Want to enhance good parent-child relationship? 5 large master effective communication skills,Eliminating the silent life of parents and children

Want to enhance good parent-child relationship? 5 large master effective communication skills,Eliminating the silent life of parents and children

Effective communication skills,Parent-child communication,Interpersonal skills,Communication Skills courses

"Your family,Parent-child relationship healthy? "Perhaps every parents,The often have to ask yourself。

for example,The child will not come to you to share thoughts,They talk about the truth? And you happen to share them at school the size of things、Bottlenecks encountered、Like the class which boy or girl,Even in trouble difficult to solve,They will not be afraid to tell you。They like to get along with you and how often you take the initiative to frank degree,Health is probably the extent of the relationship between you and your child。

Way of background for each household composition, although different、Parents discipline in different ways,But everyone will inevitably run into "Parent-child communication"problem。

As a parent,Who does not want a child like themselves, or even better than their own? What parents do not want their children to win at the starting point of life? But as generations change concept,Parents "help" may also be a child growing up pressure。因此,When a study "will communicate 'parents,Exempt parent-child communication in many unnecessary disputes and troubles。

Effective communication skills,Parent-child communication,Interpersonal skills,Communication Skills courses
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Absorb new knowledge anytime, anywhere

Children growing up,To synchronize with their parents learn,For example, children learn computer,Have little understanding of the basics of computer-related;Children lost vibrato,Parents can also download study。simply put,When the child's parents learned friend,Let the children feel that parents are "the same world of people.",It will not because the days are differences alienated。

Plan to accompany the child sex

Although busy parents,But there is a way to increase the time to spend with their children。That is,The family, accompanied by a priority,The "Family Time" as with the "official" as important as the trip,The parent-child as early as possible travel day in a calendar,Make good early Buttes it! There are plans to accompany his family,Interaction with the children,Shared parenting time。

Multi chat exchange with children

Communicate with children,The easiest way is to chat,I remember every day to find the time and the children get along,Observe the child interested in things which,What activities do know him today、What happened interesting、Are you experiencing distress problems,You can try to communicate with his children's language,Since the passage of time will stimulate interest in children and their parents to talk to。

Understand the child's interest preferences

Many busy working parents,Although every day to get along with children,But after returning home busy with their,Do not understand their children。Do you know what color you like children? There are no children and watching movies together,Participate in parent-child activities, etc.。Only to participate in their children's lives,Child was only willing to open their hearts,In order to enhance the feelings between parent and child。

His own life to tell the children

Parent-child relationship will be problems,Often comes from children understand their parents pains,Parents do not understand their children's feelings。Each other are the most beloved family,But just like most familiar stranger。其實,Wish to open our hearts,Put yourself in the interesting life and work or trouble,Try to share with your children,In order to better understand each other,Increase friendship between close relatives child。 

Today is a parent-child relationship "contradictions" of the times,Parent-child communication in the home must constantly adjust,In order to adapt to the changing environment。Rapid changes in society's values,In addition to parents being highly viewing and requirements,Children also easy because the expectations of parents suffer "Emotional blackmail」。

As parents have a timely grasp "Communication Skills」,Learning to listen and communicate,To make good direction towards the development of parent-child relationship。