Effective communication checklist! 4 major elements,Tell you a secret workplace communication skills courses did not say

Effective communication checklist! 4 major elements,Tell you a secret workplace communication skills courses did not say

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The market is different communication courses,Some focus on the expression of communication,And some emphasis on communication statement、Some focus on body language when communicating ......。Exactly how to become a "Good communication"The people do?

Germany Shehuixuejia Habomasi (Jürgen Habermas) In its well-known "Theory of Communicative Action"I have pointed out,Whether it at school、Situation in the workplace and other human society,Successful communication must have four elements,Indispensable。How to communicate with any one of the elements missing,That will produce distorted communication,Can not achieve the purpose of communication actions。

Workplace Communication Skills courses did not say a secret、Justification

The first requirement,Called the legitimacy,Any statement that is to be "perfectly justifiable" in order to be accepted。If speakers like pre-empt,Beyond his powers,Say the words do not belong to their part of the,Even better speak,It is difficult to gain recognition。

When in the open like inter-departmental meeting,Head of Information Department of the performance suddenly pointing,Even well-intentioned,But business colleagues listened to feel that this is harsh。in this way,Not only failed to achieve the goal of improved communication,But caused the rift in both sectors,This is because the speech due to a lack of legitimacy。

Workplace Communication Skills courses did not say Secret two、Truth

The second requirement,Called truth,That is, the content should be in line with the statement of facts,Exaggerated or false statements should not appear。Like a salesman overstated results,Or even move some hands and feet on Data Report,Over time,Even if the views of his questions again justified,Others it is difficult to listen in。because,Others will question what he says, "not really.",Even then put it nicely is all in vain。

Workplace Communication Skills courses did not say Secret three、Sincerity

The third requirement,Called the sincerity,Just as the literal meaning。Any communication,Must be based on a good faith basis only way to proceed,The so-called "gas and straighten" is the truth。

When the supervisor to correct the error under the,Although justified,But if the attitude is poor,Even through verbal humiliation subordinate,So they can not achieve the purpose of communication people "convinced" of。because,People will have the mentality of self-defense for a variety of hostile remarks,In the "lying down" state of mind,It is difficult to listen to all kinds of truths。When a person is a bad attitude,Even motive goodness,Never speak the truth,It is difficult to convince someone will。

Workplace Communication Skills courses did not say Secret 4、Comprehensibility

The last element,Is the intelligibility,That is, to "understand each other what to say.",Situation will not arise misunderstanding and misinterpretation of。Like talk to French,If you never learned French,It will be difficult to produce in-depth communication,Can only gesturing。

Another example is that some people speak like "hanging book bags.",Talked about a bunch of hard to learn the proper nouns,The audience only he can understand,This of course is a failure to communicate。To reach condition "understandable" in,The best way is "from each other's position,Use each other's languages,Tell the other party can understand the words. "。

If we focus on the top four communication tidy,You can probably check with eight nuclear program to view their communication process:

your advice,Do your own mandate?
Your Say,There are in line with your identity or role do?
Your Say,There are in line with your identity or role do?
What you say,There is no supporting data or case?
You speak of content,There are not too exaggerated suspicion?
When you speak,Positive attitude is not friendly?
When you speak,There are exhibits blame、contempt、Mocking attitude it?
You speak of content,Others can understand it?
You speak of style,People will think not used to it?

If one day with people from the conflict,Or "do not listen to talk about" the situation often occurs in life,Better to use this checklist to review their communication process,I believe will soon be able to find out the crux of the problem。

Despite communication problems between people in countless,Also has a wide range of courses on workplace communication,But in the final analysis,Conflict of communication is nothing more than the four part goes wrong。Just as long as usual to speak can do、Write with substance、Humble attitude、Language Friendly,Anyone can be a master of communication。