their weaknesses,And discover the reasons why I failed repeatedly,Otherwise, you will always work hard in the wrong place。in"Why do we live,That work?"A book put forward the" habit loop "theory,The author says he wants to break old habits,Automatic navigation mechanism to develop new habits,The key to knowing yourself is self-awareness。

Habit can't be changed,But can replace,The first step is to know yourself,Find out the inner automatic navigation mechanism。E.g:A person who wants to lose weight,I can’t stop the habit of eating snacks at work,Only know yourself and tap the core issues,To find out why I can’t quit snacks,It may be because you want to escape work pressure, etc.,After mastering the core problem,This is where the right medicine is put into action,Alternative behavior can find someone to chat or chew gum to relieve pressure,Problem-oriented action can effectively change itself。therefore,Knowing yourself is an important exercise。

克服社交恐懼症第二步:Setting target,What do I really want?

Social phobia
在庸庸碌碌的生活中容易忘記真正的目標 / Map:123RF

Just admit your weakness is not enough,還必須認真去思考「自己到底想要什麼」,E.g:What I want in the end? How I want to be the kind of person? I want to accomplish something in the end? What kind of future you want to live? A kind of want to render themselves in front of others?

Set goals over the key! Like you want to go somewhere today,If you don't have a goal,How can I get there? Where to go? How much time does it take? These have no clue,Not to mention the power of action。

If you don’t know what you really want,Any effort is in vain,It may even make you run counter to your goals,In the end, it is farther and farther away from what I want。You will find,Many people did not plan to play really,for example,Many people shout all day to lose weight,But the mouth is still eating。therefore,If you are eager to make change happen,We must set a goal for ourselves。

The key is here! Set this goal,Must be visible to you,Once again a little bit of a challenge,You have to get out of the comfort zone to achieve it,But this goal will not make you completely impossible,Because setting the right goals,So that you can believe that you can actually accomplish it。If you are too greedy at first,The goal set is too big,Too big to believe in your heart,Then set this goal,Is meaningless to you,The goal is set to give yourself a direction to put into action。

Only,After setting the goal,I wake up every morning to know what I am going to accomplish? What things should I do? Although this goal,I'm still far away from myself,it's OK,It can really be done,Only "believing" can do it,So I don’t give up all at once。

克服社交恐懼症第三步:Assessment status,What I am willing to sacrifice?

Social phobia
想獲得也必定要有捨去 / Map:123RF

After the first step to find out the core issues,Also set the right goals,Know where i am going,Next you have to know how many resources you currently have,Assess how you plan to achieve this goal? After all, wishful thinking for yourself is empty,Because it is very likely that he has not met the conditions for that goal。

after all,Running a marathon is the purpose,A person who is running and a person who is not used to exercise,The sports plan prepared before the game will be very different。therefore,It's important to understand what you lack。

the first:Where to understand their own strength?

second:Learn from myself and goals?

in this way,So that they can exchange the resources they desire for the goals they desire,E.g:Sweat and time to exchange body;Exchange language ability with effort and money,After all, no one can do anything,By evaluating objective conditions and understanding the current situation,Carry out the three major action methods,Get the life you really want to have。

See here,Are you in a hurry to get back the power? At last,May wish to write down two things:1Write down something you want to achieve,But the goal that has never been achieved。2What does this goal mean to you? What are the benefits after reaching it? In this way,Distance dream,One step closer。