Makes you more aware of yourself,6A method! No longer feel at a loss for direction in life

Makes you more aware of yourself,6A method! No longer feel at a loss for direction in life

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Do you know yourself? Know Your Worth it? What is the ideal for the future and planning? Whatever you want to do,Must learn to understand their own,Through self-explore,認識自己可發掘的潛能與力量,Thinking direction and goal of life,Find their own way。

「認識自己」在心理學上被稱為「自我覺察」(self-awareness),Self-awareness is defined as "individuals for their own personality、ability、Understand aspects thoughts and desires and so on. "。in life,Can aware of their own behavior demonstrated? Are clearly aware of their preferences and habits? How kind he is another man's? These are self-aware explored part。

Is an ability to know themselves,For career planning and personal survival value are extremely helpful。Then,How to "know yourself" mean? Make good use of the following six of perspective,Self-Help Discussion,Better understanding of。

Know yourself a:Values ​​(Values)

Know yourself
妳有好好的認識過自己嗎? / Map:123RF

Everyone has their own values,For example, "to help others."、"Creative"、"health first"、"Be careful financial management", etc.,These ideas will guide you to make a behavior pattern corresponding to。Many experimental study Psychology found,When a person feels tired,People with clear values,These power "values" generated can overcome burnout,People continued to drive forward。

Usually can explore through self、Think,And consider themselves "the right thing"、Ambitions, "they want to do", etc. Write down,Through this process,Sort out their own values,This set of values ​​can help define the way you want to be the,Can become a process of evaluation and review criteria。

Know yourself two:Interests (Interests)

Understand they are interested in what、Passionate,Willing to invest a lot of time and energy to study investigated。Want to find out their interests,Ask yourself the following questions:

■ I like to focus on what topics?

■ I am curious as to what things?

■ I have a concern for what?

Find the enthusiasm and interest is to explore the process of his life,It is a long journey,Through time、Experience continues to stack,Naturally closer to their own。 

Know themselves three:Temperament (Temperament)

Know yourself
認識自己的氣質 / Map:123RF

Temperament (Temperament) is a psychology term,Refers to the inherent personality traits of a person,It is usually born,Instead of learning to the day after tomorrow。Modern genetic biologists believe,Many cells affected by congenital gene。Through the following questions,Help to understand their own personality。

■ I like to get along with others or a person? (Outward or inward)

■ I am planning a person or performer?

■ When I make a decision,One thinks or is based on facts and thinking?

■ I like the general direction is still planning the details?

Understanding of their own four:Circadian rhythms (biorhythms)

Circadian rhythm refers to a person from birth onwards,physical strength、mood、Cyclical changes in intelligence,Through self-awareness can,Better understand their physiological dynamics,for example:

■ I was up late or get up early in person?

Among ■ day my energy peak at what time?

■ Among the more one day when low tide?

Understand their circadian rhythm and obey it,Help to find their own way of life。E.g,I am a person stay up late to get up late,Usually close early in the morning most inspired in the evening,So in the middle of the night will choose creation;Always groggy after getting up in the morning,At this time will choose a more relaxed paperwork;Most choose their own energy、The sharpest minds in the afternoon to do the planning or decision。

Understanding of their five:Mission and goals (Life Mission and Meaningful Goals)

The goal is an important indicator of a person's shaping / map:123RF
目標是形塑一個人的重要指標 / Map:123RF

"What is your life's most meaningful thing?" Through this issue,With the mission to find the target in his life,This will usually be the impact indicators of career planning。E.g,Well-known philanthropist Chen Shuju,Early hardship due to a sick family member and by the outside world for help,So in the future she will be hard selling vegetables donated to people in need of money,"Donate money selling vegetables," Chen Shuju for it,Is the sense of mission and meaning in her life。

Understanding of their six:Advantage (Strengths)

The so-called advantages,Not only refers to the skills or talent,But also includes such loyalty、respect others、Love learning、Emotional intelligence and character advantages。Understand their strengths is the foundation of "self-confidence" of,But also through the establishment of self-confidence,The possibility of developing more life。Similarly,Explore their strengths in process,Will understand they are not good portions,Know your strengths and weaknesses,More honest with yourself。

Know that he is a long way,And will change with the mood of the external environment and internal differ,Keep an open mind to explore,Will find more "not the same as their own.",There are likely to make life more。