Must think before opening a restaurant five questions,Otherwise you shop carefully "back shop"!
Must think before opening a restaurant five questions

Taiwan's food and beverage industry is well developed,Walking in the streets,You can see a variety of restaurants and hawker,Many people will also "open my own restaurant," life as a volunteer。but,But no plans had plenty of ideal,Even if it opened a restaurant,Finally, it may ending in failure。

Want to open a restaurant,You need to think of these five big questions,Clarify their ideal meets reality,To reduce the risk of failure。

Think before opening a restaurant:Where is the location to choose?

地點是一間餐廳成功與否的重要關鍵 / Map:123RF

The most important first step in operating a restaurant,The restaurant location is decided。Because of the limited budget,We should take a wide range of angles,Measure site can bring advantages and limitations of the restaurant。

When selecting locations,In addition to considering the legal aspects of health、Fire and other relevant regulations、But also good at "Observations",There are no other restaurants nearby to see who,They store and your store homogeneity high? How operating conditions? To the consumer customer base to which all ages or professions dominated?

In addition to,The area around the store is also the focus of observation:The store is near a residential area、Industrial areas or office? Most meals will come out of the crowd probably peak a few? The average amount of consumption is how much? Observe carefully,You will find a lot of valuable information。

Think before opening the restaurant two:What costs need to pay?

Open restaurant need to learn cost control
成本控管是每個企業必做的功課 / Map:123RF

Some people open restaurant,Purely want to meet, "I have a restaurant" sense of accomplishment。但經營餐廳並不是在扮家家酒,From the store、Operations personnel to,Each link will have to pay a lot of time and operating costs。Think carefully,In order to prepare the psychological and financial,Not a huge pressure to defeat。

The cost of operating a restaurant to pay a lot of,But can be divided into "ingredients"、"personnel"、"Rent + decoration"、"Marketing" and "miscellaneous expenditure" a total of five major categories。among them,Including water and fuel consumption heteroaryl branched、Taxes、Interest expenses and miscellaneous equipment maintenance fees。

After the brain to compose a picture ideal restaurant,You can think accordance with the above five major projects,After evaluating the size and location restaurant,Began operating expenses estimated monthly needs。If operating costs significantly more than their level of affordability,You may want to modify the plan to reduce operating costs。

Question three restaurants open before thinking:Operating a restaurant ── What I want to sell products? This market do?

In the brain sketched a blueprint for a good restaurant,We should start thinking about selling products。When deciding Products,In addition to whether the food delicious、How to set prices,Also consider buying ingredients、Acquisition and cooking costs。In addition,But also let the data speak tune through the city,To know whether the product can meet most people's taste、And how much the public is willing to pay for the product,After ensuring product launch can occupy a certain market。

remember,Be sure to do research before deciding meals,Do not arbitrarily follow suit,What I heard very popular to sell what,In order to avoid the sale of meals as expected,Wasted a lot of time and costs。

Think four former open restaurant:Who am I TA is the goal?

Select their own customer base before opening the restaurant
選定自己的客群有助餐廳經營 / Map:123RF

Taiwan has a population of 23 million,Everyone has different tastes and preferences,Would like to meet all,Only "on everything,Everything loose. ",Absolutely no restaurant can satisfy everyone。

therefore,Restaurant open before,We want through market segmentation,By age、Occupation、Volkswagen and other preferences will be divided into different groups,Further to find a suitable restaurant TA (Target Audience,Target groups)。After setting the target TA,We can further according to TA needs,Design suited to their publicity and business strategy,And optimize the meals and service,More cater to their preferences。

Think before five open restaurant:Which marketing program have?

 Restaurants want long-term business,In addition to a good product,Also need long-term marketing plan,Create awareness and exposure for restaurant。而行銷方案除了產品折扣和優惠,And do not forget high-impact online marketing。

Internet marketing will be common classification scheme,Everyone to follow their marketing budget、Operations and human,Choose the most suitable solution。As long as a stable long-term business,Believe that we can bring some benefits for the restaurant:

1、Restaurant Information Registration:Google Map Restaurant register address
2、 Digital Advertising:FB、LINE、Google Network、Keyword advertising
3、 Community Business:FB powder special、LINE Communities、IG operation、Blogs, etc.
4、 Word of mouth marketing:KOL (such as bloggers、Youtuber etc.)、Cooperation with major food sites

More than 5 big problem,I hope to help you understand the restaurant business has to prepare and plan,Less take some of the costly mistakes,Make business more smoothly。

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