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Why should an operator hire a corporate coach??Five benefits help you face the dilemma of business operations

The supply and demand of "corporate coaches" in the Taiwan market are increasing day by day,But information about corporate coaches on the Internet is uneven,So today I want to share why SME owners should hire corporate coaches,And what will be the help for the operator and the enterprise itself after hiring? At the beginning of your establishment as a small and medium enterprise,May be an expert in the industry or a master-level person,You are familiar with the professional and eyebrow angle in the field,So at the right time、Set up your own company with sufficient resources,But as the company continues to expand but you find many new problems and challenges continue to emerge,Even more aware of corporate management tends to complex and confusing,Then you may wish to consider hiring a professional business coach to clarify the status of it! You might question the coach does not think that business more clearly professional and management in the field than you,That's because hiring a good corporate coach should help managers improve the following five points: One、Break the thinking of the authorities,Put forward different views: Many small and medium-sized business owners in the past or now may encounter many new challenges due to expansion of operations,In addition to professional advice,Sometimes it is more necessary for a bystander to help the operator to clarify the current situation,And a business coach who is good at the management level can mention the initial vision and purpose of the company's management at this time.,Analyze whether the direction and way of the company's progress are appropriate with the operator,This may seem like a simple thing,But how can you find out the order in junior high school in the chaos,In fact, it is often the ability of many elites to lose more easily at the peak.,So world-class elites in many fields,To have a coach or mentor who can help him become better。 two、Strengthen self-confidence,And adjust your mindset: When faced with the challenges and extended problems of business management,The mentality of the operator often affects the key to the success of the business,Regardless of whether you were originally able to maintain a confident operator,When you encounter the professional field that you are good at but do not reach the level,May lose confidence,Therefore, hiring a corporate coach who is good at spiritual growth can not only help the operator to face the downturn,Do n’t fall into it and quickly regain confidence,Can help the operator to find out the mental defects that are causing you to stand still,Allow operators to adjust their mentality and return to the mall in the shortest time。 three、Good speaking skills,Can help sales: This item is particularly important for small and medium business owners who are currently in the early stages,Because at this stage, most of the company's overall sales strategy is built on the operators,At this time, if there is a business coach who is good at sales skills, he can assist the operator,Can help the operator to plan how to package their own products or services without taking too much wrong way,So that the operator who is at a loss can quickly find a sales model suitable for his own company。 four、Formulate management foundation,In order to expand steadily: As the company gradually expands,Operators will need increasingly powerful management capabilities,So you need a corporate coach who is good at team management,Help operators of high staff mobility team to solve difficult,And to help guide the operator through the early development of a professional management company's foundation,In response to that might occur in the future management of storm。 Fives、The company has become a major source of influence: "Able to grasp the essence of leadership or influence people must be the company's operators." This is a very common misconception,Because people do very susceptible to influence others,Regardless affect him in any capacity。Establish a positive atmosphere within the company and culture is one of many operators of vision,So who are the source of major impact to the company's position has become particularly important,Whether you've ever had influence in the company and lost it,And or if you have never owned operators,You all need a corporate coach who is good at observing and analyzing human nature,He can help managers rebuild their image and become a source of company influence,Allow corporate culture to be formulated in accordance with the manager ’s philosophy。 The sum of the above five points can be seen for the enterprise operator,Hiring the right corporate coach can help the company operate,Can also help my own growth,But to find all aspects of professional business coach is not easy,And hire cost is not low,So for small business owners would be more in terms of recommendations can be integrated enterprise learning courses,For example, "to build the team's top championship" course Ling industry,The actual type of professional business coach Huang Pengjun help operators to build their own businesses championship team Module,Both to allow the operator to find the problems at the core,But also allows the team together to participate in change,Coaching is the practice of high-value enterprise value of CP practices Oh! Further reading: 員工表現差強人意?企業教練幫你拴緊企業中的小螺絲渴望擁有「領導特質」嗎?成為經理人必備的2大心法!增加團隊合作精神的11種策略,Let the company's performance rise sharply

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(In charge of doing so poorly? Business coach to help you fasten the enterprise small screws / Figure:Pexels)

Staff performance is not satisfactory? Business coaches help you tighten the small screws in your business

What business coach? Business coaching job and what? With the advent of a new era,Coaching has become one of the business trend。If good business coach help,For business and business transformation will be without their drawbacks。 The end of the year is approaching,The company will break even pinpointing。Many businesses in this community battlefield,The dilemma faced by large and small。among them,Human resources issues in business,It is complex and there is no fixed formula。Because each person is different and individual,Management will become a very difficult task。 To grow the company,The primary issue is to let the staff grow。At this moment,Director to play a very important role。The executives how to lead subordinates under digits grow it? In addition to corporate training,With the advent of a new era,Coaching has become one of the business trend。 Business transformation will rely on their coaches! According to Business Week reports,In the process of business transformation in,Compared to the teacher's teaching (teaching),Companies need guidance of professional coaches (coach)。 Business Coaching Unlike traditional business model,KPI focused employees work in practical results;Business Coaching is people-oriented management style,Enhance the management capacity,In order to stimulate the growth of subordinates。The ability to "people" enhance the,The company will be more natural progress。 According to the survey pointed out,企業教練能有效為公司帶來30%以上的業績成長以及88%的績效提升更有77%使用企業教練體制的公司,Consider taking such systems business model,Can greatly reduce employee turnover,And to improve the situation。 Business coach:The main task managers help business growth coach,Is to provide business decision-making、management、Professional advice on the execution level。The ability of the company in all aspects of lifting,And was followed by profit growth。因此,If you choose a business coach,Will bring infinite vitality for the company。 In addition,Work content business coach also contains,Help those extraordinary talent、Performance was unsatisfactory director,On the performance has improved。Even some good business coach,There are ways to stimulate the potential supervisor,Can be said that business owners Gospel。 然而,Harvard Business Review study shows,Many business coaches have treated customers experience a private matter。Although this may be in conflict with the tasks on the nature of the business coach。But it is undeniable that,Most executives can not live and work full cut,Also often rush to the work of their lives。At this moment,If good business coach helps executives to solve problems in life,Also indirectly improve and enhance their performance at work。 As a corporate aircraft,Any screws and parts will affect flight;If you want to take off smoothly,To the company's bound to each small screws to fasten。Then if there is a sound tools can help business owners to lock the screws,It will always work。The business coach,Is one such role。 Further reading: 11 strategies to increase team spirit,讓公司業績大幅攀升身為企業經營者你了解競爭模式的破壞式創新嗎?看穿對方的13種肢體動作語言總整理弄好人際業績成交必讀!

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spirit of teamwork

11 strategies to increase team spirit,Let the company's performance rise sharply

Team spirit is a very important part of the company's performance improvement,For the large companies,It also requires everyone to have a team spirit。Teamwork can be divided into cooperation and communication,Without the cooperation and communication,The company's revenue is likely to be suffered loss。on the contrary,If each employee can do really is to work with communication,Can clearly improve team morale、Trust each other、And the company's productivity。The following are 11 kinds of simple strategies,The company can help promote teamwork among employees。 1.The most important thing about teamwork is to lead by example.,The boss and the supervisor played a very important role。If you want the team to communicate with each other,work hard,Can achieve significant results and maintain performance can go up,Then the boss and the supervisor must lead by example and do the same。 2.If you do not build trust and respect between employees and supervisors of mutual trust and respect,So what can not be executed in a team or the whole company。Team members must trust each other,Responsible to each other,Trust also in charge。 3.Before adding the spirit of teamwork to have time and space to communicate,Employees have a tacit understanding with each other,Can give time for team members know each other,To enhance mutual trust,Respect and understanding。As simple as dinner after work or a leisurely afternoon tea time office,Just let the staff chat to! 4. Everyone clear roles and responsibilities of the team should clearly understand their roles and responsibilities in the team。This will help reduce confusion or spend time in the organization and delegating work,So that everyone can simply focus on the task at hand。 5.Set clear goals for each team should know exactly what they're trying to do,Including what they need to achieve the objectives and when to implement。Setting measurable targets within a certain range of time,Members can also therefore be measured according to whether they have the ability to teamwork。When we know the ability,Executives will be able to more clearly assign each person good part,Let work to maximize efficiency。 6.Quickly and effectively mediate conflicts conflict in a team environment is normal,Sometimes communication may be interrupted,There may be personal problems。In the process the team should be clear how to deal with conflict。If team members have a problem,Should know how to deal with? Clear from the outset of these practices,Then quickly deal with the situation,Let the team can move forward and maintain a good team spirit。 7.Let team members to actively participate in the decision-making team,To make each member feel that they are indispensable,Such teamwork will not produce chipping,It does not produce bad blood with each other。 8.Different team members to maintain a balance of work will be engaged in different tasks,But make sure everyone still has the same amount of work。The purpose of teamwork is to share work burden,And solve the work that I can't do。 9.Regular meetings Teams should meet regularly to confirm what each other does,Check progress and goals,Put forward ideas and establish the work consciousness of each member。But make sure to use time effectively,And may consider going to a different place to meet(For example, Starbucks)。The matter brought outside the workplace can improve productivity,And can communicate with each other more natural。 10.When regular feedback teamwork,Team executives and between each other can give a lot of feedback。For this work may have a greater breakthrough,Of course, in addition to work,You can also share any problems you might encounter team,opinion,Praise be to each other or to ask questions to。 11.Teamwork celebrate the last step is to recognize and celebrate the team to complete the task team,In addition to let the team have a sense of honor each other,Also can be more heart for the next phase of work to do to continue efforts。Celebrations can not only bring joy,And when the team when the work was a clear appreciation and praise,Also help to strengthen the will of teamwork and team spirit of cooperation for the company's efforts。 Further reading: 打造高效團隊!新手主管一定要知道的4件事領導與管理其實不是一門「專業」!5大管理迷思破解 渴望擁有「領導特質」嗎?成為經理人必備的2大心法!

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As a business operator,Do you understand the disruptive innovation of the competitive model?

In recent years, the discussion "Disruptive Innovation" gradual re-warming,But most cases the range of products and services oriented to,Today we want to bring destruction to understand different aspects of innovation,In the "profit thinking," a book,The authors suggest "competition - changer" word,Used to describe the new competition rules into the existing industry competitors,How can such disruptors create business opportunities? What is a "competition rule disruptor"? Disruptive innovation,首先,The author "whether to provide new products or services" and "whether the introduction of a new profit model," the two faces,Categorized four kinds of competition rules insurgents,Are:Reform program type、Creative market-oriented、Create business opportunities and disruptive type type,The following will explain each of these four types of competition rules as well as representatives of the insurgents Case Studies。 One、Reform program type: In disruptive innovation,Reform program means not change existing products or services,The introduction of competition rules and no new profit models of insurgents,This type amended only by the enterprise program provides new value to customers。 舉例來說,The rise of Internet bookstore is only one kind of insurgents on the reform program,Maintaining the original sale of bookstore services and revenue model,Change "buying process" through to bring consumers a new choice in the Book of,But also to create new value for this purpose industry。 two、Creative market-oriented: Refers to provide a new profit model in the original product or service,For existing markets open up new possibilities,For both the enterprise market,Create market-based early contender may not pose a threat,However, if both markets are facing the dilemma of being replaced by new markets,These companies will be the thorn in the side。 Take the controversial Uber as an example,In the profit model of the existing taxi industry,Uber extends new service methods,Before the people of Taiwan have not yet universal use,The volume of rebounding Uber is actually not high,But businesses in both markets beginning to feel the competition when approaching new markets,Uber has become the thorn in the eye of all taxi industries。 three、Disruptive type: This type of insurgents on the existing market companies is the most terrible competitor,Because this type of insurgents will provide both the market and everyone the same product or service,But profit in a completely different revenue model,For the consumer is a happy thing,But for the market to competitors may the disaster。 Hand travel industry as an example,There should be a lot of people do not understand how the hand travel companies are for-profit, right? Indeed, compared with the past Nintendo,Hand travel companies can not rely on dedicated consoles sold to profit,Because of the "free use" of the advantages to become irresistible incentive for consumers to use,The main source of their profit comes from the fact that the game annoying ads,Whenever the ad appears on the game screen,Hand travel companies can profit from advertising gold;As well as a handful of people to buy the game props,Due to the implementation of the sale on the Internet almost no manufacturing costs,Therefore, even if only a small number of people to buy enough to make hand travel companies profit。 four、Type create business opportunities: At last,This type of insurgents is to create a new type of revenue model,And to provide an entirely new product or service,For both consumers and businesses, markets are very happy,But the threshold is relatively high。 Take Nestlé’s capsule coffee machine as an example,Breaking the previous frame coffee products,Create a "capsule coffee" This new product,To the uniqueness of the product extends for an additional purchase capsules demand,The achievements of the new revenue model of Nestle,Not only give consumers new products and experience,Also provides a new direction for both the market。 The theory of disruptive innovation was actually proposed as early as 1997 from the works of Harvard University professor Clayton Christensen,But in a rapidly changing nowadays also often been raised again,Therefore, as the operator of you,The next may wish to undermine the basis of innovation thinking existing problem or dilemma,Might be able to help you solve the problem,Even find more business opportunities。 Further reading: How do companies create happiness,又能同時滿足勞資雙方需求?身為經營者彈性工時是利還是弊?OKR管理當道,Are you still relying solely on KPIs as the only management basis?

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Happy enterprise

The hearts of everyone a happy business list of companies have done what? How both parties are satisfied?

Are you on the list of happy companies in everyone's mind? After going through reforms,More and more companies attach importance to the management of employee welfare and corporate culture,More then derived from the word "happiness business.",But only reimbursing setting employee benefits not only result in an additional burden on foreign companies,Can not really meet the standards of corporate happiness,So everybody happy business operators moving forward when,May wish to refer to the following four indicators as a basis for the design of various systems。 List of companies happy to become the hearts of everyone,Should have various internal and external advantages, how to become a list of happy companies in everyone’s mind,A company that creates happiness can not only enhance its reputation and recruit talents,Improve the happiness of internal employees,It can also effectively reduce the turnover rate,Save unnecessary personnel training costs for the company,Happy employees also contribute to teamwork and efficiency。But running a happy company does not mean a lot of employee benefits,In addition to prescribe the right medicine for the pain points encountered by your own employees,Giving back to the society and helping society to be happy is also a major focus,According to the scoring standard of the Happy Enterprise Award organized by the Labor Bureau of Taipei City Government,The following four indicators can be classified。 One、Working environment indicators: To enter the list of happy companies in everyone’s mind,Work environment is the most important,A good working environment generally refers to professional hardware equipment,The additional settings required for employees of their own companies have also been a hot topic in recent years,The most well-known is nothing more than Google’s office,Features that require a long time to think about working with Google,The company sets up various places that can solve the needs of life,E.g,Gym、swimming pool、Restaurant etc,So soft、Hardware is properly set up to work environment,Who would want to go home? two、Treatment and cultivation indicators: In the list of happy companies,Many are very well paid。April this year 1111 The Human Resources Bank announced the survey of "Business Indicators Most Valued by Office Workers",Ranked second、The indicators for the third place are "whether there is a fixed salary increase" and "whether the salary is better than the same industry",And there are about seventy percent of office workers recognize the importance of these two indicators,If you want to be seen to be advancing towards happiness businesses view their own enterprise salary level is superior to the industry,And the promotion pipeline fluent whether these two basic indicators。 three、Welfare and reward indicator: In recent years, a lot has diversified welfare system,There are a number of annual leave days is better than the Labor Standards Law、Paid fake birthday,More companies respond to changes in employee mentality at different times,Make daily hour adjustments,E.g:AMGEN Taiwan, which won the Asia’s Best Employer Award this year,Every year 6 To 8 During the month, let employees leave work early at 3 o'clock in the afternoon to enjoy life,The thoughtful design allows employees to look forward to summer vacation like students。 four、Friendly workplace indicators: In the list of happy companies,Most of them are already a great and friendly workplace,The design of a friendly workplace is also one of the indicators that have been attached great importance in recent years,Except that many industries gradually break the barriers of gender ceiling,Many companies have begun to pay attention to the proportion of female senior executives。Chi Mei,They do not regard women entering the family as a disadvantage,Instead, they spent hundreds of millions of yuan to build kindergartens with multi-language teaching,Also according to Chi Mei employee working hours,Be open to the latest half past eight pm,So that employees can concentrate on work without worries。 In fact, business enterprises happiness is not difficult,Whether changes in the work environment,Or to help companies increase employee benefits are the way to happiness,Some of these happy set or change a chance to liberate miserable staff,And happy employees can increase social harmony and progress,There may be opportunities to help the growth and development of the company in the end,Create a happy ending for three wins! Further reading:

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OKR KPI comparison,Are you still relying solely on KPIs as the only management basis?

OKR KPI comparison,Management is not just relying on rigid performance appraisal to restrain employees,But to lead employees or teams to think independently,And let the employees take the initiative to plan how to move forward to achieve the most important thing,OKR can promote team cooperation and communication,It can also help business operators to ensure that the implementation of the project can move towards the company's goals,And what is the difference between this management method and the KPI system,What advantages and disadvantages have it? OKR KPI comparison,Optimize execution goals through OKR management,The team focused on the most important thing OKR KPI comparison,The so-called OKR (Objectives and Key Results)Full name "key objectives and results.",Is set to define and track targets、Management of progress toward completion。The most important goal first leader shall define the company or team in the implementation of(Object),In the key results based on this goal by an employee or team members prepare themselves out 2-4 quantifiable,All members of the team to help in a better understanding of "how to achieve the ultimate goal."。 Let us take the industry Ling Institute of International Education as a model:● Target(Object):Hope to recruit more students,With education platform Ling industry,Train more outstanding leaders,Thereby helping Taiwan become better。● Key findings(Key Results):1、Arrangements for internal teacher training courses,Ensure and enhance the quality of classroom。2、More than 10 invited participants to share experiences with change,Increase the credibility and evaluation of classroom。3、The development of more accurate marketing propaganda,Indeed locked classroom propaganda needs of potential customers。By the OKR can be clearly established objectives and requirements that each team group stage,And to ensure the implementation of the project to achieve the most important goal of the company forward。 OKR KPI comparison,Can motivate employees to develop KPI achievement rate,But the actual implementation is likely to cause the derailment although the target to develop KPI system can increase employee motivation,But only as a management KPI sole basis that could cause actual implementation of matters getting out of a maximum target company or team,But also probably because the KPI performance bonus set,So that employees put all the effort in the whole passive "Completion",Rather than take the initiative to think about how to achieve the goal,In this way not only affect the staff's enthusiasm for work,Items may also cause other unquantifiable into KPI's no staff willing to perform,Ultimately affect the achievement of the goals。 OKR KPI compare the key difference is that unlike OKR management based on KPI-based performance appraisal guide,Instead, as a guide to assess the overall management of,Hope so that employees can take the initiative through the management company or thinking about how to help the team achieve their goals,This core purpose is to allow employees to develop their own tasks at the same time,Capable of a maximum target company or team overall considerations,Thereby consolidating the actual implementation of the project and the ultimate goal is not derailed。 OKR to the development of management,To promote the effectiveness of KPI,雙管齊下加速目標達成 OKR KPI

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Labor-based flexible working hours

As an operator,Is the labor-based method of flexible working hours pros and cons?

According to the 1111 Human Resources Bank's latest "Economic Survey of the Internet Crowds" announced in February this year,More than 40% of office workers want to be a celebrity,Most of the respondents indicated that flexible working hours are the main incentive,And some companies which are more suitable for flexible working hours Labor Standards Act do? Modern office workers more and more attention can be reached if work-life balance,I hope to work hard at the same time to ensure an unbalanced quality of life,Therefore, in recent years, the number of enterprises adopting "flexible working hours" has gradually increased,For employees to be free to choose working hours,Both can improve work efficiency and quality,But also avoid the chaos of commuting,Make life and work easier and fit,For that operators in terms of what is the advantage of it? First of all,What is "Labor-based flexible working hours"? Labour-based flexible working hours means that employees can freely choose how to arrange working hours,As long as it can be completed within the prescribed work task or fixed length of working time,To replace the fixed punch card system。According to the regulations formulated by the Ministry of Labor,For example, 8 hours of work,You can go to work at 9 am、Get off work at 6pm,Employees are free to arrange to go to work at 10 am、Get off work at 7pm,And so on。 As an operator,Can Laojifa flexible working hours really become my god teammate? ! Nowadays, more and more research surveys show,Implementing the labor law flexible working hours has many benefits for enterprises,More than just improving employees' physical and mental improvement,More conducive to the development and benefits of the enterprise,The three benefits of flexible working hours,As an operator, you have to know! A、Helps increase profits and productivity: According to Vodafone, the world ’s largest telecommunications company:Friend or foe? "In the study results,Found flexible work helps 61% of respondents ’company profits,並有83%的受訪者公司表示生產力提高,Quality because free adjustment of flexible working hours help employees balance work and life,Good physical and mental state,But also to work more efficiently completed。 B、Reduce employee turnover: The implementation of flexible working hours allow employees do not work and the family is facing a second election problems,By the process of free time can feel the importance of personal interest to get,Meet the needs of Maslow's social and respectful level,Effectively promote employees' inner satisfaction with their own values ​​and stimulate self-confidence and satisfaction in their work,While employee satisfaction increases,Can reduce turnover rate and cost of talent training。 C、Help companies improve their image: Due to technological advances in recent years, many new occupations suitable for flexible working hours have been spawned,And many start-up companies use flexible work production as the company's philosophy,Take this for the corporate image and freedom、An equal sign for a comfortable positive impression,The improvement of corporate image can not only improve the competitiveness in the market,It also helps the recruitment of outstanding talents。 Flexible working hours can become a panacea for all companies do? Since flexible working hours can effectively enhance the company's image,Can save corporate costs and increase profits,Why do not companies scrambling to implement flexible working hours system? after all,Not everyone wears the same clothes,The implementation of a new system apart from considering whether it can help the company to improve profit,The most important thing is to first consider whether your business is fit,Difficulties in implementation based on flexible working hours,Share two ways to reverse assessment of shortcomings: A、Increase the company's management staff business and difficulties: Because the labor base law of our country for flexible working hours still needs to have complete attendance records,Therefore, if an enterprise decides to implement flexible working hours,The workload of the staff calculating the attendance will increase relatively,Because in the past, the nine-to-six hours punch card system only required a regular inspection,The implementation of flexible working hours requires the attendance staff to calculate whether everyone has met the working hours。 B、Form high-quality standards to screen employees,Not necessarily applicable to all positions in the enterprise: Most people are lazy,Will involuntarily want to evade or delay the task,Therefore, the implementation of flexible working hours will challenge employees' quality of self-discipline,For many companies in terms of jobs does not necessarily apply,For example, a chain of manufacturing,This type of business or the quality of work will be related to progress both inside and outside the organization's process needs careful consideration。 Listen to the voices of employees,How to measure corporate status as operators need time to consider the creation of a better vision for the enterprise,Just as in the past no longer consider how to improve profits,More need to think about corporate image、recruiting、The development of a comprehensive long-term philosophy, etc.,Into the face of each of which have more flexible working time models,The need to critically examine their own type of business、The job is appropriate,And whether such a significant change is necessary,In order to create a win-win model between enterprises and employees。

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Desire to have "leadership characteristics"? 2 big ideas to be a manager!

在職場中無論是老鳥還是菜鳥一定都經過具有領導特質者的提拔也見識過經理人的風範每個人無論身處何種階段多少都會自許能跟經理人一樣有著強大的領導特質因而悄悄將「變強」這件事放在心上期待自己有一天也能升任高階主管或資深經理人的寶座想培養領導特質,You have to know "law of life often makes us frustrated ..." commute、上班開會下班…每天過著重複的生活一不小心就使我們對自我成長「無感」日復一日不知不覺在舒適圈中過起安逸的生活通常來說多數人檢視自己有沒有變強的方式往往是從最容易判別的「顯性」因素開始。E.g:薪水有沒有漲?職階有沒有升?但是有些產業本來就沒多少職階長時間停留在同個位置也是很常見的事… 既然薪水不會每月漲職階也不會頻頻升我們也就得找到一些方法來幫助我們在最平凡的生活中檢視自己的成長軌跡使我們能夠清楚知道自己的「變強進度」「變強」、Before "have leadership qualities," ... to find out the direction! Warren Buffett's partner,教你變強大的2大心法 變強就是擁有強大的專業知識和解決問題的能力從資深經理人和其他領導者的身上我們可以看出他們都具備這些特質擁有這些特質的另一個層面更深代表他們是用「智慧」來檢視自己《窮查理的普通常識》作者──查理.蒙格(Charlie Munger)是股神華倫.巴菲特(Warren Buffett)的合夥人在《窮查理的智慧語錄》中摘錄了蒙格的人生思維也看見他如何檢視自己是否變強蒙格認為「想要變強就該修煉智慧」而修煉的方式主要有兩種第一擴大自己的「能力圈」(Circle of Competence)第二擺脫自己的舊觀點敢於顛覆自我培養領導特質心法一不斷學習,Expand their "circle of competence", "thirsty for knowledge,虛心若愚」(Stay hungry. Stay foolish.)是前蘋果執行長賈伯斯(Steve Jobs)的著名金句用這句話勉勵人「不要停止學習」再適合也不過因為把自己當成最聰明的人往往是最笨的;on the contrary,知道自己的短處與不足比具有聰明才智更為重要蒙格指出「能力圈」裡的事是自己所熟習的而圈外就是我們未知的領域如果能明白哪些事是在自己的能力圈以外就能針對這些領域不斷學習將自己的能力圈不斷擴大相對的智慧也就大幅提升了起來擴大能力圈的方式有很多種「閱讀」是最常見也最基本的一種觀察身邊的資深經理人或高階主管幾乎沒有一個領導者不閱讀可想而知閱讀有多麼重要藉由閱讀我們可以認知到其他人眼中的世界或者看見不同公司的經營模式還能閱歷他人的人生哲學從中汲取那些領導者的智慧培養領導特質心法二每年對舊想法「放手」勇敢顛覆自我觀點

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Interpersonal communication


The workplace,Speaking skills,Especially for insurance executives who focus on teamwork,Learning good speaking skills is an important ability to lead the organization forward。When the position is higher,The bigger the team led,The age distribution of the organization is also wider。Facing the new force of the younger generation,Often encounter the cognitive gap of generational faults,One sentence may cause "the speaker has no intention,Listener's intention,Wrong way,Often cause misunderstandings with subordinates。 Facing a younger and younger workplace environment,Supervisors can no longer rely solely on traditional leadership,Use position、Authoritative suppression of "children"。If you want to make subordinates willing、Convincingly work hard for the team,Good speaking skills are important。 Speaking skill one:Different generations want to accept the idea of ​​different ages and subordinates lay a good relationship,You have to understand what they are thinking。People in different times、Under different backgrounds,There will inevitably be a gap in perception。An elder who grew up in martial law,And a young man who grew up in the age of social development,Information and culture shock received by the two,Must be completely different。 90Young people behind,Thinking unique、Idea innovation,They have different cultures and values,Always have an open attitude,Dare to take risks、Have the courage to break the routine,These are common characteristics of young people nowadays。 因此,Supervisors need to think from the perspective of empathy,To accept ideas or actions that you are not used to,After understanding their thoughts,Support according to different situations,Make them feel respected,To better integrate into the team。 Speaking Skill 2:listen、listen、And then listen to a communication failure,Often lies in one-way communication,Only out,Only talk about what you want、Listen to what you want,Without really opening the bridge to communicate with each other。因此,When the supervisor assists in solving the problem,Be a good listener first,Give space for subordinates to express their ideas,Find the problem,To prescribe the right medicine。 When subordinates have different ideas from their own,Don't rush to deny,Sit down and discuss calmly,When a team there are different ideas,Appropriate conflict and debate can arouse different spark,Is an effective way to communicate。In terms of functions and powers to force subordinates listen to their advice,May cause unwanted rebound,Destroy the harmony of the organization。 Speak Skills III:The important thing to repeat that "it is important because,So three times。"This sentence has become a favorite used by many people nowadays,It does make sense。Person-to-person communication,Often because of different perceptions or positions,Not on the same channel,It is easy to have poor communication or misunderstanding。 To ensure that your subordinates correctly receive the instructions you want to express,When the supervisor is communicating,You can observe changes in subordinates’ expressions,And create opportunities,Let the other person repeat what you mean。E.g,After an hour-long meeting,Use the last ten minutes,Condensing the key points of the long-length discussion just now,And confirm to subordinates again:"Do you understand this way?" If you get a positive reply,Ask the other person to explain it again in his own words。Make sure your subordinates listen to the key points,Instead of doing it by yourself,This is the effective way of communication。  Speaking Skill Four:Carefully choose the words and tone of communication sometimes supervisor in guiding subordinates,Will use a harsher or sharp tone to express,Demonstrate strong authority。This style of using power to force subordinates,Often distances himself from his subordinates。Subordinates are scolded for not making mistakes,Comparing the meeting to do things well and in accordance with the supervisor method,Instead, it obliterated the agitation of different ideas,It will also affect the morale of the work team。 因此,When communicating with subordinates,Try to lead the team in an encouraging and motivating way,Avoid oppression and tough attitude,Make the communication process more smooth,Improve overall team work efficiency。 Speaking Skill 5:對話中善用CTA 主管和下屬溝通時,Need to think about how after this communication dialogue is over,Guide subordinates to execute in the direction you want,in other words,Make good use of "Call to Action" (CTA,Call-to-Action)。If there is no CTA in the conversation,Then your communication is just to convey information。 In order to let your subordinates understand the direction of execution you want,Can give some practical examples and illustrate,Let your subordinates understand your thoughts through the case,Better grasp the direction。Try to be clear when expressing、clear,Avoid using vague words,for example:"This customer can communicate more deeply",How to "deep",This must be explained in detail,Otherwise, the subordinates will only be confused。  Some people say "doing things is simple,Difficult,Getting along between people is a very delicate matter,How to communicate with subordinates、How to lead the team forward,These are the tests that you as a supervisor must face。然而,What should I do if I encounter a bottleneck? do not worry,These abilities can be cultivated through education courses,Under the guidance of professional teachers,You can also find out your blind spots,Break through。 參考來源: 3Communication skills,When a subordinate to make a more convincing good for Management Communication down how to establish good interpersonal skills and subordinates 5 Communication Skills Every

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