Create efficient team! Novice director must know four things

Speaking Management,Only strategy is absolutely not enough,If not move the team,Ambitious target again in vain。There is a good goal or plan,But not the exact implementation,Most novice director of the annoyances of most of them "Run" in,If the lack of effective execution,No amount of paperwork are empty。剛升上主管的你是否也因此傷透腦筋呢?

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Novice director | a Notice:鎖定超級重要目標

團隊管理,The reason can not be efficient,It is because we have too many goals。therefore,We want to improve efficiency,Team must be focused behavior,Focus is a little,Best to perform,Achieve this goal。Do multiple targets simultaneously,Results are often not very good。Then,How do I set very important goals? Novice director must ask yourself 3 A problem:

A goal of many,哪一件事最重要?

團隊管理,The most taboo long carriage,What do multiple targets,Instead, grasp the core。therefore,Select only one of the most important core target,Then all work together to go forward,To be able to effectively reach target。

B goals into the daily schedule them:

Novice director,After clearly the most important core target,Should take it to heart daily,That is your schedule in which there is no row,And then to plan how much time to spend a week、How much effort in which。

C set the finished time with digital:

Setting target,Must have a clear end point and time,Otherwise we will not know the target,Where is the actual nucleus check in time? Wait until a final time to,The results can be used to check the actual achievement of the goals of nuclear。Try the objectives of the specific、Digitizing,In order to reduce the serious gap。

The most important goal of locking / Map: unsplash

Novice director | Notice two:從優先指標下手

要訂立優先指標,Know how to check nuclear,To ensure that we can move forward in this direction。Like you're watching the same dashboard,Then to understand the goal being to,How much team speed、There will arrive a few kilometers、過程中什麼補充?

團隊無法達成目標的原因,Often because novice director only made the final index。What is the ultimate indicator? for example,Three months later,Our results amount to achieve 500 Ten thousand,500 Wan is the ultimate indicator,That is the final goal set out,Only then fix the final index,There would be no nuclear inspection standards。

Process,The lack of a standard nuclear inspection,Would not know how to do? Is not which side made a mistake? As for,What indicators are priority indicator? Priority indicators,View is used to us how much speed,How much time to complete,Will reach our destination end,Process for the subject process nucleus,Is the priority indicators。

for example,A man wants from 80 Kg reduced 50 kg,The ultimate goal is 50 kg,As for how to reach 50 kg,Ensure subtract 30 Kg Method,Compared with priority indicators。

For example with weight loss,Make sure the calories is exceeded? The amount of exercise is enough? Here, "calorie" and "physical activity" is the priority indicators。By monitoring the daily "calorie" and "physical activity",To ensure weight loss in this direction,Be sure to start from the novice director priority indicators,More effective implementation towards goal。

Novice director | Notice three:設置醒目計分板

團隊管理,Just play the same game,There must be a clear scores,Will know the current implementation is lagging behind or ahead。With daily mode Scoreboard,Let colleagues felt for more goals,Provided a clear and conspicuous scoreboard,Scoreboard is not to see the boss,But for all members to see,Notice out to be much,Let everyone know how much digital leader,How much behind,Ensure that the team in the implementation of direction,Know we have not reached。

The establishment Scoreboard,Have this 2 Principle:

the first、Scoreboard,Let everyone can understand,Form must be simple to team members at a glance,Can immediately determine their own location、Win or lose。

second、Through digital or chart,Let the team know what percentage are still lagging behind,How much you need to work together。for example,目標是一個月內做到一百萬每日記錄達成百分比讓夥伴有一個目標往前衝

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Novice director | Notice four:落實當責


落實當責,Have this 3 Principle:

A、How one week on the status of the report? What progress report last completed,只著重在報告執行的目標內容上不然會讓會議重點失焦

B、Review scoreboard Losing Points:目前是落後領先還是超前並提出原因以及改進解決方案

C、To make recommendations for amendments:清楚地報告上週進度釐清問題發生的狀況是否有值得鼓勵的部分提出建議方案或解決方案

KEYPOINT:4 個實踐原則

團隊管理,Have this 4 個明確的執行步驟也就是鎖定超級重要目標從優先指標下手設置醒目計分板落實當責對團隊或個人都可以依循落實執行力除了達成每日工作之外新手主管仍能徹底執行最重要的目標終結總是無疾而終的行動方案