5 ways to become a slash youth,There is more than one way in your life

5 ways to become a slash youth,There is more than one way in your life


Slash youth is a hot topic of discussion recently,The word "slash" comes from the English Slash,Refers to a diverse lifestyle with multiple occupations and identities。These ethnic groups usually introduce themselves with "slashes",for example,I am a designer/engineer/blogger/speaker,It can also be said to be a worker with multiple professional income。

Many people yearn to be a slash youth,You can combine your own majors and interests,Can not be tied to a single nature of work,And can learn and grow all the time,Explore more possibilities for yourself,Even through different professional services,Increase more income。

This looks very attractive lifestyle,那麼,How to become a slash youth? How they have diverse professional and technical training,And has the ability to "cash" in? The following are 5 ways to become diagonals youth:

Become a slash Youth Code、Out of the comfort zone,Keeping curiosity

勇敢走出舒適圈 / :123RF

Think of diverse professionals,Not behind closed doors,Must come out of their familiar environment,Through various social media、exhibition、Play online and offline seminars and other activities,Understanding and professional topics in different fields,With the exchange of learning,Second or third culture expertise。

on the other hand,Modern society turning too fast,Previous single professional work has become increasingly worthless,Even likely to be replaced by a robot,因此,The development of multi skills to become one of the ability to "Required"。The only constant truth is the "change",Always keep curiosity,Continuous learning and growth,In order not to be overwhelmed by a wave of "change" of。

Youth Code II became slash、Grasp of resources,Does not exclude new business

Many young people want to become a slash,But buried in the busy work day,After work had been exhausted,There is no effort to learn new things。其實,In addition to training after work time after the outer,At work also to develop different expertise,Take every new business jobs,Learn different job skills,Work to develop their own multi-use capabilities。

Code three young people became slash、Starting from the first professional specialization

雖然斜槓但還是得講求專業 / :123RF

Definition of slash,Not continue to work part-time variety,But from a professional deep plowing in,And extending therefrom more expertise。E.g,A visual designer in the course of work,You need to understand the program,Therefore, the ability to learn to write programs in education。After two areas of deep plowing,There are many experiences and thoughts,And then to become bloggers areas of expertise,Even more open speech,Share experiences to more people。

From a designer,And then to become engineers、Bloggers、speecher,This series of "slash" journey,Is to establish the beginning of a professional,反之,If there is no professional support,The road is difficult to go。

Code of four young people to become slash、Identify their strengths,Business personal brand

What is your specialty? Would like to specialize in what areas? What job learning opportunities? Identify their strengths,Use of the resources around,To build their own personal brand。for example,Above mention designer,Because of their work must be in contact program,The training program to learn grammar,Later both the ability to bind,Teaching has become the subject of blogging。

Using the work "resources",To create a personal "brand",The "blog" has become one of the means to build a personal brand,Continued long-term business,"You" person's "corporate image",Will become a major tool for future success。

Code of five young people become slash、Multi-professional "resources integration" capability

資源整合才是斜槓青年出頭天的方式 / :123RF

Many people think,The definition is to slash jobs at the same time do a lot of,The use of different professions to generate more revenue。其實,Slash the value of not only the high income it,With the ability to "slash" continues to increase,Multiple professional will gradually "resources integration" together,In order to maximize the value of "slash"。

As entrepreneurs, most of the general,With the integration of resources,Allows individuals to be more systematic use of resources,Rather than simply spending time in exchange for money。

Through the above five methods,Find their own areas of deep plowing efforts,With the development of more diverse and professional,You can also become a slash of young people in the population,To create more possibilities for yourself。