How to manage time to achieve their goals? 5 Methods,Start with the "down" to start

How to manage time to achieve their goals? 5 Methods,Start with the "down" to start

Target management

Management by objectives is very important,sometimes,Too many ideas or objectives at the same time,People will be overwhelmed,In such times,How to do?

To implement management by objectives,But at the same time pursue diverse goals is a difficult thing,E.g:New Year's time set a new goal for yourself,Demands on themselves to get up early every day、writing、Fitness and a lot of reading。This is everything among us are good,So we usually will be very excited to begin,The results after a day in the past but found,How did themselves more and more power? Then they gradually began to commit from the "procrastination",To the last,We probably are not even half the ideas to implement。

Target management
How to manage time to achieve their goals?
5method,Start with the "down" to start

When they are also overwhelmed too many ideas or objectives,Try the following 5 Ways:

A target management practices、Setting goals for their own "mini-Term"

British historian and political scientist ── Parkinson (Cyril Northcote Parkinson) in 1957 Proposed the "Parkinson's Law",This is also known as the law of "trivial the law.",Intention "to spend a lot of time discussing irrelevant trivia,For the really big resolution, but quickly settled phenomenon。"When we spend too much time in the same task,We were the more likely the impact of "Parkinson's Law"。

for example,If you give us a week deadline to complete the original only 3 Hour mission,We will unwittingly increase the complexity of this task,And in time this week which kept stalling。The best way to combat this phenomenon,Is set to "mini-deadline" for themselves,Force yourself to complete tasks in a shorter time frame。

Mini period from the beginning of the target face

If you want to try to initiate action,You can start by creating a "list of daily tasks.",Roughly attach time required to complete each task takes to,And the time required for each task minus half,Ask yourself this time as a period,To complete the task before this。

Two target management practices、Make good use of the 80/20 rule

Popular speaking,80/ 20 rule shows that we pay 20 %,The rest will be contributed to our task results 80 %。for example,People who want to lose weight need to exercise,Some sports (such as high-intensity sprint) takes only 20 % The more time you can quickly reach weight loss goals,Compared to the other takes 80 % Time for sports,More effective。

Make good use of the 80/20 principle to achieve management objectives

select 20 % The method can save a lot of time,But the key is,We must concentrate on this 20 % The thing,In order to derive maximum return。Through this way,We can do less in a short period of time,But to get more。

Goal management practices three、Trust your instincts

For their own ideas,We often will hesitate before taking action,This is because we are afraid to fail、Fear of rejection or opposition,But also because the "self-doubt" relationship。We always spend a lot of time before the action plan to be studied and developed,But when the real time to make the boat sail,But we just stay there,Failed to follow its own plan to set sail。

World-renowned reporter and writer ── Malcolm. Timothy. Gelaweier (Malcolm Timothy Gladwell) in his book "decision 2 Seconds "(Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking) in his book,Usually made within a few seconds the fastest judge,The results will think carefully and thoroughly than to spend more time planning comes as a result of better。

Management by objectives is not simple,Trust your instincts
Management by objectives is not simple,Trust your instincts

Next time,If you are unsure what to do next or how to do the time,Try to trust your intuition,According to his thoughts, ideas take the first step with feeling,Because once the action,Will likely track。

Goal management practices four、Habit "Completion" of

Many people who are good grasp "Start" time,But few people establish habits "Completion" of。"Start" easier than "Completion" the,But most of the results we seek,Not all the "finish line" waiting for us?

Like all processes to develop "habits" of the same,Establish the habit of "Completion" of,The first step also needs to start small,And slowly accumulate,And "reasonably" expect to develop this habit of how long it takes,And do not expect yourself in a very short period of time or too long (both unreasonable) of habit。

Try to develop the habit
Try to develop the habit

We can on their own or through the environment to do minor adjustments,Thus helping themselves more easily accomplished those things self-imposed。

Goal management practices five、Exercise "put down"

Subversion of ordinary cognition is,Those who are ultra-efficient and successful,In fact, often "put down" their goal,Because they know "when to pick up? When to put down?"

Benefits "put down",Is to make yourself avoid wasting time and energy on useless idea or goal,And change direction,Start another period of more valuable adventure。

but,How can we know whether the drop it? Here is a quick method of viewing:If the pursuit of an idea of ​​the cost paid by,More expensive than the benefits to be obtained,after a while,Perhaps this is the time to reduce the loss。Although the beginning may feel frustrated or suffering,But will eventually help them make more time,Focus on more worthwhile things。