5 tips for improving "work efficiency",Getting off work on time is no longer just a dream!
5 tips for improving "work efficiency"

Team is composed of individuals,To make the team stronger,We must ensure that everyone is in the best condition,In order to have high efficiency performance。The following five good habits,Is a necessary condition to build a strong team! Now work together to understand how to do,In order to become a person of high efficiency,Not only on time but also can do a quick check to clock off!

Improve the efficiency of a coup:Every day to their "mission today."

Improve work efficiency
每日的一開始先做個今日的To do list / :123RF

"Procrastination" is very often a problem for everyone,We often think of what will soon be at hand to finish,So too careless treatment,A growing pile in the end somehow eventful,Forced to work overtime to solve these debt,Could not bring himself to rest,Very irritable mood、Irritability - this is called the fuss!

This is because we often do not set the "bottom line time" for yourself。舉例來說,If you do not want to work overtime,Do not want to reduce the overall efficiency of the team,We will do what provisions he must be completed before work,From morning into the company,It is necessary to know what their own "day job" is the,In this way,We will cherish the time,Efforts to complete these matters,So that they can work on time,It will not bring trouble to the team。

Tell yourself, "I do not work overtime.",That is, to remind yourself to do things more efficiently、Know how to take time。In addition to "Today's mission.",Can also set "mission week" for their own,Tell yourself, "I will never work holiday",Before Friday on behalf of the things which I have to complete,In this way also allows the team more efficient!

Improve efficiency coup two:Analyze their own priorities

Improve efficiency - make it clear task priorities
分清楚任務的輕重緩急 / :123RF

Everyone is different individuals,Different perception of the world,Therefore, formation of a variety of values,Pay attention to different things。Some people attach great importance to family、Some people are very health-conscious、Some people attach great importance to the friendship、Some people attach great importance to money ... each person is different for attention,And therefore affected their work、Arrange a time of the order。

In the team,Because we often want to work with others and do things their own adjust the order,Some people will themselves wronged in some cases,So consider themselves to more important things to put back,Disrupted the original pace,Affect their lives,Make yourself very unhappy,Also destroyed the harmony of the team。

We need to ask ourselves often,"For me,What is the most important thing is? "" Why am I doing these things? "What if we clearly understand their own value is,Was able to arrange things very organized in the order,Help others feel you are very serious about their lives,Others to reduce the chance of your life is out of order。

Improve efficiency Coup three:Indicate their schedule

Efficiency - so that others are also aware of the timing of u
讓他人也意識到妳的時間安排 / :123RF

From the previous point,With understanding of their importance to what to "analyze their own priorities.",Therefore, a better understanding of how their own time outside of work to use、arrangement。

"By understanding the way we allocate time,Others will be more aware of us。"If after work every Tuesday evening with family dinner time,Can inform others in advance team would have to leave their own points,In this way we can make clear that he is a very great importance to family man,Over time,Colleagues will remember this day as much as possible on Tuesday not to delay your time。

Do not be afraid to do so would be like trying to avoid work,Because if aware of their priorities、There are clear time plan,Others will not feel that you aimlessly。Indicate in advance their own time schedule,Not only worthy of its own,Can also be accountable to others,Let others work with you feel very at ease,The team can get a clearer allocation of work、Paced and Efficiency。

Improve efficiency Coup:Proper schedule meetings

Efficiency - make the meeting efficient
讓會議進行的有效率 / :123RF

To clear the purpose of the meeting,To brief and efficient。We do not like long and boring meetings,However, the process is often when meeting anyone's guess things,In fact, this will greatly affect the overall progress of the team。

Need time to prepare before the meeting,After the meeting of course, need time to digest。If you as a conference sponsors,Recommendations on the completion of all meetings of the two hours before work。舉例來說,Is six in the evening rush hours,After four o'clock to try to stop scheduling meetings,Except in an emergency situation。

Five p.m. meeting,One can imagine the process it is very difficult to focus,What really do not think there is not yet complete,Is just a quick commute,A finished meeting everyone since scattered,Just say the focus is directly behind,The next day at work only to recall the content of the meeting yesterday,Zaifayici even have to say the same thing repeated meetings,Waste a lot of valuable time。

Improve efficiency coup five:Recognize the limits,The goals completed in phases

Efficiency - time arrangements do not exceed their limits
時間安排上不要超出自己的極限 / :123RF

24 hours a day,It is the fairest thing under the sun。In addition to work,Everyone has different responsibilities and tasks (for example,,Parents also time left children、Also need to spend time friend of business ......) In addition,No one does not need to sleep、rest,We are not robots,Not 24 hours a day。

To recognize a fact ── "thing,There will never be done one day. "。Although we can choose to work overtime,But we can not work overtime because of madness and all things are done,To understand their time and energy there is a limit,Managed to ambitious goals into milestones to complete,Appropriate to their daily tasks,Can also be more at ease to enjoy the rest of the time。

Team standing goals is a good thing,However, if in order to quickly achieve the goals and operating their own dead、Staff speak dead,That's a stupid thing! Highly efficient team does not necessarily need to work overtime,Because "overtime" At one level represents the "inefficient";And have a good rest,Also have the strength to continue their efforts to target。

Know how to set milestones、Line up the order、Not blind the meeting、Do not have to aimlessly overtime,In order to create ultra-efficient powerful team!

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