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3Successful sales techniques to promote the performance of rapid growth

How to successfully sell products,Is a problem faced by many sales staff will to! Many people want their products sold,But often wrong method;The most common is that as long as the product characteristics,Customers will pay,Last but caused stagnant performance,Lose confidence in himself。So in addition to the product itself force products,Should quickly grasp the success sales techniques,In order to promote sales,Let expected performance beyond its own rapid growth。 Successful sales techniques (One) – The influence of the driving influence sales value of the product is very important, The influence of sales is the ability to convince buyers sellers adopt their point of view success sales techniques。Sellers believe their products,So naturally we want others to believe it。By attracting other people's emotions to convince others,This successful sales techniques will increase your sales,And the influence can increase the perceived value of your product。It can be found,Influential people tend to sell more products,Influence and popularity are not the same,They can not be substituted for each other。For instance said,A professor took the stage to,Popularity is professor of popularity,However, under the influence of audience is listening to professors lecture time。 When you sell products online,Has become a hot commodity should not be the ultimate goal。Instead, spend the time to build their own influence,It takes a little time,But most places but worth the effort。You can use most of the time,Innovate and build friendships buyers for the product,For example, respond to user comments on the web,Answer product questions they encounter,And strengthen after-sales service for buyers,Complete build your influence。 Successful sales techniques(two) – You must sell yourself to sell products right,They are products。and,Like any product,Must successfully convey the value of the product。at first,This is hard to do! Before you buy from a person or company to buy your product,They will look at whether you are a man worthy of cooperation。in other words,Like job seekers as,Your first task is always to sell yourself。In today's world sales,Too many people have a selective,However, with the many choices,Competition is increasing。So to achieve sales success,It is their support。When you are first to market themselves and then sell products,Will find easy to sell products changed,Of course, the performance also will limit the growth of straight。But how do we stand out in the crowd? Very simple:Passion for your product。When selling yourself,You do not have to worry about money and costs,As long as communicate the brand's core values ​​and tell the buyer his idea,You can move forward the。Sell ​​yourself is critical to success,No matter which product you want to sell,Had to do our best to build relationships with customers and communicate your core brand values。 Successful sales techniques(three) – Establish a relationship with a function to establish the purchaser and the Company believes that the interests of most goods and services to increase sales because they are the reason powerful。But in fact, it's not。A variety of products has its benefits。but,From the customer's point of view,The benefits of the product they are less clear。When sales are via e-mail,Direct mail or even by way of social,Should highlight the advantages and features of the product。Products from the most powerful advantage to start,Can assure customers that you care about is that they,And not only care about how much money can be from,Then customers will find that a lot of the stores gave them a sense of comfort and security。 for example,Consumers are willing to spend money to buy the product can improve the lives of。Before the invention iPod,MP3 players on the market have。Therefore proposed their strengths iPod:"Pocket was a 1000 song"。When the iPod this method is to build interest by function and to create a strong desire by income,So when iPod sales will be so successful。Because they allow buyers with confidence。When it reached the psychological customers,Some customers may even be the reason why they do not know to buy the iPod,But still bought it down,Because "it stood a pocket 1,000 songs.",Is what drives customers to buy a lot of power。 Further reading: Business must know the 3 big success sales techniques to identify your value proposition

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Business must know the 3 big success sales techniques to identify your value proposition

When selling goods salesman,May encounter a problem:Whether you are using price competition to impress customers? Or use the value of their product or business to talk about trading it? This article first take you through three levels of service,And focus on finishing the three major value-added success sales techniques,Help you enhance self-worth in the sales process and closer to the hearts of customers! These three are the big success of sales techniques salesman small details will encounter,Remember to always remind myself Oh! You are a provider of value-added services or those services? "Ted and Gary are the company's business over the same period,But Ted still do not understand,The same product,The same service process,Why Gary negotiated business have a high price tag,Still loved by customers and affirmation,Often accused of name to continue cooperation。And Ted obviously provides customers more benefits,But customers seem to never meet ... "a certain kind of story you often hear,In fact, Ted and Gary are two very different clerk。We first clarify the type of salesman,Roughly divided into the following three: 1、Service provider type: General business type,Keep a safe distance with the customer,Like all civil servants in Table drills,Some people will hold a multi-less attitude of mind。 2、Value added by business type: Usually the company's top salesman,Providing customers with more additional services,Usually the preferred choice of customers,Easily substituted。 3、Business-type business partner: Customers and mutual trust,Grow together,Is mutually profitable value-added win-win partnership。 Ted is the standard type of provider service,In addition to business-like,Also made a common mistake:Thought of "price competition" will be able to win the hearts of customers。And Gary is the type of value-added business person,He always step back to help customers want good questions and solutions,Allow customers to trust his professional,Also believes that prices in line with the value of。First clarify what type of business you are,And then to make up for their deficiencies through three successful sales techniques。 After three successful increase the value of sales skills you currently completely understand what kind of salesman,What success can make you more sales skills to enhance self-worth it? The following three methods available to you: A value-added sales skills:Understand and select high-value target customers to find out the needs of customers and information as soon as possible,And always ask yourself:This is my choice of the high-value target customers do? Business and customer relationships are relatively etc.,Customers can not only choose your way,Clerk know "what not to do" more important。Other,Are you able to customers as a starting point to think about,And understand his needs and worry about it? In the sales process,The use of "customized" for customers to feel your intimate,And better able to hit the customer's pain points。 VARs Skills II:Clarify the positioning,You can easily be replaced by others? Understand customers have come back to reflect on their own,Prior to persuade others,Is your brand image and value have reached the other side look forward to? Do you know the difference between you and your competitors where,Can not provide value to others? If you are a good substitute competitors,It is much more than trying to enhance their own value to identify advantages,Not only to protect their own business,But also to non-customers why you can not choose the。 VARs Skills III:The use of professional services and to establish a relationship you should have experience as salesman service and good attitude and give a tip or item of consumer goods increased,Many reasons influence consumer buying is actually a "person" much more than brand。As a business,The key is the value of your services to win customer trust。While the front to the customer and building strong relationships to clarify,Are your relationships are established in the professional? Whether the customer has a problem immediately think of you and are willing to seek you out to solve? Sales still build on your expertise and services,And not rely on human。 And more market-driven price summary,The value is defined by the consumer,Can maximize the value of doing business is long-term operation of the Road。Identify the right customers through these three successful sales skills and enhance their value,And then to high-quality and professional service,Together towards a win-win situation with customers Road。 Further reading: Why 90% of sales skills can not learn? Look at ourselves with six issues!

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Business skills at a glance

When the number of courses | Total 10

Why do people always orders an endless supply? This is a business you must have fresh people often have doubts,5F., No.89, Leli Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City,In the end is what stepped out of the question? What are these super salesman what business skills possession of it? In fact, no one is a born salesman! Super salesman who is not a day will be able to excel,All the long years of accumulated their bright lights hide behind orders of business skills,Sometimes the devil is in the details,The key you ignore those little details that could lead to sales success;If you want to become a super salesman and successful completion of the first order,So these seven little-known business skills are absolutely crucial to make one of your sales success! One、Your goal to establish a good start everything is difficult,[email protected]。When the number of courses | Total 10,Can first establish a period of Cheng,Further clarify the need to reach a target number of customers、5F., No.89, Leli Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City,Once the target booked,+886-2-2378-0098。 two、[email protected],Do not profit-oriented business sales is a science and technology,This process is always in a rapidly changing,Therefore, the clerk should not have put the sales process in order to save time immobilization,This is easy for you to miss、A loss;5F., No.89, Leli Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City,But also to try to learn to position your products and allow customers to understand the value of products,+886-2-2378-0098。 three、The clerk will establish communication is one of the most important bridges of trust with customers and trust among customers,Let the customer must have confidence that you will have confidence in you associated products,You can try the service people fresh and more dialogue with customers through chat,Learn about their existing problems and provide corresponding help,In this way you can make your customers quickly open your heart Anti。 four、The product sold as a clerk for most people avoid is blunderbus! Find customers to make sales is definitely one of the core of success,+886-2-2378-0098,[email protected],When the number of courses | Total 10。 Fives、Sales teams work hard more efficient than a lot of people fresh business people will want to go it alone to fight their own performance,+886-2-2378-0098,[email protected],When the number of courses | Total 10,Multi and team members to communicate in this process in order to enhance their,Can learn many valuable skills and experience。 six、A lot of conversations with your colleagues do not be afraid to ask questions! Every week, or every month, spend a little time,Listen to your colleagues how successful sales calls,By listening to the excellent colleague and sales experience his teammates can also learn a lot of tips on improving sales performance,The establishment of healthy competitive atmosphere with colleagues can motivate yourself。 Seven、Ask the right questions can help you add points to your supervisor so to ask: "I have to meet your expectations?" "Do you have any comments or feedback on my performance?" These questions allow them to understand your passion for the business and sales,When the number of courses | Total 10,And they are the key people who can help you grow! After remembering the above seven business skills,,I believe the success of the first pen sales have been far away from you,+886-2-2378-0098、[email protected]、When the number of courses | Total 10,Take the time you are in a team and learn more predecessors,It is definitely a must-win rule for new business people! Further reading: 5A method to become a super salesman,Bonus force curve follow your business grow

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5 kinds of business culture observation,Super promotion business hidden in these details in

The importance of "Business observation" that can not be ignored。Many people think often wearing suits、Or professional degree enough,So that you can get results came in,But the key everyone knows are often traded on the tiny details。Business observation are not born,It often takes a lot of accumulated experience,When a business reaches a certain level of observation,Will find that winning can be traded。That is when there is an opportunity,You can quickly grasp;The opposite of,If you absolutely no chance to think a deal,Can also originally scheduled for early termination,Spend time on knife-edge。 What is the business of business fundamentals super powers of observation observation business,That is, observing customer behavior with action,To determine whether customers have an interest in your product。However, part of the "Watch action" in,Some actions are obvious,For example, customers are already zoned phone、Watch、When scratching or Saotou,These are easy to observe the action we all can clearly judge,Also they know the pace of the adjustment or change the current content,Now see if you can turn things around。But other subtle movements,Must rely on habit or experience to judge the customer's own,The following five points is to introduce the customer's action corresponds to react to your customers。 1.Customer "line of sight" when super business briefing proposals or talking about business,It may be noted in particular what the customer is looking at a long time,Proposal for example 3-5 amount of options,When a customer perspective if you stay longer in one block,Then you may wish to help things along,And that you also think this is the best option,And explain its characteristics,This approach allows customers to shorten the time to think,And people are willing to support this idea,Thereby accelerating the probability of customer transactions。But conversely,If the customer just quickly look at the past,Representatives may not arouse his interest。Can also be said that the current method may not be applicable,This time to see if you can use other methods to change contrarian。 2.Customer "expression language" During the chat,Observation of language is also very important,When customers are interested in a product,Or you can ask a special nod,Language will be a little excitement or praise your feelings,Indicates that the client would like a clearer understanding of content,But not to say that the customer is not interested do not speak,Customers are likely to be thinking about,At this time also can take advantage of the opportunity。But the opposite,The customer's language has been off topic,Or tone of impatience,Plus silent outright,When just want to quickly end this meeting,Emergency brake must be,Change direction quickly with content,Its dead horse a living horse medicine,Better to stay slim chance of survival,So that the future can better meet。 3.Customer "body sitting position" Some of the customer's postures can be observed。For example, the upper body to lean forward to listen carefully,There may be very interested in this case,Customer angle upper body to lean forward with your case success,In fact, the association also quite a big,The more products customers are interested in,Will want to listen or understand,The body often unconsciously leaning forward。The opposite of,If the customer is always far away from you,Body forever relying on back,This means that they do not want to hear you speak,You say things that are not interested in。Others such as hands Tuosai,Body tilt left and right、Stretching and other conditions,The participants are likely to fire a gun you have to be a。 4.Customer "Facial Expression" Customer's facial expression,Can convey a number of messages。For example, when you are a professional proposal,Customers are dilated pupils、Mouth up、Nod、When exultant,Then we should dwell more vigorously to this part of the report,So that customers can more images of this case,And allows customers to leave you a deep memory。But if frown、sneer、serious、Vent,Then we should pay attention to pull,Might quickly jump to the next part,Allow customers to renewed interest。 5.Customer "leg movements" Customer leg movements are actually the most difficult to observe,If and when the other party is wearing a skirt,It can be more convenient to get to know。But if there is the opportunity to observe or can be tracked,For example, when the client or both feet on the legs crossed,Toes are positive toward you,Can all be used as a basis for a successful。But if you have shaking foot、Toe tilt,May not have been in the focus on what you said。 Some reference Conclusion These five points are as observant business,So that you can talk to talk to customers when,At the same time responding to dilemmas,But still have to say that these operations are to rely on the experience accumulated observation,Little by little observation,You can see some of Meimei angle angle many customers react。 Further reading: Why can't 90% of sales skills be learned? Look at yourself with six questions! Business skills 3 in principle,Easily win the favor of strangers! 9 sharing tips for catering industry sales,提升業績從「分析客人」開始!

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Super Salesman 1

5A method to become a super salesman,Bonus force curve follow your business grow

Business is not restricted by salary,Does not require high academic qualifications。It has the opportunity to reach people dream,People also have the opportunity to retire early。But the relative,The effort to more than than others。Business is a shortcut to success,But how to become a super salesman then? These five methods to practice it! 1. The service-oriented business will not be a super salesman,Business services are also among the business part of the force。Each customer likes to be service,5F., No.89, Leli Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City,When you better service,Support will be higher,Widely acclaimed,Then the customer because of your good service referrals more customers to you,Possible relatives and friends,Even their family have become your customers。So often people say, "service-oriented",Good service is the only way to make your way to the rapid accumulation of tourists,And most customers can easily increase one's way。Many common problem,+886-2-2378-0098,[email protected],When the number of courses | Total 10。But to know,As long as the service more than a snack,Multi-greetings、Understand customer usage,From time to time even care about,Will bring you unexpected results。 2.Optimistic and enterprising super salesman greatest fears,[email protected],Service force will continue to be consumed。When you lose enthusiasm for business,Almost as an insulator and a super salesman。There are a lot of people often fall in this place,Spent a lot of time at work,Did not get the corresponding reward,5F., No.89, Leli Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City,Even give up the job。+886-2-2378-0098,E.g:[email protected],When the number of courses | Total 10,Will be very much a waste of time with life,Over time will begin to think about their own business when it suited? Then,Mood may wish to timely conversion,To travel charge,Lighten their emotions,5F., No.89, Leli Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City,Try to make yourself better,+886-2-2378-0098,[email protected],Performance will naturally find yourself on you! 3. disciplined super salesman,Never spend too much time on unnecessary entertainment,It should be a lot of power train business。Business This is the time most flexible work,Many businesses often ran the afternoon playing cards、read comics、Shopping。Although this is not no,But if the habit,5F., No.89, Leli Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City,It is difficult to come back。+886-2-2378-0098,E.g:[email protected]、When the number of courses | Total 10、Made a few flyers,Upon completion target,And then do their own thing。Continue to do every day,Though not necessarily bear fruit,But at the beginning of neglect,To get back on track would have to spend a long time。Business must take the basic skills a habit,When good habits,5F., No.89, Leli Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City,And strictly to comply with their own,+886-2-2378-0098。 4.Expertise super salesman must bring their own merchandise learned by heart,Regardless of customer questions,Is not to be asked back。In addition to commodity itself,Have to understand the context and market trends,Analysis to the customer at any time,And to the related licenses and certificates to test them,5F., No.89, Leli Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City。When these are equipped with knowledge and skills,+886-2-2378-0098,[email protected],Large customers that would like to serve such people。 5.Empathy must stand super salesman of perspective customers,That is to have empathy。When you're planning products for customers,Must let customers feel that the money spent is worth it,Will be the interests of customers with needs as a priority,This can also make your own way of business go longer。Do not always think of their own bonuses,Do not take care about the reward,Pay more,Many people will see in the eyes。5F., No.89, Leli Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City,When it feels right,+886-2-2378-0098。 Further reading: See through each other's body language total 13 kinds of finishing,People make things right、Performance transaction must read! Can't finish business skills? Create personal business brand with 3 major elements,Spell good performance! AIDA sales skills! Use these 4 tricks to attract customers and place your order

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13Kind of body language always finishing,People make things right、Performance turnover reading

See through each other's languages ​​total 13 kinds of body movements finishing,People make things right、Results deal must-read!

Perhaps you have heard of interpersonal communication in,93%The mood will be revealed in facial expressions and body movements and body language,But if you want for the subtle body movements and body language to make a judgment spot,Will need a lot of practice and hands-on experience,Only into their feelings in the body language inside information,Can really play, such as "cold reading technique," the general mind reader wonders。This article was prepared by the different schools to sum up the body language readers,And divided into "positive body movements with body language" and "body movements with negative body language.",To provide materials and knowledge base you can practice,The following information might quickly followed finishing practice and see! One、Forward body movements with body language: 1.The end of the ongoing action,Turn the body for you:Behalf he is willing to give you time,And to hear the things you want to talk about,To take advantage of,This is given the opportunity to、Ready to begin the body language。 2.Upper body leaning forward:If the other party the upper body leaning forward,Or a sliding chair toward you slightly closer,On behalf of his interest with what you are saying,Like a good listen。 3.Natural look you in the eye:You retain interest,Willing to listen to you,Can take the opportunity to explain things。 4.Look to conventional side mobile:There is a high probability in the recall of facts,Rather than building the lies。 5.Each other laugh when,The eyes also show the curvature of the smile if you look at each other from above your nose,Can also be seen smiling at each other,Usually means other than relax,For the more defenseless heart u。Through the muscles around the eyes,Can determine whether the other party is”true”Lol。 6.If you rub your hands quickly if the opponent rubs your hands,Usually means the other party want to accomplish something,Or want to start the next action,Has been a decision in the mind,Want to quickly expand。 two、Negative body movements and body language: 1.Cross Baoxiong、Cross your legs,Usually expressed are more guarded,Or do not identify with。 2.Interrupted eye contact means a little nervous,Or to start thinking about something。 3.Is moved to the non-dominant eye side:There is a higher probability lies in the idea,Ready to say the fact that non-words。 4.Meaningless frequent moves (touch bag、Take the empty cup dry、Beat the rhythm with your fingers) means you may have lost your patience,Or bored for your current topic。 5.Rub neck、Yaochun、Touching the ears means that some are in a more nervous state、Uncomfortable state。 6.sideways,The body is not positive to show you do n’t care,Is one of the lost interest in the action。 Do not judge from a single body language! When we use body language to observe each other's status,Through body language, remember not to "single" decision on the other side is only interested or not interested! But to use a period of time,His response、attitude、Body language to do a comprehensive judgment,To put it bluntly body language just give us one more basis for judgment,Do not single because body language to conclusions,Might accidentally miss a deal or some happy match it! Obtain recognition skills:Also here you can imitate each other secretly provide you a little trick,When communicating with others,You can try to mimic each other's body language,When someone picked up the bottle and took a drink,We can also pick up a cup and then drink coffee,When the other re-adjust the chair,We can also adjust their chairs to follow,Under no circumstances is found to be deliberately,When the two men reached a synchronous,We will subconsciously think the other side with me in the same frequency、On the same front,Think the other special compatibility,Can not be said of some goodwill。 This is a very practical tips,In fact, the focus is not entirely mimic each other's body language,But the other side and reach the "synchronization state",Some even say school will let you try to sync with his breathing,In fact, this is to pursue state,Be sure to like and not like the other side of the mirror completely mimic the action down。 The body language as your second diagnostic tool when we will successfully communicate within such observation of,Naturally perceive the atmosphere of the moment,Increase your degree of mastery of communication,After all, language is the result of the brain blurted out before thinking of product,Completely through the language to determine the communication situation,There is very likely to have errors。After the addition of body language diagnostic tool,Can reduce the magnitude of the error,Help you communicate more smoothly with your objects,Let you both in interpersonal,Or on business negotiations,Both have a higher winning rate! Further reading: 5A method to become a super salesman,Bonuses grow with your business power curve and develop 5 business observation skills,The promotion of super business is hidden in these details. Why can't 90% of sales skills be learned? Look at yourself with six questions!

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How to start the business skills training,With three major elements to create personal business brand!

As a salesman,It shall not be less business skills training,You may have read countless articles on business skills,From the sales technique to communicate with field observation, etc.,People feel as if science could not finish learned,No start。in fact,All business skills point to the same purpose,Without exception,That is, "a customer's trust."。And all this secret,In fact, hidden in "personal brand management" in。 Business skills training before,First understand what is personal branding? Personal brand stands for "you" in this personal,Other people's perception and impression brought to,This feeling may come from your "conversation"、"Wearing"、"Friends relayed",Or even your Facebook profile。Before human cognition thing,Usually accustomed to a simpler、Familiar image,To define his new contact person,And that first impression most direct and Value,Is the "personal brand"。 Find out what your personal brand formula,Business strategy will be born! Find out the brand recipe,Business skills training is a former big issue,"Personal brand will be able to dominate the consumer's choice!",In the numerous competitors,Each product entry price range has numerous competitive market,Consumers final consumer core reason,Often attributed to "brand"? The Business、Realty business services, etc.,The most direct contact with the guests brand,Business itself is a "personal brand",This will greatly affect the sales performance of each salesman。 How to find their own personal brand? To find their own personal brand,First you have to find your brand of three elements,That is the vision of the brand、Brand、And brand value。When these three elements to find out,Gradually we will be able to look at our business in markets where,Who locked target customers (resonance ethnic group) is,And the resonance point between you and your target customers! Brand vision Brand image Brand value Resonance group Resonance point Take care of the family Stable and mature suit is stable and stable Reassuring and stable,According to a new family also want to take care of people。 Economically rich, young and serious, full of sprint, people can't help but want to help you 45-70-year-old middle-aged and elderly groups,Want to give young people more opportunities。 完美主義者

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Business handshake

AIDA sales skills! The four strokes with you attract customers and orders

Whether you play every merchandise sales skills introduced,Guests are like to see the monster,Always wanted to run away,Even if a deal,Also avoid each other。In the end is your sales skills is not enough skilled? Or selling goods too expensive? If surgery is not good? Or meet Austrian customer? in fact,You never get to know things,Is not equal to sales of goods to sell crazy,But attract。 Then,In the end how to attract customers to order it? Sales by the world-class master of the sea is hereby Britain·Governess·AIDA sales law Goody Man (Heinz M Goldmann) proposed,Western companies become a classic method of selling。 A top salesperson,Not blindly about commodity Features Benefits,But there is a layer of skill to drive sales of four stages,That is the law of AIDA sales:A centralized customer's attention、I lead to customer interest and recognition、D inspire customers desire to buy、A prompt customers to take action to buy。 A sales skills:Call attention (Attention) to communicate with customers in sales,In fact, the party struck up a conversation with the same,The first thing is to make sure cause the other's attention,If you speak very funny、Good sense of humor,Very happy to chat with you,He will continue to talk with you go,Also have the possibility of developing it! therefore,In the sales process,Maintain contact with the customer's attention is very important! your eyes,Be sure to look at each other speak,This is not just a courtesy,Is the first key to sales success,While allowing customers to feel your sincerity from your eyes。As long as customers pay attention to your eyes,His whole heart must put on your body too! In addition to,How to focus the attention of customers it? If you can carry the sample,The occasion of sale must be showing samples,The best you can ask them to take to get to see。Once the product in your hand or worn on the body,Let the other side feel the real goods,Guarded instantly reducing layer。 Sales Skills II:Triggered interest (Interest) customer care is always consumer interests,That is, to buy this product.,What are the benefits for him there? There is a saying famous industry sales,"When customers ask drill,In fact, he really wants is not a drill,But you want to make a hole in the wall。The reason "general failure of most sales,Salesman than just keep a lot more magical about the characteristics of goods,Even speaks hype,Your merchandise is still no relationship with the customer。 therefore,If you want to lead to customer interest,Have to identify customer needs,Customers will be able to help "solve problems",Do not blindly "to provide products" to each other,But that their products can bring any "benefit" for customers。 Sales Skills III:Generates desire (Desire) how to make customers feel at heart? In addition to customer witness,Experience is also important commodities。Its mouth by a salesperson constantly praises Pharaoh,Better to let customers try it yourself! Every time department store shopping district,Have you ever had unwittingly "lost" go experience? The following common situations you and I:Stores dinner with a few friends Meet,Sometimes just casual stroll,Happened to see a fine clothing store,Under the offer sweet shop,Pick up a texture caps,Mirror try outfit,Feel ever more appropriate,Plus praise the staff side of the sidelines,"This is good for you Yo! You wear this look good。"Process,Also took up the camera selfie,Originally did not want to buy something you,Finally, with the clerk asked discounts to the。 Super salesman will sell,Not initially designed to explain how good merchandise,How good material,But directly invite customers to try try,After initiation customers and other interested,Only to emphasize the advantages and features of the hat,Such as "This hat very wild,This is for you。"People come up with a few words on the card brush down,Really high section ah! in fact,Sales success,That is, people have a "irrepressible feeling.",And then have the desire to want to have the goods。If you can grasp the moment consumers happen to live 'interests. ",And then transformed into a "desire",Then you will be successful selling more than half of the。 Sales Four Skills:Prompting action (Action) "action" is the entire sales process,The last seven leagues! When you successfully lead to customer interest,Finally let him have the desire to buy,In the end did not buy any action,It was all for naught。 Sales process,Remember to "assume that customers want to buy" mentality,So the way you communicate with customers,Will push you forward to "deal" at this stage。

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Unfamiliar business development

Why 90% of sales skills can not learn? Look at ourselves with six issues!

For most people,,Need to learn sales skills is a weapon,Like a strange development, then surgery、Mode image and customer relationship skills to take care of business,All need repeated practice sales techniques。 but,If the clerk itself less a condition,Even the best sales skills courses can not help him。 This condition,Is the mentality。 for example,The reason to fear a salesman strange development,Apparently, it is because he does not know how to build sales skills and human relations and then surgery。But few go further questioning,What character,Let him have a strange fear of emotional development? What kind of faith,He used to develop away from the crowd? Another example,A salesman for the customer put a lot of effort,But always receive orders,How he should ameliorate this problem? He may go to the "customer relationship management" classes,Workshops may also be put into relationships,But few people go to ask,What kind of character,The clerk can not lead to the beginnings and ends。He probably did not develop the habit of discipline to regularly customer care,It may be his only focus on development,While neglecting important transfer orders,He their possible existence of "anticlimactic," the habit。 these questions,Basically nothing to do with selling skills,But by the people's mentality、The impact of personality or character,Develop into "easy does not receive a single" pattern of behavior。 If you want to how to solve,It must issue a retroactive root cause - character。 Character about a person's likes and dislikes and habits,Even affect people's judgment,The development of a specific pattern of behavior,And lead to a corresponding problem。 Therefore, if the cause of the bottleneck,You can try asking yourself the following questions: Sales skills a problem:I am currently on a card held in which part? What are the biggest obstacles and challenges currently faced was I? Factors that make my career stagnation What? Question two sales skills:What kind of character,Cause these problems? What character,I caught this leads to long-term problems? What kind of personality,I can not overcome or reject overcome such problems? Question three sales skills:I agree with this personality it? I myself agree with this character? Some people like whenever they like colleagues shouted,Knowing their emotions management problems,Very agree with this character,Think "I would have is a relatively straightforward person."。 Question four sales skills:If you agree,I can tolerate its consequences do? If they agree with character flaws,So willing to accept the consequences of this character brought it? Over time,What risks do they have? This is their desired results? Sales skills Five questions:If you do not agree with,How do I seek to change? If you do not agree with the existing character,What's the reason? If you get rid of such a character,And What are the benefits? Sales techniques of Six:If you want to change this character,How can I help you? If you want to change this character,What do I need agency、group、Elegant courses or help? I need to adjust the method used to hinder the career development of character it? After this some process of self-talk,Will be able to gradually extract the crux lead to career stagnation。after all,Whether in life or in the workplace,Over 90% of people with problems related to personality。If the character does not change,Learn more knowledge and skills can also manage not to。 As a salesman,On the surface,Orders now seems lost sales skills and knowledge related,But in fact it is wrong to show personality make sales practices,Even make wrong judgments。 Good character,Like a container filled with the knowledge of,If you have a hole in the container,So coming down no amount of knowledge and skills will quickly drain。A successful salesman,In addition to filling their sales knowledge and ability,More importantly, remove the inner personality disorder,Knowledge of the container to ensure there is no fracture and lacerations,A wide range of skills in order to be installed once filled,Become a tool to open up the cause of the salesman。

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