How does the hairdressing industry manage employees? Required for workplace studies:Investing in the person "most likely to quit"

If you ask how the head of the hairdressing industry manages employees? Maybe only one sentence:那就是投資最有可能跳槽的那個人!

主管如何管理員工是許多人的煩惱,In the hairdressing industry,Corporate brand and designer's personal brand,It’s a trade-off relationship。Many managers in the hairdressing industry,I often encounter the resignation of its senior designers、Phenomenon of job-hopping or self-reliance。The departure of every senior designer,Is a loss for the company。

A designer at the beginning of the line,Build customer relationships in the company's brand,Expanding social network,IG through face book and build a personal brand,Mainichi Broadcasting trendy works with the designer's own image photos。3-5 After years,Basically the group can keep a stable customer base and iron powder,And then live on their own。As director of hairdressing industry,Exactly how the management staff、How to face the phenomenon of designer quit or live on their own,並幫助公司留下好人才呢?

如何管理員工一、First of all,要調整心態

任何一個管理者都要有一種認識,That's talent,Always want to start work independently。Only those who always hold on staff attitude "I enjoyed" the,Will exhibit stable、loyalty、Low liquidity、Do not want to transfer appearance,Because they simply have nowhere to go。

We want to know,Any ambitious potential of stocks,Will want to run uphill climb,This has nothing to do with ethics in the workplace,But normal mall。after all,When a person's knowledge、technology、Personal connections、When growing personal brand,Always want to play "bigger game."。

For these employees have ambition,Boss or supervisor should hold a positive attitude,Suitable support or encouragement,Through cooperation、Ally、Profit sharing and other ways to keep the partnership。

How to manage employees two、投資優秀的設計師

投資優異的員工 / Map:123RF

留住優秀人才的方式,The easiest way is to invest in a,So that the original B becomes A coffee coffee,Let A coffee become A +,Create a superior human capital,Let good talent to bring more value for the company。

Designers such as full funding to study abroad,Strengthen its designer's expertise and personal brand,The two sides reached a consensus on long-term cooperation,Do not worry about it people would "join their guns" or "live on their own," the。

How to manage a staff of、拔擢優秀人才轉任店長

除了投資優秀人才,As a manager must also be timely to create a stage to play a subordinate。Internal promoted outstanding designers transferred to the manager,Giving it more authority and responsibility,Improve performance bonuses,Can also leave some of the designers determined to make careers,For companies,Is also a potential competitor into the way business partner。

How to manage employees four、邀請入股

邀請入股一個留人很好的方式 / Map:123RF

當一位設計師羽翼漸豐,Professional competence is getting stronger,Students may also live on their own idea of ​​knowing。Then if invited its shares,One approach is to improve the cohesion and identity of employees。of course,Provided that the company's current revenue and profit performance is in many states,After all, shares the original intention of benefit-sharing,Rather than risk transfer to the new shareholders who。

How to manage employees five、資助創業

若設計師創業的心意已決,It is better to become each other's elegant bar! Initiative to provide assistance,And the use of resources of the Group,In terms of materials、path、Assist on contacts,You can even investment shares,Become each other's main shareholder or gold,Support this former comrades to start their own business territory。

all in all,If you want to avoid the designer quit or live on their own,The best way is to "the interests from the other side.",Release of bullish and goodwill,In contrast became business partners。after all,Capable man,People lived under impossible。As a leader must be oblige gas,Moderate to establish a set of potential shares mutualism way,Is long or long war strategy。