Interpersonal communication so hard? 5 great speaking skills,Do not rely on the terms of reference can be "talked into" subordinate
5Large speaking skills,Do not rely on the terms of reference can be "talked into" subordinate

The workplace,Their speaking skills is a major problem,Especially for team-oriented operation of the insurance industry top executives,Learning good speaking skills to lead the organization forward is very important capability。The higher the position,The team led by the more massive,Ages of the more extensive tissue distribution。The face of the younger generation of force,Often encounter the cognitive gap between generations fault,Sentence may result in "speaker has no intention,The listener interested "situation,The wrong way to deal with,Often leads to misunderstanding between subordinates and。

The face of increasingly younger workplace environment,Competent leadership has been unable to rely on the traditional way,With jobs、Authority suppress "kids"。If you want the subordinate willingly、Convinced was a team effort,Good speaking skills is important。

Speaking Skills a:To accept the idea of ​​different generations

Speaking skills - respect for different ideas
給予不一樣的想法尊重 / Map:123RF

Subordinates want to lay a good relationship of different ages,We must understand what they are thinking。People at different times、Under environment for the growth of different backgrounds,Inevitably, there is the perception gap。A growth in the period of martial law elders,A young and growing community developed in the era of,They accepted the information and culture shock,Is bound to be different。

90Young people after,Thinking unique、Innovative ideas,They respect different cultures and values,Often hold an open attitude,Adventurous、The courage to break the routine,These are the common characteristics of today's youth。

therefore,Executives need to stand in the perspective of empathy to think about,To accept the idea of ​​their own or as an unaccustomed,Understand their thoughts after,To support according to different conditions,Let them feel respected,So as to better integrate into the team。

Speak Skills II:listen、listen、Listen again

Speaking skills - learning to listen
耐住性子聽聽看他人的想法 / Map:123RF

A failure to communicate,That often convey one-way,Out without,They want to talk about talk、Listen want to hear,But did not really open bridge of communication with each other。therefore,Competent in helping to solve the problem,Must first be a good listener,Gives space for subordinates to express their ideas,To identify problems,Can address the problem。

When subordinates is different from their own ideas,Do not rush negative,Calmly sit down and discuss,When a team there are different ideas,Appropriate conflict and debate can arouse different spark,Is an effective way to communicate。In terms of functions and powers to force subordinates listen to their advice,May cause unwanted rebound,Destroy the harmony of the organization。

Speak Skills III:The important thing repeated

Speaking skills - Repeat convey important messages
repeat、確實的把重要訊息傳達 / Map:123RF

"Because it is important,So three times。"This sentence become nowadays a lot of people like to use the word,Indeed quite justified。When people communicate,Often because of different cognitive or position,Each other not on the same channel,It is easy to have a miscommunication or misunderstanding。

To ensure that your subordinates receive instruction to express correctly,When in charge of communication,Changes in the expression can be observed under the,And create opportunities,Let the other party a restate what you mean。E.g,After an hour-long open meeting,The last ten minutes of use,Just focus on the long-winded concentrated Again,And confirm once again to subordinate:"So you understand yet?" If affirmative reply,And then ask them to elaborate their own words once。To ensure that there will be subordinate listen into focus,Rather than trying to finish all right,This is an effective way to communicate。 

Speak Four Skills:Carefully choose the words and tone of communication

Speaking skills - to maintain a good attitude
不好的語氣和字眼會破壞溝通的成果 / Map:123RF

Sometimes executives in guiding subordinates,Will use less harsh or sharp tone of expression,Showed a strong executive authority。This style with the terms of reference under extreme pressure,The distance between the often opened with subordinates。Subordinates in order not to make mistakes to be scolded,Comparison is quite satisfactory method of doing things by the competent,But deny the agitation of different ideas,Will also affect the morale of the team。

therefore,When communicating with subordinates,Try to encourage and motivate the team to lead the way,Avoid oppression and tough attitude,To make the communication process more smooth,Improve the overall team productivity。

Speak Five Tips:Dialogue make good use of CTA

Speaking skills - after trying to communicate with a brief CTA for someone to follow direction
溝通後嘗試用簡短的CTA讓他人有方向可循 / Map:123RF

When supervisors and subordinates to communicate,Need to think about how to communicate the end of the dialogue in this post,Guide subordinates to execute the direction you want,in other words,Take advantage of "call to action" (CTA dialogue among,Call-to-Action)。If there is no dialogue CTA,Then you simply communicate convey the message it。

To give subordinates more aware of the direction you want to perform,Can give some practical examples and description,Let subordinates know your ideas through case,To better grasp the direction。When expressed as specific as possible、clear,Avoid using a more vague words,for example:"The customers can then more in-depth communication.",How to "in-depth" method,It is necessary to elaborate,Otherwise subordinate only confused。 

Some people say that "simple things,Life is difficult. ",Coexistence between people is a very delicate matter,How to communicate with subordinates、How to lead the team forward,As these are in charge and you have to face the challenge。however,Bottleneck of how to do? do not worry,These capabilities can be trained through programs of training and education,Through the guidance of professional teachers,You can also find their own blind spots,Break through the storm。

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