Face five major methods to find their own positive energy to solve the anxiety coming!

Face five major methods to find their own positive energy to solve the anxiety coming!

Face their own

Life is filled with many negative emotions,Unable to face their own,People usually do not like them appear,If they find negative emotions begin "Funny",Can not even face their own,Will exert all will boycott,Shunned。in fact,Negative emotions are not necessarily bad,The courage to face their own,As one does not need to escape or forbear,They learn and peaceful coexistence,Convert them into positive energy。

Long as the use of the following five methods,Will be able to effectively control their emotions:

One、Face their anger transformed into a positive force,

When people no place to vent the accumulated pressures,Easily lead to emotional explosion,The angry mood is the most common manifestation。Anger is a high-energy mood,It provides tremendous power for the people,If these forces with the front of the place,It will become a driving force,Help people to take action、Break through。When the anger came to the door,Do not rush to suppress it,Face their feelings,Make it into force,Motivate yourself the courage to break the status。

two、Face their own,Thinking reduce jealousy from different angles

Face their own
避免忌妒的情緒干擾自己-面對自己 / Map:123RF

Jealousy and envy,Often only a thin line,Envy is the envy of others apart,Compared with the mood also with discontent。Jealous people often say:"Why should he pay higher than me?" "Why was he promoted?" Knowing that they are not as good as him,But not as good as he does not allow himself。

To convert jealous emotions,You can try to look at things from different angles。For example scenery colleagues on the surface of promotion,In fact, many are cumulative toil,Others pay more than their time and effort,Have today's achievements。Learn to observe the advantage of competitors,But also examine their shortcomings,Such thinking can reduce jealousy,And even convert it into the power of self motivation,Not wanting to lose,So to work harder ahead of the competition。

three、Face their own,Causes Anxiety

Most of anxiety from fear and powerlessness in the face of the unknown,This situation is encountered,From a lot of reading、Start gathering information,After the head with enough information,Will be able to slow down the anxiety of。Other,Accept the anxiety has been generated,Deep breathing meditation,Ask yourself what in the end in anxiety,The reason to list,The contents of anxiety more "concrete",And requested the assistance of others,Causes Anxiety。In the face of、accept、Process to solve or put down in,Will find a lot of time,Anxiety are derived from their "imagination" from。

four、Both methods,Do not be sorry

Face their own
用行動避免後悔的情況發生-面對自己 / Map:123RF

When people feel regret,Often will "Had I known,When I think ... "appears,Unable to face their own decisions under,But this "If I had known.",The moment is not done! In order to avoid regret find you,Make a list of recommendations in the decision when,Analysis on the list and do not do what the advantages and disadvantages,Open dialogue with their,To think:"This thing will do what? How would do? What are the risks you can bear? What most can not stand is?" Such a dialogue list,Contribute to a deeper discussion of self,Most eager to find inner voice。

Other,Emotional expert Zhou Zhenyu mentioned,To resolve regret,You can use PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle inspection method to adjust the mood of regret。It is important in this step Check in,Find out where he was wrong、The crux of the point where,Things can change。

■ Plan (plan):Establish a clear goal,And to develop relevant plans and determine the necessary procedures。

■ Do (execution):Previous to the implementation of plans and procedures specified in,Message to collect the necessary amendments and provide the basis for further improvement。

■ Check (check):Previous research on the information collected,And compare the expected design,And a revision proposal。

■ Act (action):Gap result of finding ways to reduce program objectives and implementation process,And the next plan to become more perfect。

Fives、Face their own,Frustration people to the next level

Face their own
Face their own - just frustration Process,過後我們將成長 / Map:123RF

When not working well,People often feel frustrated,Then you can re-examine their plans,To see which aspects of a problem,And find the cause。For example, when they can not feel qualified A task,Can be a lot through reading or ask seniors,To their ability and sophisticated skills,The frustration converted to uplifting force,Let yourself to the next level。

Negative sentiment came despite people uncomfortable,But "Water can carry a boat can capsize",End to see how you think、Find their own way and they live together,They do not need to be in control and do not exclude,These attitudes can be a catalyst for growth。

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